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Sunday 30.04.2017 | Name days: Liāna, Lilija, Alta

Increased inspections commence on external borders of Schengen Area

On Friday, 7 April, Latvian State Border Guard commences increased border control inspections of all citizens of the European Union, European Economic Zone and Swiss Confederation on the external border of the Schengen area.

Deutsche Bank stops securing US dollar transactions for Latvian banks

German Deutsche Bank, which secures US dollar transactions for multiple Latvian banks, has decided to cease relations with banks in Latvia.

Arrests in Russia in relation to St Petersburg terror attack

Investigators in Russia have arrested eight people on suspicion of possible links to this week’s terror attack in St Petersburg.

Weather to become warmer in Latvia soon; next Tuesday expected to be rainy

Weather in Latvia is expected to become warmer in the near future. Next Tuesday, however, rain will appear again and wind speed will increase drastically, predicts Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

U.S. attacks Assad regime for first time, reacting to suspected chemical attack

U.S. army has for the first time during the Syrian Civil War attacked Syrian government forces, insisting it is a response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on an town controlled by Syrian rebels, where dozens of civilians have been killed.

Russian senator: we do not threaten Baltic States

Russia does not threaten Baltic States. The country wishes to form peaceful relations with them, said Chairman of the Defence and Security Committee of Russia's Upper House of Parliament Viktor Ozerov.

Among Baltic States, Lithuania had the lowest labour costs last year

Average hourly labour cost in Latvia was EUR 7.5 last year, which is the fourth lowest index in the European Union, according to data from Eurostat.

Can households finally start believing in more rapid economic growth?

«Growing demand in Latvia’s export markets along with inflow of EU funds and more active investment activity this year and the next will promote economic growth in Latvia and help create new jobs,» BNN was told by Swedbank representatives.

Ventspils port terminals’ cargo turnover exceeds last year’s indexes

March 2017 was the most successful month for terminals working at Ventspils Freeport – a total of 2.6 million tonnes of cargoes were transshipped, which is 21% more when compared with March 2016, as reported by Ventspils Freeport authority.

April 6 in pictures

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Putin allows all Latvian and Estonian non-citizens to travel to Russia without a visa

On Wednesday, 5 April, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that provides the right for Latvian and Estonian non-citizens born after 6 February 1992, when Soviet citizenship ceased to exist, to travel to the country without a visa.

Nearly all food products in Latvia have become more expensive this year

Compared with December 2016, prices of most food products in Latvia increased in March. Prices declined only for imported strawberries, oranges and smoked ham in the first quarter of 2017, according to information from the Agricultural Market Promotion Centre.

Riga Central Market’s meat pavilion manager has ties to Harmony and was caught selling stolen cars

Arturs Zolotihs, who has ties to Harmony and is accused of organizing trade of stolen cars, has been chosen as the new manager of Riga Central Market’s meat pavilion, as reported by Ir magazine

Unexpected guest arrives at Ventspils Port

Ventspils Port has welcomed an unexpected guest – Siem Barracuda ship. This vessel picked Ventspils for crew change, refuelling and resupply.

Personalized voter IDs to be adopted in Latvia

For residents that only have an ID card and no citizen passport will be provided with personalized voter IDs for next year’s Saeima elections, as agreed upon by Saeima’s Public Administration and Local Government Committee.

DM: Latvia to provide financial contribution to the fight against Daesh

«Syria remains an unsafe place for its displaced residents to return to. To support immediate stabilization measures in liberated areas in northern Syria, Latvia is committed to providing financial assistance of EUR 100,000 for the international coalition to continue the fight against Daesh,» as announced by Latvian Defence Ministry’s parliamentary secretary Zanda Kalnina-Lukasevica.

This year’s influenza season claimed 37 lives in Latvia

Influenza intensity has declined 33% in Latvia, according to monitoring data prepared by Disease Prevention and Control Centre.

Reduced VAT on food would also help reduce illegal trade of food products

Retail trade networks plan to adopt an honest reduced VAT rate for fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, as agreed upon by Agriculture Ministry, Latvian Traders Association and Latvian Federation of Food Enterprises.

SEB expands cooperation with Altum to service loan requests more quickly

SEB Bank and Altum have signed authorization agreement for the issue of guarantees. This will help the bank speed up the processing of loan requests from small and medium-sized companies, as BNN was informed by the bank.

Orkla Foods Latvia: largest export increases were noted in Estonia and Finland last year

The turnover of Orkla Foods Latvia reached EUR 29.9 million in 2016. 78% of the company’s turnover consisted of sales in Latvia and 22% of sales in export markets, the company reports.

1,200 people turn to psychologists for help after St Petersburg metro bombing

After the St Petersburg metro bombing, 1,200 people turned to psychologists for help, as reported by

Chemical attack death toll in Syria rises; UN Security Council to convene

Latvia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry strictly condemns the chemical attack on civilian population in Syria’s Idlib province. The ministry calls for a full investigation of this attack and punishment of those responsible for this crime against humanity.

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Money deficit scenarios: Latvians stay indebted, Lithuanians borrow and Estonians spend savings

Although most Latvian residents admit being able to cover monthly costs without difficulties. 33% of residents experience difficulties, according to a study performed by Swedbank Institute of Finances.

Kozlovskis: Latvia would provide support to Russia in the fight against terrorism

Latvia would provide support to Russia in the fight against terrorism if necessary, said Latvian Interior Affairs Minister Rihards Kozlovskis in an interview to Rīta panorama programme of LTV.

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