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Wednesday 23.05.2018 | Name days: Leontīne, Ligija, Lonija, Leokādija

Special fee proposed to reduce number of risky offshore clients for banks

A special fee for risky transactions would help reduce the number of offshore clients for banks, said Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola after a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Russia investigates its army plane crash in Syria, death of over 30 people

The Russian Defence Ministry has stated that in Syria a Russian military transport plane has crashed taking the lives of over 30 people.

RB Rail CEO: someone is publicly defaming me; accusations of lobbying Latvia’s interests are baseless

While Lithuania actively expresses dissatisfaction with the work performed by the CEO of RB rail Baiba Rubesa, ‘the accused’ tells BNN that an active defamatory campaign is being realized against her. She says it all started with the news regarding the distrust Lithuanian and Estonian shareholders had voiced against her.

Baltics and five more EU members stand for finishing current EU reforms instead of starting new ones

Voicing their view of the Franco-German plans to reform the European Union, the Baltic states and five other northern EU members called on other partners to concentrate on finishing the banking union, enhancing compliance with budget rules and also on the establishment of the European Monetary Fund.

March 6 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

Volume of energy realized by Enefit in Latvia grew 15% in 2017

Enefit reached stable growth indexes in Latvia’s gas market in 2017, concluding the year with 23.5% growth of profits and an expanded customer portfolio.

Expert: no efforts to influence election system are expected for Latvia’s upcoming elections

Compared to attempts to hack the digital election systems in USA, France, Netherlands and Ukraine, no attempts to influence the system in Latvia are expected. This is largely because of the old-school approach to counting election results, says director of NATO Strategic Communication Excellence Center Jānis Sārts in an interview to Diena.

Minister: Riga City Council violated democratic principles – controversial rules should be cancelled

«Rules approved by Riga City Council violate democratic principles and do not comply with the Constitution of the Republic of Latvia. Because of that, changes are unsupportable. Restrictions do not allow deputies to fully participate in decision-making processes and represent the interests of their voters. Deputies in a democratic country have the right to ask as many questions as necessary, » says Latvia’s Environment Protection and Regional Development Minister Kaspars Gerhards.

In pictures: Destruction of Syrian war from inside besieged eastern Ghouta

BNN offers a new photo insight into the Syrian territory of eastern Ghouta, where several hundred thousand people have survived a bombardment campaign in February and which has been entered by a humanitarian aid convoy delivered by the Syrian Red Crescent on Monday, March 5.

Latvian companies use trademark protection options more and more often

The number of applications detailing national trademarks had increased considerably last year, reaching 1,798 in total. An increase has been observed in regards to national and international procedures, BNN was informed by the Patent Office's Intellectual Property Information Center.

Wild wolves become more visible in Estonia, but people said to be safe

In north-western Estonia, wolves have become more visible to human population and a dog owner in Pürksi village in Lääne County has said that his dog has been attacked by wolves.

Existence of Putin's presented future weapons questioned by Estonian military intelligence

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his recent pre-election speech presented innovative Russian-built weapons, but their existence has now been questioned by the head of the military intelligence battalion of Russia's neighbour Estonia.

Prosecutor General: investigation of Bank of Latvia governor’s case will not take years

«Currently there is no reason to believe that the investigation of the case involving the governor of the Bank of Latvia Ilmārs Rimšēvičs could take years,» said prosecutor general Ēriks Kalnmeiers in an interview to Dienas Bizness.

Latvian Economy Ministry revokes MPC permit for Rīgas enerģija

Economy Ministry has decided to revoke the mandatory procurement permit once provided to SIA Rīgas enerģija combined heat and power plant. It should be mentioned that this company is partially owned by Māris Martinsons’s family.

Merkel, having received Social Democrat backing, urges Germany to re-engage in EU politics

Acting German Chancellor Angela Merkel has evaluated that it is significant that a new government gets to work fast after the longest period of coalition-forming in Germany since Wold War II.

After Italian election, anti-establishment parties claim right to govern

After the Italian parliamentary election, the leaders of two anti-establishment parties have spoken of their right to rule in Italy.

FCMC receives ABLV Bank’s self-liquidation project

On Monday, 5 March, Finance and Capital Market Commission received ABLV Bank’s documents on self-liquidation. If no need arises to request additional documents, FCMC will review provided information in no more than 30 days.

Syrian rebel enclave entered by aid convoy, most medical supplies removed

In Syria, trucks with international humanitarian aid started to enter the large, besieged, rebel-held territory of eastern Ghouta on Monday, March 5; however, most vital medical have been supplies have been removed from the convoy and Syrian government forces are set continue their assault on the territory.

First Baltic fin-tech accelerator opens up

Swedbank headquarters in Riga has become the home for B2B accelerator Startup Wise Guys start-up support programme. Nine start-ups from nine corners of the world were picked from 80 contenders, as reported by Swedbank representatives.

March 5 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

Career of FCMC head traced back to companies associated with Lembergs

Career of the head of Latvia’s Finance Capital and Market Commission Pēters Putniņš can be traced back to businesses that were partially owned by the now suspended mayor of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs. He has also crossed paths with the owner of a company involved in Winergy case Andris Linuž.

Average housing costs in Latvia declined by a mere two euros in 2017

In 2017, housing costs in Latvia constituted EUR 138 a month. Over the last two years, housing costs almost have not changed. Last year, households spent on average 13.5 % of their disposable income on housing.

Skycop: airline worker strikes are becoming a serious problem

Last year, airline workers’ strikes had put at least 400,000 travellers in an inconvenient situation. Experts predict that because of the unstable financial situation of different European airlines, strikes will become an even bigger problem in the future.

Driven by wood products, Estonian industrial production grows by eight percent in year

The production of Estonian industrial companies has between January 2017 and January 2018 grown by eight percent, as estimated by Estonian statisticians.

Opinion: decline of high-risk clients in Latvia’s banking sector will speed up soon

Considering recent developments in Latvia’s financial sector, the decline of high-risk clients in the country’s banking sector will become more rapid soon, said chairman of Citadele Bank’s board and Association of Latvian Commercial Banks Guntis Beļavskis.