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Saturday 25.03.2017 | Name days: Māra, Marita, Mārīte

CC: largest merging deals of last year were performed on the retail market

Merging deals and other agreements of the largest businesses in 2016 had affected the competition development in twelve different industries and nearly one billion euros large segment of Latvia’s national economy, Competition Council reports.

Tallinn – among world’s least air-polluted capitals

In line with the World Health Organisation’s global report on air pollution, Estonia’s Tallinn is the world’s seventh least polluted capital.

LPTA: traders support VAT reduction on food

Members of Latvian Traders Association – Latvia’s largest retailers Rimi and Maxima – support the initiative to reduce VAT on food and separate product groups, BNN was told by LPTA Director Noris Kruzitis.

Survey: women pay attention to car colour less often than men

A recent survey «Women and cars» reveals that women pay far less attention to the matter of buying a car than men. When picking a car, women primarily focus on the vehicle’s engine power and fuel consumption, according to results of a survey performed by Swedbank.

Ministry: EU has to develop actual defensive capabilities without copying NATO

The European Union has to develop actual defensive capabilities without copying NATO, says Latvian Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkevics at a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels.

European satellite up in air to document Earth’s environmental changes

With a rocket from French Guiana, a key satellite of the European Space Agency has been taken to Earth’s orbit as part of Europe's new Earth observation programme.

FVS has no plans to perform large-scale dog registration checks

Latvian Food and Veterinary Service does not plan to perform large-scale dog registration checks, Neatkarīgā was told by FVS Director General Maris Balodis.

Ukraine sues Russia to UN Court for alleged terrorism and ethnic discrimination

UN International Court of Justice has started trying a case, where Ukraine accuses Russia of funding terrorism and discriminating against Crimean Tatars.

Court declares Jurašs dismissal from KNAB as unjustified

Administrative District Court has satisfied ex-KNAB official Juris Jurašs’ request to recognize the order to dismiss him from his post in the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau as void.

MTG intends to conclude talks on selling its business in Baltics soon

Swedish media concern Modern Times Group may soon conclude talks regarding the sale of its business in Baltic States. According to information from BNS, one of the realistic buyers is Bite Group owner – American private capital investment fund Providence Equity Partners.

22% more Latvians visited Estonia in January

The northern-most Baltic nation of Estonia was visited by 22 percent more travellers from Latvia than in the first month of 2016, Estonian statisticians have estimated.

Latvian authorities apply temporary restriction on new psychoactive substance

Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has established a temporary restriction on yet another dangerous psychoactive substance – NDTDI. This substance is similar to LSD. Using it can cause serious damage to a person’s health and put at risk social safety.

Eurostat: Latvia is the only EU member state in which most CEOs are women

Latvia is the only European Union member state in which the majority of management posts in different enterprises are taken by women, according to the latest data from Eurostat for 2014.

March 6 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

Economist: this year for industry commenced on a high note

Compared to January 2016, industrial production output increased by 4.7 % in January 2017.

Maxima Latvia becomes a member of Foreign Investors Council in Latvia

Maxima Latvia was accepted as a member of the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia. Over the past seven years, the company has invested EUR 43 million in Latvia, as reported by Maxima representatives.

Example collective agreement – Estonian trade union praises Telia

The collective agreement agreed to by telecommunications firm Telia Eesti is an example to how an employer can treat its employees, evaluated the Estonian Communication and Service Workers' Trade Union.

MEP: Juncker will defend multi-speed Europe approach in relation to EU’s future

In relation to the future of the European Union, President Jean-Claude Juncker will likely defend ‘multi-speed’ Europe approach, said MEP Roberts Zile in an interview to Rīta Panorāma on Monday, 6 March.

Seesam: global warming effects are noted in Latvia more and more each year

Natural occurrences caused by climate change create major losses for businesses and private persons in Latvia, according to information compiled by Seesam on insurance claim payments performed in the past decade.

PHOTOS: Women’s Day rally gathers record number of participants

On Saturday, 4 March, the ninth Women’s Day rally was held in Latvia. A record number of participants was reached this year: 723 teams (352 in Jekabpils and 371 in Tukums), organizers say.

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Baltic Jewellery Exhibition «Amber Trip»

BNN offers you a selection of cultural events in Lithuania for the week between March 6 and March 12.

De Facto: 10% of Latvian municipalities refuse complying with Constitutional Court’s ruling

For approximately three and a half years one-tenth of Latvian municipalities have been refusing to comply with Constitutional Court’s ruling on changing waste management companies, as reported by De Facto.

Taking over Opel-Vauxhall, French Peugeot-Citroën to become Europe’s second car builder

French firm PSA, which owns carmakers Peugeot and Citroën as agreed to buy from U.S. GM European automotive companies Opel and Vauxhall for 2.2. billion euros.

Changes in Latvenergo’s Audit Committee

New members of Latvenergo’s Audit Committee were elected at an extraordinary meeting of shareholders on Friday, 3 March.

Opinion: rise of alcohol market in Latvia is tied to higher excise tax in Estonia

«The rise of the alcohol market in Latvia is related to the higher excise tax in Estonia, which motivates residents who live close to the border to buy alcohol in Latvia and entrepreneurs to open new alcohol stores along the border,» says Altia Latvia commercial director Normunds Ozolins.