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Wednesday 20.09.2017 | Name days: Marianna, Ginters, Guntra

The amount of written insurance premiums has reduced by 35.1 million lats

Compared with the corresponding period in 2009, the amount of premiums written by Latvian insurance companies in the first seven months of 2010 has reduced by 21% or 35.1 million lats, reports LETA

Health care gets additional 26.2 million

The government on Monday (23th of August) agreed to allocate additional 26.2 million lats to the sector of health care.

Krigers: people and industries don’t have to suffer from budget cuts

The chairman of Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS) Peteris Krigers (Pēteris Krīgers) considers that 300 to 400 million lats have to be saved and cut so that, as a result, neither people, nor specific sectors would have to suffer.

Deifts: There won’t be an economic growth in Latvia in the following years

The head of logistics company Dominante Capital, Rafails Deift, is of the opinion that Latvia will have to wait for economic growth.

A character from Star Wars has been married to a woman

R2-D2 is the most suitable «man» for her because it has in-built GPS, it knows certain dance moves, and is more charismatic than James Bond.

Registered unemployment rate in Latvia - 15%

According to the operational information collected by Employment State Agency of Latvia (ESA), currently the rate of unemployment in Latvia is 15%, which means that 170 668 people have registered the status of not having an official work.

Loyalty campaign goods can be purchased online at similar prices

Chains of commerce and gas stations cheat people, because the goods they offer in the loyalty programs can be purchased also in other places, in addition - at the same price and without collecting the stickers.

Lattelecom is against the merger of Baltkom and IZZI

Telecommunications company Lattelecom has approached the Competition Council (CC), in order no to allow Baltkom and IZZI merger, reported the newspaper Dienas Bizness.

Baltkom considers applying to the court

Due to the amendments in the plan for National Radio Frequencies, the telecommunication company Baltkom considers appealing in the court with the claim of recovery of money losses, reports Dienas Bizness.

Purins: the fight against «envelope wages» in construction industry is not sufficient

According to the newspaper Neatkarīgā, the President of The Latvian Builders Association (LBA) Viktors Purins (Viktors Puriņš) has expressed his concern that State Revenue Service(SRS) and Latvian State Labour Inspectorate (LSLI) are not struggling with "envelope wages" and illegal employment in construction effectively enough.

Trust in Obama as economist has shrunk to a minimum

The distrust of Americans in Barack Obama's economical policy keeps increasing reaching an all-time lowest level.

Latvijas Loto will offer to win a million

The organizer of lotteries in Latvia Latvijas Loto intends to participate in a Europe-wide game, where the residents of Latvia will be able to win a million.

1 million dollars to the person who streaks naked in front of Obama

A billionaire has promised millions of dollars to the bravest person who manages to streak first in front of the President of United States Barack Obama, and capture it in a video.

Debtors have become more conscientious

The board member of debt collecting company SIA Paus Konsults, Maris Katajs, stated in an interview with Latvijas Radio that people in Latvia are starting to treat their debt commitments more conscientiously.

airBaltic searches for cabin crew in Estonia

Latvian National Airline company airBaltic has started a new recruitment program in Estonia.

Photos of the week 2010.08.20

Each Friday BNN.LV offers the most interesting, the most scandalous and simply the most beautiful pictures from all over the world.

Analyst: Latvia started negotiations with Gazprom too late

The head of the market analysis division of Parex Asset Management Zigurds Vaikulis states that Latvia had to start to conduct negotiations with the Russian gas concern Gazprom a long time ago. Vaikulis acknowledges that the information on possible changes in Russian gas purchase processes, as a result of which natural gas could cost less for Latvia, is positive; however, he also indicated that Latvia had to start the negotiations with Russia earlier, because similar processes had already been taking place in Europe for some time.

Rimi and Maxima lack employees

The largest supermarket chains in Latvia Rimi and Maxima lack employees for dozens of job vacancies. The supermarket chain of Maxima searches for cashiers, salesmen, bakers, cleaners, hall controllers, security guards and even directors of the store. According to the newspaper Telegraf, Rimi faces a similar situation, in addition the offered gross salary ranges from LVL 260 to 500.

Demand for large cars grows because of overweigt problems in USA

According to Consumer Reports, the demand for larger cars has increased in the USA due to the obesity problems of the Americans. In the period of 2007 until 2009, the proportion of people suffering from this problem has increased by 1.1%, which is 2.4 millions. In nine states of America, one third of all of the popullation are overweight.

Lembergs denies connection with his children's transactions

According to the newspaper Diena, the recently published statements of account of Aivars Lembergs and his children Anrijs and Liga have similarities, to which Aivars Lembergs has answered that it is just a coincidence.

Mikelsons: the whole thing is a high-level political frame-up

Former chief executive of electric utility A/S Latvenergo, Karlis Mikelsons, who was released from prison today on bail of LVL 50 000 security money, believes that the whole thing is a high-level political game.

Godmanis: 2nd tier of pensions should not be cancelled

«The social budget of Latvia gas to undergo significant changes, yet the contributions to the 2nd tier of the pension scheme should not be cancelled,» stated the member of European Parliament (EP) Ivars Godmanis in the Latvian National Television (LNT) morning news broadcast 900 seconds.

Greece will get 9 billion euro loan

According to, the European Commission (EC) has decided to grant Greece the second instalment of its loan.

The number of economically active population falls by 3.1%

In the second quarter of the present year the number of the economically active population of Latvia, as compared with the exact period of the previous year, has shrank by 3.1%, and the rate of registered unemployment amounts to 16.5%.

The Strait of Irbe endangers the Free Port of Riga

The inclusion of the Strait of Irbe in the list of protected natural areas - Natura 2000, will lead to the destruction of the Free Port of Riga, announced the Deputy Chairman of Riga City Council, Ainars Slesers.