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Sunday 18.03.2018 | Name days: Ilona, Adelīna

Euribor likely to exceed Rigibor

It might happen the historical point is near - several Euribor rates that have reported climb over the last year could exceed the corresponding Rigibor rates.

Riga airport passenger turnover grows by 16.7%

Over the ten months of 2010, the airport Riga serviced 4 017 276 passengers, which is by 16.7% more than during the same period last year, and nearly by the same percentage more than overall in 2009.

Kogan: I wouldn’t walk in Prime Minister’s shoes at any cost

All hopes are placed in private businesses, pointed out the Deputy Chairman of Lukoil Baltija R Board Haim Kogan, adding that the Latvian economy will obtain two to three million lats solely from his company’s investments in 2011, apart from 50 million lats that will be collected in taxes.

For a Good Latvia member Skele work in Budget Committee, Slesers - Economic

The Saeima members have approved the parliamentarians division into committees, one of the most most controversially assessed politicians Andris Skele will work in Budget and Finance (Taxation) Committee and the National Security Committee, while his association's member Ainārs Šķēle will work the National Economy, Agriculture, Environment and Regional Policy Comission.

IMF predicts rapid global economic growth slowdown

The International Monetary Fund has lowered its forecast regarding the global economic growth this year and next year to 3-4%.

Lembergs and Lipmans families - the wealthiest in Latvia

Lembergs and Limpans families rank as the first ones in the list of the wealthiest persons in Latvia, created by Baltic Screen.

VAT rise would increase households annual expenses by 100 lats

The revocation of reduced value added tax rates, and the VAT base rate raise would affect all the inhabitants of Latvia – the expenses of average family with three people would increase by approximately 100 lats per year, suggest the estimates of Swedbank Institute of Private Finances.

For a Good Latvia demands Minister of Foreign Affairs resignation

The party association For a Good Latvia (FGL) Saeima members have submitted the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ģirts Valdis Kristovskis resignation demand, after his private correspondence of views unacceptable to democracy became public.

Estonia wants to repay Soviet-era debt to Latvia

The Estonian government is considering to repay Latvia more than two million kroons worth loan. Estonian Consulate General received the sum from the Latvian Republic’s embassy in Washington in 1989.

Estonia among the countries with best business launching environment

Estonia ranks the 17th in the list presenting states of most advantageous business environments – Doing Business 2011, compiled by the World Bank (WB) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Lithuania selects floating LNG terminal location

The best place for the construction of re-gasification terminal, which will cost approximately 200 million euro, would be the Kiaules Nugara island situated in the southern part of the Klaipeda port, concluded the specially appointed Lithuanian government work group.

Latvia Former Finance Minister: budget deficit needs at least 395 million lats cut

Most likely, Dombrovskis’ government will have to consolidate budget at the amount, which was already promised in summer to the international lenders – the IMF and the EC, as there is no other agreement with the lenders.

TEC-2 reconstruction halt might cost at least 150 million lats

A document has been prepared for the European Commission with the aim of terminating Riga’s second thermoelectric central reconstruction. If that happens, Latvenergo and consequently the state and consumers’ additional costs could exceed 150 million lats.

Latvia Finance Ministry: banks irrational lending fear delays EU funds acquisition

The Ministry of Finance believes the European Union fund acquisition in Latvia is delayed by banks’ irrational fear of crediting, while banks emphasize they are ready to talk with both the MF and the Ministry of Economy about the creation of new support instruments, for instance, additional state guarantees or introducing the mezzanine financing model.

Energy efficiency allows companies to save

Companies have started to turn more attention not only to rentals but also causes of additional costs.

Estonia Minister of Foreign Affairs: the Baltics residents lack confidence

The integration process has been ongoing in Estonia successfully and UN suggestion of introducing Russian in the work of Estonian local governments is redundant, as it is what already happening in reality, said the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Urmas Paet,

Latvia Welfare Minister candidate: social budget and employment are urgent

The first urgent tasks of the Ministry of Welfare (MW) are ensuring the social budget and promoting effective labour market, says the Minister of Welfare candidate Ilona Jursevska (Ilona Jurševska).

82.3% of all e-mails – spams

In the third quarter of 2010, spam comprised 82.3% of the total electronic letters, indicates Kaspersky Lab data.

Russia bans frozen poultry meat trade

Starting from January 1, next year, the trade of frozen poultry meat will be completely banned in Russia.

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry: government declaration – constructive work basis

«Despite businessmen are not satisfied with the future government declaration development process, the content of the declaration is the key priority,» says Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Board Chairwoman Žaneta Jaunzeme – Grende.

Former Saeima member: Latvian residents are dairy cows

Latvian residents and especially businessmen have turned into national dairy cows, moreover, they are milked completely legally, without any corruption, believes the former politician and a member of three Saeima terms Gundars Bērziņš (Gundars Berzins).

First Aerodium wind tunnel to be installed at Shaolin Monks temple

After taking part in the World EXPO 2010 exhibition in Shanghai, China, SIA Aerodium, who built the Latvian pavilion, has concluded an agreement with the worldwide recognized Shaolin Monks temple for the vertical wind tunnel installation.

Complaints about insurers’ decisions to Ombudsman in Latvia – not beneficial

It turns out the Latvian Insurers Association Ombudsman, where natural persons can file complaints about insurers’ decisions regarding claims, is a far more expensive service than the Ombudsman of commercial banks.

Latvian industrial production output increases by 13%

In nine months of 2010, compared to the period January-September in 2009, the industrial production output has increased by 13%, according to working day adjusted data at constant prices.

Pfizer 3Q profit drops by 70% due to charges

The world’s major drugmaker Pfizer reported 3Q profit increase of 39% boosted by the purchase of Wyeth. Despite the positive indicators, the company's total costs contributed to net income drop of 70%.

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