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Sunday 24.06.2018 | Name days: Jānis

Rigas Piensaimnieks dairy investors get nothing for selling 80% shares

Last month the Estonian investors holding 80% shares in Rigas Piensaimnieks dairy sold them to US investment firm Darby Overseas Investments in turn receiving nothing as the company simply overtook the shares.

Is Riga ready for Christmas?

BNN offers a photo gallery of public places in Riga wearing their Christmas decorations.

77 000 Estonians want to work abroad

Out of 77 000 Estonians who are seriously considering working abroad, 43 000 have already made first steps towards this goal.

Russian businessman Kovtun obtains airBaltic shareholder BAS shares

The Russian entrepreneur Stanislav Kovtun has acquired the Latvian national airline airBaltic shareholder SIA Baltic Aviation Systems shares.

Latvia state institutions to pay for Christmas events themselves

Employees of ministries and other biggest state institutions will pay for Christmas events out of their own pockets or not celebrate at all, according to BNN survey.

Gulbe: egg price setting policy is unclear

Over the nine months of 2010, egg exports have substantially increased from 9 000 to 14 000 tons, while egg product exports grew almost trice – from 500 tons to 1 400 tons.

Massive fight in Ukraine Parliament sends five lawmakers to hospital

On December 16 a massive fight erupted in Ukraine Parliament between the members of the ruling coalition and opposition, leaving five lawmakers hospitalized.

Standard & Poor's raises China and Hong Kong’s credit rating

The rating agency Standard & Poor’s has raised China’s credit rating from A+ to AA- with a stable outlook.

Benefits for food product purchase to be granted soon

Starting from December 20, Riga Social Service will start granting a single allowance for food product purchase to individuals who have declared their basic place of residence within Riga administrative territory, not less than twelve months before the application for the benefit.

Flick: too much optimism will not help Latvia

Excessive optimism of believing that things will solve themselves will not help us. It is important to perceive the actual situation and take the bull at the horns, says airBaltic President Bertolt Flick.

WikiLeaks publishes information on Fidel Castro’s illness

The Cuban leader Fidel Castro came close to death in 2006, suggests the latest published US diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks.

Moody’s cuts Ireland’s credit rating

The international rating agency Moody’s has lowered Ireland’s credit rating by five levels, noting that a further reduction is possible since the Irish government still struggles to prevent losses in the state banking system.

LASCO management plays «cat and mouse» with Vitol

Latvian Shipping Company (AS Latvijas kuģniecība) management keeps playing «cat and mouse» with shareholders by postponing the company's shareholders meeting again.

LASCO alleged shareholders meeting took place in a van

Given that Latvian Shipping Company (LASCO) shareholders were not let in the alleged venue of the shareholders meeting in the recreation base Lejastiezumi, LASCO «alleged shareholders meeting» took place in the security company's van.

Economist: government aims at budget cuts, not development policy

All the government’s measures are aimed at budget consolidation, not at the development policy. Besides, there are two things in the next year’s budget that raise concern – the effects of the tax change on economic development have not been assessed and a large instability and uncertainty has occurred, the economist Raita Karnite considers.

Millionaires to be brought to court in Lembergs’ lawsuit by force

Millionaires Jūlijs Krūmiņš and Jānis Blažēvičš, who have to testify in the so-called Lembergs’ lawsuit, will be brought to it by force, the Court Chairman Boriss Geimans informs about the judicial panel’s decision.

Investor: Latvia benefited from the crisis

Crisis has turned Latvia into an attractive destination for investment, believes London & Regional Properties Head Thomas Lindeborg.

SEA Head: number of job openings might drop slightly next year

The number of available job openings might fell slightly next year, although neither sharp unemployment rate climb, nor rapid improvement is expected. The economic development is not fast enough yet to boost creating as many vacancies as we would like, says the State Employment Agency (SEA) Head Baiba Paševica (Pasevica).

Citadele bank branch robbed in Riga

On December 17 Citadele bank branch on Dzirnavu Street was robbed by four armed men.

Auditor General: it is high time to assess the expenditure

It is impossible to evaluate what 50 million consolidation means – it is high time to assess the expenditure, instead of cutting spending, believes the Auditor General Inguna Sudraba.

Snow «consumes» Latvia local authorities budgets

The white winter has already claimed huge funds of Riga City Council budget, where almost all the allotted money (1.9 million lats) for removing snow has already been spent. The business portal BNN found out the same problems are looming also in other local governments of Latvia.

Latvian Shipping Company shareholders' meeting postponed again

Shareholders meeting of Joint Stock Company Latvian Shipping Company (LASCO), due to still unknown «emergency» will be transferred to the 28th January 2011th.

Changes in airBaltic shareholders structure

The 47.2% shareholder of the Latvian national airline airBaltic SIA Baltic Aviation Systems (BAS) has changed hands, according to the Land Register servicing company Lursoft information.

Judges, prosecutors and parliamentarians included into single-salary system

Today, December 16, the Saeima adopted amendments to four laws in the second final reading, providing that judges, prosecutors and parliamentarians are included into the single-salary system, the business portal BNN was informed by the Saeima.

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