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Monday 18.12.2017 | Name days: Klinta, Kristaps, Kristofers, Krists

Polish national dies as helicopter crashes in Latvia

During Rally Liepāja in Western Latvia a helicopter has crashed killing one person and injuring three others.

350,000 people attend Spanish unity demonstration in Barcelona

No less than 350,000 people have attended a pro-unity demonstration on Sunday, October 8, in Barcelona, capital of the separatist region of Catalonia voicing their support for the region’s unity with Spain.

German Chancellor agrees to limit immigration in government-building negotiations

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party the Christian Democrats has reached an agreement on immigration policy with its sister party the Christian Social Union, which pushes for a cap on immigration to Germany.

Week in Lithuania. Lithuanian, German ministers sign agreement on 1918 Independence Act

The foreign ministers of Lithuania and Germany signed in Berlin on Thursday, October 5, an agreement on handover of the February 16, 1918 Independence Act to Lithuania for five years.

Police: Tragic Saulkrasti explosion had force of 100 kgs of TNT

The explosion that blew up a residential house in Saulkrasti novads, where five people have been found dead, could have equalled the power of 100 kilograms of trinitrotoluene explosive, Latvian police evaluated.

School in Sigulda to use robots in learning process

For the improvement of the learning process at the Sigulda State Gymnasium, 15 STEM-type educational robots have been purchased.

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Tragic explosion in residential building in Saulkrasti novads

Fire-fighters in Latvia, have been called to Saulkrasti novads, where a residential building had crumbled after an explosion. Five dead people were found in the rubble.

Nobel Prize in literature to be awarded to Kazuo Ishiguro

The Nobel Prize in literature 2017 will be awarded to UK-based Japanese novelist, screenwriter and author of short stories Kazuo Ishiguro, announced the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences.

Spanish court bans Catalonian parliament from holding possible separation session

The Spanish Constitutional Court has aborted the Catalonian regional parliament’s sitting of Monday, October 9, during which the region’s separation from Spain could be declared as the court would such a move would breach the country’s constitution.

Heating to arrive in Riga flats this week

All Riga residential buildings administered by the city council’s SIA Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks can expect to have central heating by the end of the week.

EC slaps Lithuanian railways with heavy fine, Lithuania weighs response options

The European Commission imposed on this week a 27.87 million euro fine for the state-run company Lietuvos Geležinkeliai for restricting competition by dismantling a railway stretch between the town of Mažeikiai, where Poland’s oil refinery Orlen operates, and the Latvian border village of Renģe in 2008.

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UK situation with children of Latvian nationals has improved

Lately, the situation with the children of Latvian nationals in the UK has got better, stated Latvian Ambassador to the UK, Baiba Braže. The Ambassador acknowledged that the number of children taken away by British authorities from families of UK-based Latvian nationals has decreased and added that currently, local authorities are more active in informing the Latvian Embassy of such cases.

Person’s name conversion into Latvian – no infringement of privacy, Supreme Court rules

The Latvian Supreme Court has established that it has been correct for a lower instance court to reject an application to issue a document recognising that the foreign-language name of an applicant must be written in Latvian without endings and lengthening marks.

EC orders Amazon to pay 250 million euros after receiving unfair tax deal

The European Commission has ruled that the U.S. e-commerce giant Amazon has received large, unfair tax discounts in Luxembourg, while other businesses have not been granted such tax advantages.

Turkey jails scores for Erdoğan assassination plot

A court in Turkey punished 40 people with life imprisonment an attempt to assassinate the country's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2016, when part of the Turkish military attempted overthrow the ruling establishment.

Latvian farmers oppose the need to buy insurance for vehicle, if it's not used on road

Latvian farmers are opposed to the requirement backed by the Latvian government for owners to buy compulsory motor vehicle civil liability insurance also for vehicles that are not used in road traffic, says the board chairman of the Latvian Agricultural Organization Cooperation Council, Edgars Treibergs.

Minister doubts Riga transport company's ability to carry out its million-euro projects

«After a review of the information available to us, reasonable doubts have arisen about the ability of Rīgas Satiksme, the capital company of the Council of Riga, to carry out projects and manage funds it has been trusted with,» stated the Latvian Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Kaspars Gerhards.

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Fire-fighters: cats are animals getting most often into trouble

Latvian fire-fighters have in the first nine months of 2016 performed over 5 500 rescue operations and close to every seventh such a call, or 735 cases, have been from residents seeking help in saving animals in difficult situations, said the Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service.

Latvian government supports EUR 88 million more funding to road repairs

The Latvian government has backed allocating in the next three years additional 88.4 million euros to repairing roads, which in Latvian rural parts are often dangerously outdated.

France adopts strict law in its «war» against terrorism

The lower house of the French parliament has backed a new anti-terror law aimed at preventing frequent terrorist attacks in the country and to introduce permanent rules that would allow lifting its state of emergency first introduced after the Paris attacks of 2015.

Catalonia pledges to declare independence in week's time

The regional President of the Spanish region of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, has stated the region would declare independence in a matter of days, warning that the regional government would «act at the end of this week or the beginning of next».

Reduced VAT on fresh fruits, berries and vegetables gains government backing

The Latvian government has supported the introduction of a reduced value-added tax on fresh fruit, berries and vegetables, the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture announced on Tuesday, October 3.