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Friday 22.06.2018 | Name days: Ludmila, Laimdots, Laimiņš

Economist: government hopes for miracles

The government has not kept its promises about 2011 budget formulation, demonstrating it is not willing to face the actual problems. They are hoping for miracles instead, the economist Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis is convinced.

Vitol: Latvijas kuģniecība close to bankruptcy

At the moment, A/S Ventspils nafta greatest concern is A/S Latvijas kuģniecība, «which has the risk of becoming an empty shell with large debts,» the representative of Vitol Group, the major owner of Ventspils nafta, Mark Ware points out.

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau employees received huge bonuses

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (CPCB) employees were paid more than two million lats in bonuses during 2003 to 2008, according to the CPCB financial reports.

Kampars: no consumption taxes rise in near four, five years

Each tax rise boosts negative indicators, that is for sure; however this is the last year, when consumption taxes are increased. Finally we can say in near four to five years taxes will not grow any more, asserts the Minister of Economy Artis Kampars.

Finance Minister: lenders refuse to admit Latvia economy’s fast recovery

Latvia’s economic growth forecast for the year 2011 is conservative, and it is coordinated with the international lenders, who refuse to accept that the Latvian economy recovers faster than expected, indicated the Finance Minister Andris Vilks.

WikiLeaks: last year Sweden gave 50% chance – Latvia will face economic collapse and devalue the lat

When meeting with the US ambassador in the autumn of 2009, Sweden’s Finance Minister Anders Borg expressed confidence – there is a 50% chance that the lat will be devalued by the end of the year and the Baltic States will experience an economic collapse, which could affect the whole region; therefore, the US should use its influence on other countries to prevent this.

Savickis: Latvijas Gāze – one of Latvia’s most successful privatisation cases

Latvijas Gāze is one of the most successful privatisation cases in Latvia, and many benefited from it, considers the Deputy Chairman of the company’s Council Juris Savickis.

Latvia ranks 4th in terms of low-priced hostel accommodations

Latvia ranks in the fourth place in the top 10 list of Europe’s cheapest hostel accommodation prices, offering tourists lodging for 3.30 lats per night, suggests the survey carried out by

Pensions up to 135 lats might be indexed next year

Social and Employment Matters Committee has agreed to prepare proposals on small pensions, not exceeding 135 lats, indexation for the period of the budget amendments discussion.

Facebook users call for Statoil and Neste boycott

The social network Facebook has launched a campaign whose initiators call for car drivers to boycott Statoil and Neste petrol stations.

Vandalism at the million worth concrete dune built by Americans

The concrete path, worth a million US dollars is now subject to vandalism, although it was built by Americans, in order to carry out military exercise this summer, reports Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze.

Experts: turmoils not to hit Latvian economy

There are many events leaving both a positive and a negative impact on the economy of Latvia, but bad turmoils are not expected, the economist Juris Cebulis is convinced, adding the work of the government is neutral, affecting the state's credit rating in a positive way.

Household gas tariffs to be smaller the next year

In January 2011, the gas tariffs for households in Latvia will become cheaper; moreover, they could also reduce for the major consumers, Latvijas Gāze Press Secretary Vinsents Makaris revealed to the business news portal BNN.

Latvijas Gāze approves new gas price calculation agreement

The company’s Latvijas Gāze Council has approved the new gas price calculation agreement for next year, which will be also signed by the Russian gas utility Gazprom this year.

Economist: bonuses in state administration might be hidden wage rise

Allowing employees financial motivation at state administration most likely is a hidden fixed salary rise, believes Nordea bank senior economist Andris Strazds.

Pensioners forced to meet postmen half way to get pensions

Due to the snowstorm, some senior inhabitants have to either meet the mail carrier half way or ensure a cleared driveway to the house in order to receive pensions, VAS Latvijas Pasts informs the business portal BNN.

Demand for snow shovels grows 14 times

Due to the bad snowfalls in Latvia, stores report climbing demand for snow shovels in early December; compared to December 2009, it has grown 14 times.

External trade turnover grows by 26.5% during year

The total external trade turnover at constant prices formed 986.8 million lats in October this year - which is 2.1% or 21.5 million lats less than in the previous month, while 26.5% or 206.6 million lats more than in October 2009.

Aboltina: stability, partnership and responsibility characterise budget adoption

Stability, partnership and responsibility are the keywords that characterise 2011 state budget adoption process, emphasized Saeima Speaker Solvita Aboltina.

Lithuania adopts 2011 budget

The government of Lithuania has adopted the next year's budget. Despite the state's economy has stabilized, the government is still cautious as the economic downfall is not past yet, therefore pensions and public sector salaries will not return to the pre-crisis level any time soon.

47% of Latvia’s population hope for higher pension age income

Nearly half, or 47% of Latvia’s population hope their income at retirement age will be higher than currently.

67% of people satisfied with Christmas decorations in Riga

The majority or 67% of Latvia residents are satisfied with the way Riga is decorated at Christmas time, according to the company Lux Express, offering passenger transportation, conducted survey.

Driving difficulties throughout Latvia’s territory

Due to the intense snowing and blizzard it is very difficult to drive on the state, regional and local roads throughout the country’s territory. The motorways are covered with snow, and some sections of road have iced over. The regional and local roads are also covered with snow, informs the Latvian State Roads.

WikiLeaks related cyberattacks to MasterCard and Paypal hacker arrested

Dutch prosecutors have arrested a 16-year-old hacker, suspected of participating in the cyberattacks to the international payment systems MasterCard and PayPal webpages, thus taking revenge for their refusal to service WikiLeaks.