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Ceturtdiena 22.03.2018 | Name days: Tamāra, Dziedra

Live television bloopers

Live TV requires responsibility and concentration skills, but experience shows slips of tongue are not rare as well.

airBaltic to sell TV sets

The Latvian national airline airBaltic will offer its passengers to purchase TV sets with discounts starting from October 16, informed airBaltic Vice President of Corporate Communications Janis Vanags (Jānis Vanags).

Real estate tax debts reach 15 million lats

Nine largest cities of Latvia real estate tax debts have grown considerably during the recent years, reaching 15 million lats.

Expert: the Baltics under the Russian sphere of influence

Russia wants to increase its economic influence over the Baltic States, it would be odd to reject this obvious intention, believes the Russian political scientist Konstantin Eggert.

Study: Baltic enterprise executives afraid to admit mistakes

The company executives in the Baltic States are very active and manage to successfully achieve results; however, they are often afraid to admit their mistakes.

Baltkom owner's transactions questioned

The company Alīna has sold Baltkom TV with large losses, most likely, to save the enterprise from its owner Peteris Smidre personal debts.

At least half of Latvia pledged

At least 50% of companies' assets in Latvia are put in pledge. Only enterprises of stable export turnover operate independently. The rest live with loans, the lawyer Edgars Karelis is convinced; Gunars Kirsons (Gunārs Ķirsons) owned catering company Lido is also on the agenda of the lawyer.

Expert: internal devaluation in Latvia ends

The return of inflation indicates the end of the economic crisis in the country – the internal devaluation process has stopped and the stabilization begins.

Latvia Minister for Justice: enterprise register as business maternity house

Last month 1 400 enterprises were registered, which is a very high indicator, as the usual figure is 900. Micro-enterprise tax introduction contributed to the increasing activity, the Minister of Justice Gaidis Berzins (Gaidis Bērziņš).

Raw food material traders consider price rise options

After observing the market participant’s reaction to the rumours and news that, allegedly, prices of various food products are likely to increase due to the natural disasters and other events in the world; raw food material traders assess the possibility to raise prices, believes Artis Rozitis, the entrepreneur from Kuldiga and the owner of inns, pizzerias, and cafés under the brand name Stender.

Latvia Minister for Economics: inefficiently applied benefits have to be cut

Even if there is a hesitation to reduce ministries’ expenditure, yet it must be done, said the Minister for Economics Artis Kampars.

Minimal wage set after new concept

Latvia Ministry of Welfare (MW) has developed a concept providing three new minimal monthly wage setting principles.

German Chancellor Merkele might resign

There is rumour in the political circles of Germany that the current Chancellor Angela Merkel might resign, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung with reference to anonymous sources.

Piglet seized to obtain money for loan settlement

In order to partly cover some woman’s debt to the bank, bailiffs in Russia have arrested a piglet belonging to the debtor.

Estonia to abandon payphones from December

Considering that payphones have become unpopular among the inhabitants of Estonia, and their maintenance costs are high, a decision has been taken to close down the payphone business in the country starting from this year’s December.

China blames US for having started currency war

The United States (US) initiated the currency war and the whole world should be ready Washington will try to devalue the dollar, announces the leading economist of China Li Xiangyang.

Sadales tīkls intends tariff rise by 12.5%

A/S Sadales tīkls, the subsidiary of Latvenergo, intends to raise its service tariff by 12.5% starting from January 1, next year.

Top oil trader: oil price will not reach 100 US dollars

Despite the previous prognosis on oil price climb up to 100 US dollars (50.3 lats) per barrel, the world’s largest oil trading house forecasts the price increase will be modest next year, reaching 85 US dollars (42.7 lats).

HIV diagnosis sets US porno industry under crisis

The US porno industry is in crisis after one of its actors has been tested positive for HIV.

Audit: Tymoshenko government laundered half a billion dollars

The former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko government misspent almost half a billion dollars, conclude audits of US firms.

Economic crisis propels 12% price increase in Estonia

During three year’s time, prices have grown by 12% on average in Estonia. This is significantly more than the observed average price climb (7%) in the European Union.

airBaltic passenger turnover grows by 16%

In this year’s September, the Latvian airline airBaltic flew 318 807 passengers from Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius, which is by 16% more than during the corresponding period in 2009.

Roubini: 35-40% chance of US re-recession

There is 35-40% chance the United States (US) will face another wave of recession, New York University Professor of Economy Nouriel Roubini is convinced.

Minister advisers' salaries allowed to be increased

Minister advisers and office employees will be allowed to receive higher salaries because the Saeima has revoked the hitherto existing employee salary ceiling, including these job categories in a single joint public officials wage system.

New green energy law may operate in fossil energy interests

The future green energy law will operate in the interests of fossil energy, assume renewable energy resources business representatives.

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