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Monday 18.12.2017 | Name days: Klinta, Kristaps, Kristofers, Krists

EC decides to extend glyphosate licence for five years

In an unexpected move, European Union member states have supported European Commission’s proposal to extend glyphosate herbicide licence for five years even though there are suspicions regarding this substance’s carcinogenic qualities.

Journalists details Lembergs, Šlesers and Šķēle eras in Diena

Journalist Guntis Bojārs, who was once the acting editor of Diena newspaper, mentioned in his testimony to Saeima’s investigative committee periods when Aivars Lembergs, Ainārs Šlesers and Andris Šķēle tried influencing work there.

November 27 in pictures

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Fate of Āgenskalns market remains unclear

Following the initiative from the Latvian Association of Regions/For Latvia’s Development faction in Riga City Council, opposition deputies have prepared a proposal to call an extraordinary meeting of the city council’s city property committee to invite the management of Riga Central Market to explain the fate of Āgenskalns market.

Gulbis and Šlesers supposedly discussed industry problems in Ridzene Hotel

Chairman of Lattelecom Juris Gulbis had discussed with ex-politician Ainārs Šlesers problems of the industry in Ridzene Hotel. However, Gulbis was never interviewed as part of oligarchs case investigation.

PTAC: often discounts are misleading

Traders in Latvia often abuse residents’ desire to purchase goods at a discount, said Consumer Rights Protection Centre’s director Baiba Vītoliņa said in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

Ukraine willing to exchange 306 convicted militants for 74 Ukrainian hostages

Ukraine has expressed readiness to swap 306 militants imprisoned in Ukraine for 74 Ukrainian citizens, including prisoners of war, held by militants in Donbas.

Investigative committee’s conclusion: too often interviews turn into pointless rambling

The parliamentary investigative committee in charge of oligarchs case until now has failed to achieve its objective, says deputy Andrejs Judins.

Cash used in less than half of payments in Estonia, ECB survey finds

Less than a half, 48%, of all money transactions performed at points of sale in Estonia in 2016 were done with cash, a survey by the European Central Bank suggested.

Estonia performs campaign of HIV express tests; two hundred new cases in 11 months

Estonia has performed a campaign of free express testing of HIV across the Baltic country, which has registered 207 cases of new carriers of HIV in 2017.

Reconstruction of Laima clock in Riga commences

To prepare for Latvia’s centenary, confectionery company Laima has commenced reconstruction of the Laima clock in Riga. Work is scheduled to conclude on 29 December 2017. A total of EUR 106,000 has been invested in reconstruction, BNN was told by the company.

Study: 50% of Baltic residents suffer from stress-induced sleep disorders

An average of 50% of Baltic residents suffer from stress-induced sleep disorders. This includes 43.8% in Latvia, according to a study performed by pharmaceutical company Sanofi-aventis and Rinkos tyrimų centras.

Employees of Amazon in Germany and Italy were on strike on retailer Friday

One of the world’s leading internet retailers Amazon has passed the Black Friday retail sales campaign popular in the West with a headache as several hundred of its workers in Germany and Italy chose the day for a strike.

Cyclone activity to dictate weather in Latvia this week

This week’s weather will be largely dictated by cyclone activity. This means more precipitation. With colder masses of air entering the country, air temperature will decline. Because of that, there will be more snow and wet snow, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Russia blamed for killing scores of Syrian civilians

In war-torn Syria, bombardment by Russian air forces has resulted in the deaths no less than 53 civilians, the organisation Syrian Human Rights Observatory has estimated.

Latvian ruling coalition members have different opinions on open presidential elections

It seems members of the ruling coalition in Latvia have different opinions on whether or not the state president should be elected through an open vote.

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Week in Lithuania. Parliament discusses 2018 budget drafts, sends it back to government

Lithuania's parliament has completed the first hearing of the 2018 budget draft and sent it back to the government, which will now have to take consideration of the proposals made by MPs and parliamentary committees.

Saeima member proposes finally arresting Aivars Lembergs

During debates regarding proposals for the next year’s budget, Saeima member Artuss Kaimiņš from KPV LV political party suggested finally putting Mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs, who is accused of serious crimes and is currently suspended from his many posts.

Svarenieks: there could be a deficit of certain vegetables in spring

Cold and damp weather that has negatively affected the vegetable harvest in Latvia, will also affect the vegetable processing sector in spring because of a deficit of certain vegetables, says vegetable and fruit processing company Kronis board member Aivars Svarenieks.

Photos of the week, 24.11.2017

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Social protection expenditure in Latvia up 4.2%

In 2016, social protection expenditure in Latvia accounted for EUR 3.7 million and, compared to 2015, it has grown by EUR 151 million or 4.2 %.

Latvian parties took part in sports games organized by scandalous Russian politician

On Lāčplēsis Day, 11 November, certain members of the Saeima from Harmony party and Union of Greens and Farmers participated in sports games organized by Jaunā līga association supported by the Russian parliament. The initiator of those games is Dmitry Svistsev, a member of the Russian Liberal Democratic Party led by scandalous Russian State Duma politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Latvijas Avīze writes.

Famous Lithuanian film director suffers backlash amid sexual misconduct accusations

Although the list of powerful Lithuanian men accused of sexual misconduct is nowhere to match the similar compilation in the United States, where many women have busted an army of entertainment industry big-names, politicians and other public life celebs, however, the wave of woman revelations of men’s unwanted sexual advancement has reached Lithuania, too.

LEC: it is important to ensure efficient investing of state budget finances

It is important that the state budget for 2018 helps reach goals detailed in the National Development Plan, not look for excuses why something was not achieved, says Latvian Employers’ Confederation.