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Friday 27.02.2015 | Name days: Līva, Līvija, Andra

73% of Riga residents approve of Usakovs

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Riga Mayor Nils Usakovs

73.3% of Riga residents approved of Riga Mayor Nils Usakovs work in December 2010. Since he is the Mayor of the city, people regard him more and more positively.

Only 53.1% of Rigans approved of Usakovs activities in August 2009, while the figure had reached 56.2% in December already, 61.4% – in February 2010, 68.2% in May 2010 and 71.1% in August 2010, according to the research centre SKDS data.

This is the highest approval Riga mayors have ever got since March 1997, when the sociological studies were launched.

Previously Andris Bērziņš was the leader with 70%, followed by Andris Ārgalis – 61.6%, Gundars Bojārs – 62.6% and Jānis Birks – 40.3%. No sociological studies were carried out at the time with Aivars Aksenoks as Riga Mayor.

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LRA officially nominates Bondars as its presidential candidate

This Thursday, February 26th, Latvian Regional Alliance made the decision to officially nominate the party’s leader and 12th Saeima deputy Martins Bondars as its official candidate for the post of President of Latvia.

The majority of Latvians who have higher education live in Riga and Pieriga

According to information acquired from Population Census Data for 2011, territories with typically high share of population with higher education or PhD in Latvia are Riga and Pieriga region, Jelgava, Cesis, Talsi and Kuldiga.

Coalition to discuss next presidential candidate with NGOs

Parties of the ruling coalition in Latvia have agreed to hold joint discussions in regard to the next presidential candidate with non-governmental organisations, as confirmed by Unity leader Solvita Aboltina.

Wage rise in Latvia – most rapid since economic recovery

In 2014, growth in average wages and salaries witnessed the most rapid growth since the recovery of the Latvian economy. In 2014, average monthly gross wages and salaries in the country accounted for EUR 765, and compared to 2013 it is a growth of 6.8% or EUR 49.

Tourists in Riga are interested the most in shopping, night life and SPA

Last year, Riga’s hotels and other tourist accommodations had been visited by 1,122,926 guests, which is 15.6% more than in 2013. The number of nights spent in Riga has increased by 10% - reaching 1,953,199.

Mist fades; first aircraft finally lands in Riga airport

As the mist continues to gradually fade away, flight restrictions are being lifted as well. The first aircraft has already landed in Riga International Airport, as reported by LETA.

Researcher: chronic dissatisfaction with income is characteristic to Latvians

The level of income of 32% of Latvians has increased over the last five years. Income of 30% of Latvians has decreased. Income of 29% of Latvians has not changed at all.

Kalku Street in Old Riga to be developed as a shopping area

The real estate financing deal worth EUR 28 million has concluded. As a result, Old Riga’s main artery – Kalku Street – will be developed as a family-friendly shopping area.

Saeima to decide on changes to vocational education regulation

This Thursday, February 26th, the Saeima will discuss amendments to the Vocational Education Law that are aimed to provide a closer link between this education system and the needs of the market.

Tusk: additional sanctions against Russia remain on the table

The European Union has yet to refuse the opportunity to increase sanctions against Russia should the situation in Ukraine deteriorates further, said President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

Ukraine sees day with no casualties and week without currency trading

Since ceasefire in the war against Ukraine came into force on February 15, Tuesday, February 24, was the first day with no reported casualties among troops. Ukraine’s central bank has, meanwhile, introduced a ban on hryvnia currency trade.

Electronic signature application range to be expanded

The range of application of secure electronic signatures in Latvia will soon be expanded. This is provided by amendments to the law that were supported by the Saeima National Economy Committee.

National Alliance politician Andris Vilks puts down his Saeima mandate

Saeima deputy Andris Vilks from the National Alliance has decided to put down his parliamentarian mandate in order to avoid casting a shadow on his political party.

Dzanuškāns&partneri divides after scandalous EUR 35,000 survey

Following the scandal revolving around a low-quality survey worth EUR 35,000 for Riga City Council, Dzanuškāns&partneri Attorney-at-Law office has divided.

Lucky coincidence saves person from drowning; rescuers urge people to stay off the ice

Many large bodies of water in Latvia are no longer iced over or the ice that remain on their surface is thin and weak. In spite of the fact that it is no longer safe to remain on ice, there are some people who will tempt fate from time to time.

State Audit: OCMA illegally extends residence permits for foreigners

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs illegally extends residence permits for foreigners who have invested money in business in Latvia or function as management board members.

Potapkin and his Gan Bei scandal-involved wife sign marriage contract

Saeima deputy from Harmony Centre Sergei Potapkin and his wife, Galina Karmaca, who is involved in the recent Gan Bei restaurant scandal, have signed a marriage contract regarding all property separation.

Cameron warns about threats of destabilization for Baltic States

Russia must be stopped in Ukraine; otherwise we will have to deal with destabilization of Moldova and Baltic States, said British Prime Minister David Cameron during a meeting of the lower House of Parliament's Committee on Communications.

Rīgas satiksme’s tariffs may be reduced by one-third

Saeima deputy and one of the authors of the idea Vilnis Kirsis believes that it is possible to reduce tariffs of Rīgas satiksme by one-third by authorizing the Public Utilities Commission to do all the calculations, as reported by

Mid-February in Latvia – much warmer than usual

Average air temperature in Latvia was 0.7° C during the second ten-day period of February, which is 4.1° C higher than the norm.

Number of pneumonia patients on a rise in Latvia

Flu infection rates continued to decline rapidly in Latvia last year. However, the number of hospitalized patients suffering from pneumonia has increased in all administrative territories that are part of the flu monitoring measure.

Producers publish the most popular alcoholic drinks in Latvia for 2014

Last year’s most popular alcoholic drink in Latvia was Cēsu Džons cocktail; the most popular beer – Apinītis Strong, according to data compiled by the State Revenue Service.

SEB: Latvian entrepreneurs’ desire to invest money declines year after year

Readiness and determination of small and medium enterprises in Baltic States to invest in the development of their businesses has reduced in the past several years, according to results of SEB Bank’s survey «Baltic Business Outlook».

Judge, cardiologist and private person held suspect for document forging

Latvian Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has sent the Prosecutor General’s office materials of a criminal case involving the possible involvement of a judge, cardiologist and some private person in criminal activities.

Visa Europe to introduce safer online payment service for smartphone users

Payment system Visa Europe on Tuesday, February 24, unveiled plans to introduce a special service for smartphone users aimed at making safer online payments for retail purchases.

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