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Wednesday 17.01.2018 | Name days: Tenis, Dravis

Rimi and Maxima lack employees

The largest supermarket chains in Latvia Rimi and Maxima lack employees for dozens of job vacancies. The supermarket chain of Maxima searches for cashiers, salesmen, bakers, cleaners, hall controllers, security guards and even directors of the store. According to the newspaper Telegraf, Rimi faces a similar situation, in addition the offered gross salary ranges from LVL 260 to 500.

Demand for large cars grows because of overweigt problems in USA

According to Consumer Reports, the demand for larger cars has increased in the USA due to the obesity problems of the Americans. In the period of 2007 until 2009, the proportion of people suffering from this problem has increased by 1.1%, which is 2.4 millions. In nine states of America, one third of all of the popullation are overweight.

Lembergs denies connection with his children's transactions

According to the newspaper Diena, the recently published statements of account of Aivars Lembergs and his children Anrijs and Liga have similarities, to which Aivars Lembergs has answered that it is just a coincidence.

Mikelsons: the whole thing is a high-level political frame-up

Former chief executive of electric utility A/S Latvenergo, Karlis Mikelsons, who was released from prison today on bail of LVL 50 000 security money, believes that the whole thing is a high-level political game.

Godmanis: 2nd tier of pensions should not be cancelled

«The social budget of Latvia gas to undergo significant changes, yet the contributions to the 2nd tier of the pension scheme should not be cancelled,» stated the member of European Parliament (EP) Ivars Godmanis in the Latvian National Television (LNT) morning news broadcast 900 seconds.

Greece will get 9 billion euro loan

According to, the European Commission (EC) has decided to grant Greece the second instalment of its loan.

The number of economically active population falls by 3.1%

In the second quarter of the present year the number of the economically active population of Latvia, as compared with the exact period of the previous year, has shrank by 3.1%, and the rate of registered unemployment amounts to 16.5%.

The Strait of Irbe endangers the Free Port of Riga

The inclusion of the Strait of Irbe in the list of protected natural areas - Natura 2000, will lead to the destruction of the Free Port of Riga, announced the Deputy Chairman of Riga City Council, Ainars Slesers.

Latvian patented a coffin with a mobile

A resident of Latvia has obtained a patent to a coffin that is equipped with a mobile phone. The amount of the applications requesting a patent has not decreased in the period of crises, on the contrary, it has increased.

Analyst: Gazprom yielded not to Kampars but to Katara

According to the newspaper Telegraf, the Minister for Economics Artis Kampars has declared that the meating with the management of Gazprom can be considered as successful, because they have agreed to start discussing price reduction for the purchase of natural gas; however, as it turns out the real hero of the story is not Kampars, but Katara.

The socializing portal has been «infested» by debt collectors

In an interview for the Latvijas Radio programme Krustpunktā, the creative director of social network, Guntars Meluškāns, pointed out that the portal users are terrorized by debt collectors.

Latvia will contribute hay to Russian farmers

Latvian farmers have offered help to their colleagues in Russia, by donating hay to their livestock, which suffered in the great drought and wildfires.

Zatlers suggests evaluating the parties by the programs offered

The president of Latvia Valdis Zatlers invites the people of Latvia to evaluate the political parties by examining the programs and the action plan they offer instead of merely looking at the main candidates of the parties.

Mikelsons is forbidden to leave the country and meet certain persons

The Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) have enforced a range of restrictions on the former president of utility A/S Latvenergo who has just been released from the imprisonment.

Tallinn - the cheapest capital of the Baltics

According to the newspaper Diena, after comparing the daily costs in the capitals of the Baltics, it has been concluded that it would be the best option for a family to live in Tallinn, which is followed by Riga and only then comes Vilnius.

Lattelecom is not satisfied with the tax reliefs

One of the leading information and communication technologies (ICT) companies in Latvia Lattelecom has expressed its concern about the amendments in the law On the Enterprise Income Tax (EIT) prepared by the Ministry of Finance (MF). The amendments provide tax reliefs to large projects, which Lattelecom believes to be discriminating.

The production of trains in Latvia could restart

By resuming train manufacturing, 8000 job openings will be created.

Russia will build a system of floating hotels

According to the Internet site of the newspaper Turinfo, it is planned to build on the lakes and rivers of Russia approximately 150 floating hotels by 2015.

Six year old girl becomes a millionaire

A six years old Chinese girl, named Wu Qinyi, has become a millionaire, as well as, the youngest and richest child - shareholder in country

Google will develop its own TV

According to the Internet company Google has started to develop a single Google TV software; however, many of the potential partners look at the possibilities to collaborate with caution, because they are not sure about the actual plans of Google. Google plans to provide with the cable, satelite and the Internet simultaneously.

The solar energy boom in Germany

Currently, there is an actual solar energy boom in Germany – over the past few years, billions of euro have been invested in this sector.

President announces tax packet for micro-enterprises

According to the official newspaper Latvijas Vēstnesis, the President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers has announced the tax package for micro-enterprises. The law provides a single tax rate of 9% for micro-enterprises from the turnover or the income from the economical activity.

Moscow banns trade of alcoholic drinks at night

According to the reports of today, the trade of strong alcoholic drinks at night and in the early hours has been banned in Moscow, in order to eliminate the main cause of the damage of the health of Russians - excessive use of alcohol.

Clinton believes he will not live until spring

The former president of the USA Bill Clinton believes he will die in a half-year's time, therefore he is prepared to death.According to the magazine The National Enquirer, the health condition of the former president, who is 63 years old, is getting worse, in addition he is losing weight.

Industrially developed countries may fall into the demographic trap

The society of industrially developed countries is aging, which in long-term can even lead to new financial crises, reports Financial Times.

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