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Wednesday 25.04.2018 | Name days: Līksma, Bārbala

Latvenergo export profit could exceed 50 million lats

Latvenergo has received government approval for its successful export activities. The head of External Communications Department Andris Siksnis pointed out that the Chairman of Latvenergo Board, Uldis Bariss, has forecasted that proceeds from shipment business in 2010 could exceed 50 million lats.

Clothing prices will increase due to flooding in Pakistan

Due to the ongoing flooding in Pakistan, clothing and bedclothes might become more expensive. Textile manufacturers around the world are anticipating a new rise in cotton prices, because the severe flooding has significantly affected Pakistan’s cotton industry.

Swedish government promises to cut taxes

The coalition parties in the government of Sweden will focus more on the issues in relation to employment, income tax and the restaurant service tax reduction.

Politicians promise not to introduce rapid changes in pension system

The representatives of Saeima Committee of Social and Labour Affairs console that rapid changes in pension system will not be introduced. The Chairperson of Saeima Committee of Social and Labour Affairs, Aija Barca (Aija Barča), from political party ZZS, points out that «changes should take place only after discussions, as pensioners and working people should be consulted».

Struggle for influence could paralyze IMF work

The clash for influence between countries threatens to paralyse the work of International Monetary Fund (IMF), if US and Europe are not able to reach an agreement on how to pass on greater influence to growing economies in the nearest future.

Amount of leasing debtors decreases

The loss of leasing companies from alienated cars is decreasing, the amount of debtor-cars available in the market is also shrinking, therefore the leasing market is shifting to providing its services to corporate clients.

Russia's Putin shoots darts at gray whale

Russia’s prime Minister Vladimir Putin has added gray whales to the list of endangered species he has personally helped Russian scientists track.

Sleep tight if your deposits do not exceed 100 thousand euros

One can sleep calmly only if the volume of deposits in a single bank does not exceed 100 thousand euros (around 70.3 thousand lats), because it is the amount that the government plans to guarantee for each depositor - physical or legal person.

SEB: policy purchasers want to risk

The chairman of enterprise SEB dzīvības apdrošināšana, Ints Krasts, informs that, according to the observations of the first half of 2010, there is a tendency that shows that investors are prepared to take greater risks with the aim to earn more with long-term investments.

Google-Skype's new competitor

Google has stepped into competition with Skype, as starting from August 26, Google Gmail users can also use the feature of calling each other directly from an email.

Dombrovskis: there might be second wave of global crisis

The world might experience a second wave of crisis, which Latvia could not avoid, given that its economy depends on the economic processes in the world.

Saab’s owner Spyker burdened by debts

Dutch car manufacturer Spyker, which has bought the enterprise Saab from US auto giant General Motors in January, is now facing financial hardships, namely, the company has more liabilities than assets.

Nordea: the recovery of domestic demand will enable moderate rise of GDP

On a quarterly basis, a slight growth in Latvia’s economy will remain until the end of the year, although, overall, compared to last year, a small economic decline will remain. However, already in year 2011-2012 the recovery of domestic demand will facilitate moderate growth of gross domestic product (GDP).

Loan portfolio has decreased by 12% since 2008

In October 2008 the total volume of the Bank of Latvia's given loans reached its highest point of 16.78 billion lats. Whereas in comparison with the end of July of the present year, the amount of loans given mainly to households and enterprises has dropped by 1.98 billion lats, which is 11.8%.

Dalderis: the allocation of funds for Arts should be non-political

The Minister for Culture Ints Dalderis (Ints Dālderis) is of the opinion that the executives of national theatres and cultural institutions shouldn’t seek sources of funding in political circles.

Ministry of Education and Science violates the Constitution by not providing free education

Ministry of Education and Science (MES) is aware of the possible dissatisfaction of parents due to the range of expensive textbooks that they will have to purchase for school needs. «The parents could file a petition in the Constitutional Court,» informs the newspaper Diena.

LMT Internet average speed in 4G network is 20-100 Mb/s

The average speed of mobile Internet is 40–70 Mb/s, while the data transfer rate in fourth generation (4G) network is 20 – 100 Mb/s.

Liepājas metalurgs loss increases to 7.7 million lats

In the first half of the present year AS Liepājas metalurgs has worked with a loss of 7.7 million lats. The net turnover in the first half of the year has remained in the level of the exact period of the previous year.

Putin’s subordinates earn the highest wages in Russian State Administration

The aspirations of young Russians to work in state administration, and, especially, in Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s team, are propelled not only by the prestigious job position, but also by the payment. The data provided by Rosstat show that Putin’s employees are the most lavishly paid public servants of Russian State Administration.

Excise tax on natural gas postponed until June 30 next year

The amendments in the law «On Excise Tax» which exclude the application of excise tax on natural gas during the period from September 1 this year until June 30, 2011, were adopted by Saeima in the second and and the final reading.

Luzhkov supports increasing the range of Latvian goods in Moscow

Moscow Mayor stated in the press briefing that the sales of Latvian goods can be boosted in Russia’s capital city – Moscow.

Gazprom: the gas price will continue to rise

Natural gas prices will continue to grow and will reach the pre-crisis level by 2012.

Lithuania and Latvia are blamed for electric energy record price

The prices of electric energy in Nordic and Estonian joint electrical energy stock Nord Pool Spot reached a record price in 24, August, hitting 461.97 euros (324.67 lats) per megawatt hour.

China in competition with USA

China becoming the second leading country in the world economy, ahead of Japan, has led guesses that soon it will deprive the leadership from the USA.