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Tuesday 20.02.2018 | Name days: Smuidra, Vitauts, Smuidris

Estonia Minister of Foreign Affairs: the Baltics residents lack confidence

The integration process has been ongoing in Estonia successfully and UN suggestion of introducing Russian in the work of Estonian local governments is redundant, as it is what already happening in reality, said the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet,

Latvia Welfare Minister candidate: social budget and employment are urgent

The first urgent tasks of the Ministry of Welfare (MW) are ensuring the social budget and promoting effective labour market, says the Minister of Welfare candidate Ilona Jursevska (Ilona Jurševska).

82.3% of all e-mails – spams

In the third quarter of 2010, spam comprised 82.3% of the total electronic letters, indicates Kaspersky Lab data.

Russia bans frozen poultry meat trade

Starting from January 1, next year, the trade of frozen poultry meat will be completely banned in Russia.

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: government declaration – constructive work basis

«Despite businessmen are not satisfied with the future government declaration development process, the content of the declaration is the key priority,» says Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Board Chairwoman Žaneta Jaunzeme – Grende.

Former Saeima member: Latvian residents are dairy cows

Latvian residents and especially businessmen have turned into national dairy cows, moreover, they are milked completely legally, without any corruption, believes the former politician and a member of three Saeima terms Gundars Bērziņš (Gundars Berzins).

First Aerodium wind tunnel to be installed at Shaolin Monks temple

After taking part in the World EXPO 2010 exhibition in Shanghai, China, SIA Aerodium, who built the Latvian pavilion, has concluded an agreement with the worldwide recognized Shaolin Monks temple for the vertical wind tunnel installation.

Complaints about insurers’ decisions to Ombudsman in Latvia – not beneficial

It turns out the Latvian Insurers Association Ombudsman, where natural persons can file complaints about insurers’ decisions regarding claims, is a far more expensive service than the Ombudsman of commercial banks.

Latvian industrial production output increases by 13%

In nine months of 2010, compared to the period January-September in 2009, the industrial production output has increased by 13%, according to working day adjusted data at constant prices.

Pfizer 3Q profit drops by 70% due to charges

The world’s major drugmaker Pfizer reported 3Q profit increase of 39% boosted by the purchase of Wyeth. Despite the positive indicators, the company's total costs contributed to net income drop of 70%.

Saeima approves Dombrovskis government

Valdis Domrovskis (Unity (Vienotība)) run government was approved on November 3 in an emergency session.

AS Ventspils nafta minority shareholders – ready for overthrow

It is intended to collect at least 40 million lats from Vitol Group enterprises Euromin Holdings, Eurotank Holdings Sarl and AS Ventspils nafta Council and Board Members on their property – oil and oil product reloading terminal – use without compensation.

Social network users could pay more for home insurance

Apartment owners who use such social networks as Facebook and Twitter will, possibly, have to pay more for the home insurance in the future.

Rita manufactures bulk of its production for H&M

The knitted-goods factory AS Rita exports 98%-99% of its production, more than half of it is manufactured for the Swedish clothing retail group Hennes&Mauritz, indicates the factory’s President Vladimirs Sazonovs.

Expert: Russia does not plan joining EU

Russia does not plan joining the European Union (EU) in near future, however Moscow supports multidimensional relationship full of respect, says Russian envoy in EU Vladimir Chizhov.

Package of explosives sent to Merkel

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel's office has received a suspicious package containing explosives.

Estonia Finance Ministry: GDP might reach annual 6% in Q3

On recovering from the most severe recession in the European Union (EU), Estonia will probably be able to increase its GDP to about 6%, compared to 2010 third quarter, due to growing export demand.

Latvia Prime Minister: government will start developing 2011 budget next week

The new government will start working on the next year’s budget already next week, indicates the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis, adding that the budget should be drawn up until the New Year.

Economist: budget wrecks Latvia’s economy

We cannot devastate the economy at the expense of budget, though, to my mind, it is done purposefully and deliberately, the economist Raita Karnite pointed out.

Latvijas Finieris shareholders merging to sell their shares for higher price

Minority shareholder of Latvijas Finieris Armands Apfelbaums in inviting shareholders to merge, in order they could sell the shares at the highest possible price or gain influence in the Biķi family controlled company.

Economists: inevitable retirement age rise expects Latvia

Retirement age rise is one of the inevitable future decisions Latvia has to make, therefore it is very significant to inform people about the planned amendments in advance, believe economists.

New airport Riga terminal costs reduced by about 12 million euro

If airBaltic manages to successfully resolve their disagreements with the airport Riga, the new terminal could be completed by late 2013. Currently, the total costs of the project have been reduced from the initial 92 million euro to 80 million euro.

Nordea Markets: the recovery has restarted

After several difficult years in the Baltic States, Poland and Russia in terms of the growth, the crisis is over, Nordea Markets concludes in its latest Baltic Rim review.

Seminar on new insolvency proceedings regulation to be organised

The Ministry of Justice and the state agency Maksātnespējas administrācija in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund will organise an informative seminar on the new insolvency proceedings regulation on November 3 and 4, the business portal BNN was informed by the Ministry’s representative.

Growing investors interest in Riga centre apartments

Investors activity rose in October this year, they tend to purchase several apartments in Riga City centre in order to rent them out. While local residents are interested in good-condition properties ranging up to 100 000 euro.