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Wednesday 23.05.2018 | Name days: Leontīne, Ligija, Lonija, Leokādija

Imprisonment for bribery replaced with 500 million rubles fine

Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev has submitted a Bill to the Council, stipulating sharp increase in the fines for all involved parties in commercial bribery.

66% working age people in Latvia

There were 66% working age people in Latvia in late 2010.The law has it a person aged 15-61 is considered to be at a working age.

Spams hit 77.6% of total e-mail flow

Compared to December 2010, in January 2011, the volume of spam in the e-mail traffic grew 0.5%, comprising 77.6% of the total flow. Spammers were least active on January 5 (60.7%), but the most intrusive advertising was sent on January 23 (87.7%).

Dell’s quarterly profit boosts its share value

On Thursday, February 17, the value of Dell Inc. shares rose 11% after the world’s second largest PC manufacturer announced about the high quarterly profits, thus, reducing concerns about the sustainability of its margins.

Riga Free Port cargo turnover grows 23.3%

Riga Free Port serviced nearly 2.7 million tons of cargo in January this year, outdoing the performance of the period in 2009 by 23.2%.

Belgium sets a record

Today, February 17, marks 249 days since Belgium has been unable to agree on the government establishment; thus, breaking not only Europe’s record, but also a world record, outpacing Iraq, where the political crisis in 2010 lasted 248 days, reports.

Politologist: Murniece’s resignation linked to budget cuts

I assume the Interior Minister Linda Murniece is resigning because of the measures adopted by the government with regard to the additional consolidation of 50 million lats, the political scientist Ivars Ījabs told the business news portal BNN.

Experts: Latvia has no ICT aims

Latvia has not defined clear aims in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. The fierce competition and shrinking orders have added to businessmen having to make more effort to carry out projects and see whether their are capable of introducing them successfully.

Latvija Statoil loses due to theft fell 50% in 2010

Last year, the security system improvement package, which was introduced at the fuel station chain Statoil, allowed the company to reduce the losses caused by theft by 50%.

EC turns to court against Greece on free capital flow restriction

The European Commission has decided to start legal proceedings against Greece, who has allegedly violated the European Union legislation on free capital flow.

Tension in East nears oil price to 85 dollars

On February 17, the price of oil in Asia came close to 85 US dollars per barrel. Investors are increasingly worried about the political developments in the Middle East, which could escalate and hamper crude oil supplies.

Expert: if lat was devalued, IMF asked no more cuts

If we devalued the lat, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) neither asked for more cuts, nor consolidation, Primekss Board Chairman Janis Oslejs told in an interview to the business news portal BNN.

CPCB collaborates with Germans in Daimler case

There are some unexpected aspects in the case on the alleged Riga City Council officials’ bribery that was carried out in order to achieve favourable outcome in the tender for the bus supply.

Latvia falls behind Russia and Poland in terms of welfare level

The occurred drop in prosperity, due to the recession, has created a situation where Latvia is at lower position than Russia and Poland, in terms of welfare. Forecasts show that Latvia will not manage to improve the position this year.

Businessman: entire Europe competing for Russia’s market

Those saying that the East is not prospective for the Latvian entrepreneurs, simply have no clue. The Finns, Germans and all of Europe is fighting for this market, and the ambassadors of these countries highly defend their states’ interests in Moscow. We have also gained large profits on the Russian markets. They have favourable prices and precisely settled payments with suppliers, recognizes Ivars Strautiņš, the entrepreneur and dairy producer, emphasizing the President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers’ official visit to Moscow certainly bore fruits.

Agriculture Minister: not all Latvian exporters are able to fulfil agreements

Not all of the export companies in Latvia manage to meet the stipulated product supplies, the Agriculture Minister Jānis Dūklavs indicates at the Agricultural Organization Cooperation Council’s meeting.

Welfare Minister: social budget savings to end in 2012–2013

Already now the social budget has a deficit; its savings will end in 2012 – 2013 year. Considering the situation, we have started working on a variety of reforms, introducing society with the planned changes related to both the retirement age raise, removal of premiums and another seven measures, indicates the Welfare Minister Ilona Jurševska.

UN: world at risk of hunger-related riots

The risk of unrests caused by hunger in the African and Latin American countries has increased due to the food price surge, indicates the published information by the United Nations.

Inflation in Russia might reach 13-15%

Consumption prices in Russia are surging at the pre-crisis pace and it is possible prices might surge 10-20% in the following 6-12 months time, according to ING bank economist Dmitry Polevoy.

EC warns Latvia about disregarding EU air quality requirements

Latvia has not managed to deal effectively with excessive PM10 – small airborne particle – emission, which in high concentrations can be hazardous. Therefore, Latvia has been ordered to improve the situation within two months, otherwise the European Commission will file the case to the European Union Court.

Youngest ever German Central Bank's Head appointed

Jens Weidmann, the Assistant to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, will be appointed as the President of Germany’s Central Bank, according to one of the officials, whose name has not been disclosed.

Finance Ministry: export and import to surge less in 2011

Export and import will grow at a slower pace this year, as full load of production capacity is about to hit its maximum and export growth rates will depend more on new investments in manufacturing industry, the Finance Ministry told the business news portal BNN.

Latvenergo: about 80% of households to barely feel tariff rise

About a half of the households in Latvia will not be affected by the tariff rise at all, while 30% of the clients will have to pay around one and a half lat more per month, which means up to 80% of the households will be very little affected by the tariff rise, asserts the energy company Latvenergo.