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Sunday 22.10.2017 | Name days: Irīda, Īrisa

Entrepreneurs see no grounds for consumption growth forecasts

Although this year experts forecast more rapid growth in consumption, the surveyed entrepreneurs see no grounds for this increase.

Food products surcharge is inevitable

The food product price gains are unavoidable due to the record-high raw material prices, while the manufacturers of agricultural production and food products agree that efficiency boosts have to be continued in the manufacturing processes so that consumers do not suffer from the raw material price climb.

State Chancellery Head: every fourth state official has to be dismissed

The Latvian state administration employs approximately 12 470 officials, but this number is too high – it should not exceed 9000 to 10 000 employees. We need to reduce this number, which could mean that in the nearest future every fourth public servant could be left without a job, the Head of the State Chancellery Elita Dreimane indicates.

Huawei: we hope to offer full 4G internet solution in Latvia

By the time Latvia is ready to introduce the fourth generation mobile Internet, the Chinese telecommunication systems manufacturer Huawei hopes to offer a complete solution chain – the end-user devices for business, Huawei sales manager in Sweden Fredrik Venerstrand indicates.

Majority of kroon coins left to Estonians

Since last October nearly 243 tons of coins, worth 40 million kroons, have been submitted at the Estonian banks, yet Estonia’s residents still own many coins with the total value exceeding 100 million kroons.

Spam comprises 89.1% of sent emails in 2010

Last year, 480 million new electronic mail addresses were registered throughout the world, also overall 107 trillion e-mails were sent, based on a variety of resources and research.

Karins: consumers subject to artificially boosted prices

The European Union should turn more attention to the competition in the energetics and agriculture sectors, Krisjanis Karins told in the European Parliament debates on the competition policy in 2009.

Court employees demand equality principle in salary determination or they will strike

More than 20 Latvia’s District (City) courts and the Land Register Department employees have filed letters to high-level officials, requiring to prevent inobservance of legal norms and principles and ensure the equality principle in remuneration.

Rudolf Meroni: Litasco is running out of time; Ventbunkers will store fuel oil offshore

Litasco has only a few days left to lift their fuel oil from VBU terminal before the first vessel, chartered by VBU, arrives in Ventspils port later this week to store the fuel oil offshore on account of Litsaco.

Finance Minister: state-subsidized jobs to reduce unemployment

The Minister of Finance in Latvia Andris Vilks believes state-subsidized job positions should be created to reduce the high unemployment rate.

Heating cost 45% more in December

December heating costs in Riga will amount to 45% more than a year ago, the Riga City Council told the business news portal BNN.

Drunk owl detained in Germany

The German police have caught an owl on the street, which, according to the law enforcement authorities, had drunken too much vodka. Bottles of alcoholic beverage leftovers were found near the seized bird.

Austria afraid of «getting burnt» with Yuri Luzhkov

The former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, who failed to obtain a residence permit in Latvia, plans to ask it from the Austrian Embassy. However, it is most likely that the German-speaking country will refuse it as well.

Meat processors and traders caught dodging taxes

January came with the State Revenue Service (SRS) Financial Police Department (FPD) discovery of a scheme implemented by a meat processing company and meat product store chain owner. They avoided tax payment by reprogramming electronic cash registers and indicating a reduced value or quantity of goods in the consignment notes.

Review of Kirsons insolvency case postponed again

Review of the empire Lido owner Gunārs Ķirsons insolvency case has been postponed once again. This time after Kirsons insolvency process administrator Normunds Uļjanskis request, Aizkraukle Court informed the business news portal BNN.

Riga public transport passenger turnover drops 2.8%

Last December, Riga public transport carried 11 845 196 passengers – 2.8% less than in November 2010.

«Slesers projects» in Latvian Railway put aside

Several projects actively forwarded under Ainars Slesers as the Head of the Ministry of Transport are no longer topical for the Latvian Railway, instead the key priorities include other projects worth millions of lats and likely to get EU funds.

Economist: money supply in economy rises 3.5%

Last December, the volume of money in circulation continued to rise, reaching the highest monthly growth rate since December 2009, the economist at the Bank of Latvia Vilnis Purviņš informs.

Expert: Latvia must get used to income taxes

Compared to other European countries, the current 30 percent tax burden in Latvia is low, soon to become heavier – as a part of income, and in general. The low burden suggests relatively small public responsibility and service level, although these unpleasant duties are increasing, says the professor at Pacific Lutheran University Gundars Ķeniņš – Kings.

Humans to be turned into mobile phone chargers

American researchers are working on an invention that would allow turning virtually every human into portable device charger.

Millions spent on emergencies

Last year, 2.5 million lats was spent from the budget program on unforeseen events – in particular on flooding and fire. The remaining funds, which comprise more than 70 million lats, were directed to politically significant, yet barely priority measures.

Credit agreement necessary before EU funds are granted

In order to conclude an agreement on project implementation with the European Union (EU) support, a previously approved credit agreement will be necessary, according to the government's approved amendments to the activity «Development of new products and technologies – support for the introduction into production of new products and technologies».

Saeima member: we can't avoid discussing pension bonuses cuts

Latvia will not be able to avoid considering pension bonuses cuts, the Saeima member Ilze Viņķele told in TV broadcast Kas notiek Latvijā? (What is going on in Latvia?)