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Tuesday 23.05.2017 | Name days: Leontīne, Ligija, Lonija, Leokādija

EP tells member states to speed up refugee resettlement; especially children

European Union member states have to fulfil their promises to resettle asylum seekers from Greece and Italy. This especially applies to children, as stated in European Parliament’s resolution approved 19 May.

Total costs of reconstruction of Mezaparks Grand Stage may reach EUR 77 million

The estimated costs for the reconstruction of Mezaparks Grand Stage may reach EUR 77 million, as announced by Riga City Council’s Property Department Direction Olegs Baburovs at the first meeting of the Song and Dance Celebration Council.

Greece passes further austerity measures to receive next bailout payment

The parliament of Greece has adopted a further set of austerity measures, which are necessary to ensure the next bailout instalment worth several billion euros.

Car in New York drives onto twenty-three pedestrians

In New York, the U.S., a car has driven along the pavement onto pedestrians, killing one and injuring 22 people.

Summer-like weather expected on weekends; air temperature to reach +28° C

With much warmer masses of air flowing in from the west, Latvia will experience truly summer-like weather on 19 – 20 May, when air temperature will rise to +23° C… +26° C. In southern parts of Latvia, air temperature will even reach +27° C… +28° C, as reported by the State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Latvian companies will be able to export halal products to United Arab Emirates

Latvian Agriculture Ministry has signed a memorandum with United Arab Emirates International Accreditation Centre to contribute to both countries’ cooperation in certification of halal products and accreditation of institutions, the ministry reports.

Lithuania set to clamp down on alcohol sales, booze buyers’ habits

The news from the World Health Organisation could not have come worse to all the opponents of the ruling Peasants and Greens Party’s sweeping plans to enforce a lot tougher alcohol consumption regulation in the country.

SA points to flaws in state institutions’ accounting and use of funding

Concluding its audits for last year, Latvia’s State Audit views the quality of financial accounts as generally stable. The compliance of budget use for certain goals, on the other hand, is lagging – several million euros have been spent on inappropriately planned objectives.

Men in Latvia: natural beauty is best for women

To find out the opinions of men and women in Latvia about true beauty and its importance, Dove organized a survey, as BNN was informed. Dove brand manager Kertu-Kai Põldvere says that with current beauty standards, it is becoming harder and harder to assess true beauty.

May 18 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

EM: Russia was Latvia’s fourth largest external trade partner last year

Last year, Russia was Latvia’s fourth largest external trade partner. Investment-wise, Russia was on the second place in terms of direct investments in Latvia, as reported by the Latvian-Russian regional cooperation group at a meeting in Pleskava.

Number of passengers carried by airBaltic grows 26%

In April, Latvian airline airBaltic carried 287,560 passengers to destinations in Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, CIS and the Middle East. This is a 26% increase when compared with last year, as BNN was informed by the airline.

Meroni: Lembergs has caused losses for Latvia worth more than EUR 500 million

«Aivars Lembergs has caused loses worth more than EUR 500 million to Latvia’s entrepreneurship and especially Latvia in the past ten years,» Swiss lawyers Rudolph Meroni told TVNet in an interview.

Government simplifies conditions for attraction of qualified specialists from abroad

The lack of highly-qualified specialists, which is currently noted in a number of companies across Latvia, especially in processing industry and ICT, limits Latvia’s economic growth, rise of productivity and attraction of investments and with that the creation of well-paid jobs, BNN was informed by Economy Ministry.

Seeing rising demand for pork, Estonian factory invests EUR 5 million

Meat processing firm in Estonia, Nõo Lihatööstus with its produce visible in supermarkets across the Baltics, has launched its new meat cutting facility that required an investment worth over five million euros.

Deputies say cash register reform is pointless and outdated

Deputies say the cash register reform currently being realized by Latvia’s Finance Ministry is already outdated. It technical solutions were developed at the end of the 20th century and were first introduced in Sweden ten years ago, as reported by Latvian Traders Association.

Expert taxpayers in Estonia suggest abandoning changes in taxation

NGO Estonian Taxpayers Association has released the assessment that the tax reforms carried out and planned by the current Estonian government are set to adversely affect Estonian economy.

13.6% less diesel fuel was imported to Latvia than last year

The volume of motor fuel imported to Latvia in the first three months has declined 11.1% in comparison with the same period of 2016. The volume of diesel fuel imported to Latvia was 13.6% below last year’s period.

Nearly a quarter of Latvia’s residents have very poor knowledge about blood pressure

23% of Latvia’s residents admit having very poor or no knowledge whatsoever about blood pressure. More than half of residents admit having only basic knowledge. Should the need for such information arise, 36% of residents look for it on the internet, according to results of a survey by Euroaptieka and patient association.

Greek general strike unites range of professions to protest against increased austerity

A general strike in Greece has seen thousands of workers from a range of professions walk out in streets against new government funding cuts.

Fiscal Discipline Council concerned about budget’s planned budget deficit

Fiscal Discipline Council supports the goal to improve the tax system. Nevertheless, the institution is concerned about the planned budget deficit level, BNN was told by representatives of the council.

Putin offers sending record of disputed Trump-Russian diplomats’ meeting

Engaging in the series of political scandals surrounding U.S. President Donald Trump and his possible ties with Moscow, Russian President has offered releasing record of a key meeting.

EM: Latvia’s use of electricity connections becomes more effective

Latvian Economy Ministry has concluded that review of electricity transmission system’s tariffs and balancing of said tariffs has helped reach the desired goal – motivate a large number of users to reconsider the power output of their electricity connections and reject maintenance of unjustifiably high or unused connections.

Vinkele: a poorly planned school network would lead us into a dead end

«We are all hostages of the situation that will surface as a result of a poorly planned school network. Our children are hostages because they are unable to receive quality education, and this puts at risk not just their but also the country’s future,» said chairperson of Saeima’s Education, Culture and Science Committee Ilze Vinkele.

Chinese tourism platform Alitrip to promote Latvia’s tourism and business opportunities

To ensure recognition on the Chinese market, as well as help develop multi-sided cooperation in tourism, Latvian Investments and Development Agency and Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group’s tourism platform Alitrip have signed an agreement for cooperation.

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