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Sunday 18.03.2018 | Name days: Ilona, Adelīna

Balticovo plans becoming Northern Europe leading egg producer

Balticovo, which has enrolled in a competition The Most Export Capable Trader, has invested more than 20 million lats in product innovations and development, which has also affected the company's export growth.

Latvia Prime Minister: people will return along with economic development

When improving the labour market situation, primarily, instead of reviewing foreign workforce attraction possibilities, we have to think how to bring back those Latvian inhabitants that have left the country to work abroad, said the Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis.

Growing export to Armenia, China and Russia

Compared to the corresponding period in 2009, Latvia’s exports to Armenia has increased by 46%, to China – by 42%, and to Russia – by 36%, according to the aggregated data on the first four months of this year. This has positively influenced Latvia’s foreign trade balance, indicates the Ministry of Economy.

Bank of America loses 7.3 billion US dollars

The US major bank Bank of America has reported an operating profit loss in the third quarter, although the revenues are only slightly smaller than the figures of the previous quarter.

Economist: starting from 2017 Latvia will attract 5 000 immigrants per year

Employment growth resources might be exhausted by 2017, therefore the labour market will require 5 000 - 15 000 immigrants per year, the economist Raita Karnite (Raita Karnīte) is convinced.

Entrepreneurs: Latvia has to improve renewable energy policy

Even though the renewable energy in Latvia has future and an enormous potential, currently, there is a lack of investments, or they are not discussed sufficiently enough, assert the entrepreneurs.

Russia to wait another 10-15 years for visa-free regime with Europe

Visa-free regime between Russia and Europe will be introduced after 10 to 15 years, announced the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy.

Delayed flights cost travellers billions of dollars

Researchers have estimated the sum that would cover the caused inconveniences to the airline passengers due to unnecessary delays in flights. The customer anger could be compensated with 16.7 billion US dollars (8.5 billion lats) per year.

Struggling companies not to receive state guarantees anymore

Starting from November, the Latvian Guarantee agency will stop issuing guarantees for troubled businesses’ loans, according to the government’s decision that was adopted today, October 19.

Latvia plans making use of Estonia introducing the euro experience

Estonia's experience of joining the eurozone by changing kroons against the European single currency the euro, will serve Latvia for practical introduction of euro starting from 2014.

Biofuel producers to receive 2 million lats

The Cabinet of Ministers has agreed to allot 2 million lats from the funds for emergency cases in order to grant direct payments to the state-owned enterprises for the biofuel production in 2008.

Japan’s economy – paused

The Japanese economy has currently halted due to the increasing concerns about the strengthening of yen, indicated the Japanese government.

Record big sum won in Russian lottery - 42 million rubles

Resident of Khanty-Mansiysk region has won the biggest amount of money in Russian lotteries history - more than 42 million rubles (701 400 lats).

Russians buy vodka and caviar only - business needs to be West-oriented

Foreigners suggest Russian businessmen focusing on the West more, because they believe Russians themselves buy vodka and caviar only.

Elefant Hotel premises to be auctioned for 2.1 million lats

It is planned to sell by auction Elefant Hotel premises, which were closed down this year, on November 15 for 2.1 million lats as a starting price.

New Saeima deputies wealthier than the previous ones

According to almost all figures, the Deputies elected in the 10th Saeima are wealthier than their forerunners.

Lithuania to borrow two billion litas from abroad next year

Lithuania plans attracting 2.29 billion litas (467.16 million lats) from international markets in 2011, due to the government's determination to narrow budget deficit. The sum forms about one third of the state's income.

Gold purchasing fever to continue

Demand for investment gold throughout the world, as well as the constantly increasing price of this precious metal, suggests a gold purchasing fever.

Price climb propels inflation

Price climb will foster inflation and emptiness of consumers' pockets, show market and economy experts forecasts.

airBaltic terminal concepts

Latvian national airline's airBaltic announced international tender of the new terminal idea and concept attracted 125 architectural solutions. The business portal BNN found out in airBaltic that currently they have selected several variants that will soon be passed to wider community for evaluation.

Latvia Welfare Minister: saving options should be sought in other ministries

Cost saving options in 2011 should be looked for in other ministries, pointed out the Minister for Welfare Uldis Augulis, adding that no cutbacks will be applied to the social area next year.

Lack of effective instruments in fight with debtors

The major problem of building managers' fight against debtors is the lack of effective instruments, points out building manager AS Māju serviss KSA Board Chairwoman Baiba Plavina (Baiba Plavina).

Foreigners continue buying out Latvian forests

Top 25 major forest owners list included only 9 foreign companies a year ago, the current number is 12.

Food producers: price climb can be risky

There are no grounds for significant price climb; moreover it can even be risky, indicate food producers, adding it is difficult to forecast at the moment, as the situation depends on global markets processes and energy resources possible changes.

Commissioner: EU growth partly based on illusions

The Greek debt crisis has revealed that the rapid growth and successful labour market in the European Union was partly based on non-sustainable debts, which were accumulated during the first ten years of the monetary union.

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