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Friday 15.12.2017 | Name days: Jana, Johanna, Hanna

Latvia to send one more civil expert to Ukraine as part of OSCE mission

Latvia’s government has decided to send one more civil expert to Ukraine as part of the special monitoring mission performed by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe there, as confirmed by Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Latvian government plans to improve state of fish resources in country’s waters

The government in Latvia has supported Agriculture Ministry’s report on increased subsidies from state budget for Fish Foundation. This report was prepared to make the use of state budget subsidies for achieving goals detailed in the Fisheries Law more efficient, as well as to improve the state of fish resources in the country’s waters.

Special information system for investors to be formed in Latvia

To help promote Latvia’s competitiveness in foreign markets and attract more direct foreign and local investments and increase the level of awareness of local and foreign investors, Latvia’s Cabinet of Ministers approved the formation of a new Export and Investment Information System.

December 5 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

Riga International Airport’s turnover reaches 40.5 million euros in 2017

Net turnover of Riga International Airport reached EUR 40.5 million in nine months of 2017, according to data from the airport’s unaudited account for the nine-month period of 2017.

National Security Committee member Tutins denied access to official secrets

Saeima deputy and member of the National Security Committee Jānis Tutins has been denied access to official secrets, as confirmed by the politician.

Latvian authorities close down two illegal game meat production companies

Food and Veterinary Service, in cooperation with State Police Economic Crimes Prevention Office, has uncovered and closed down two illegal meat-processing companies that produced and realized canned game meat products in unsanitary conditions.

CSB: nearly half of adults are engaged in life-long learning

In 2016 almost half or 47.5 % of Latvian adults aged 25–64 participated in formal and/or non-formal education, 36.7 % of whom did so in relation to their work. Last year, population participation in learning activities has grown notably – by 15.2 percentage points over the past five years.

Latvian road association hopes politicians are tired of their indecisiveness

«There is no money, roads continue getting worse, residents continue getting more and more dissatisfied, politicians continue promising, and all this seems a bit like an old and boring film that is shown again and again,» says chairman of Latvijas Ceļu būvētājs Andris Bērziņš.

Survey: Vējoņis’ work is viewed positively by more than 60% of Latvians

More than 60% of Latvia residents view the work performed by Latvian President Raimonds Vējoņis positively, as reported by Diena with reference to the latest data from SKDS.

JKP: MPC regulations and licence-issuing principles need to change

The New Conservative Party proposes changing mandatory procurement component regulations and introducing strict licence-issuing principles, because the existing system allows for situations when green energy production is performed only on paper, explains JKP chairman Jānis Bordāns.

Portugal’s finance minister becomes the new president of Eurogroup

On Monday, 4 December, Portugal’s Finance Minister Mario Centeno was elected as the new president of Eurogroup. Latvian Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola decided to withdraw her candidacy after the first vote.

Study shows regular Vitamin D intake reduces risk of illness by 50%

By consuming Vitamin D sufficiently and on a regular basis can help reduce the risk of upper respiratory diseases by 50%. Everyday consumption of Vitamin D also helps protect people from the common cold, which is typical for autumn and winter months, as noted in a study performed by British National Health Service.

Contributions to third level pension fund plans reaches new record high peak

Residents’ interest for pension savings continues increasing – the size of contributions made to different private pension plans in nine months of 2017 reached a new historic peak, according to a report from the Finance and Capital Market Commission.

In pictures: Thousands of Santa Clauses flock to Italian rally

In Italy, the eight edition of the Santa Claus charity rally in Turin has been held attracting thousands of mysterious people in red and white.

Minister considers merging two large state hospitals in Latvia

There is no specific plan for a possible merge between Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital and P.Stradins Clinical University Hospital, but he thought is in consideration, says Latvian Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša.

December 4 in pictures

BNN offers you to take a look at topical, interesting and simply beautiful pictures of the day.

CC allows Virši-A network to expand with three new petrol stations

The Competition Council has decided to permit Virši-A and its associated SIA Viršu nekustamie īpašumi to purchase two petrol stations from Latvian Real Estate Agency in Riga and one in Bauska, BNN was informed by the council.

Industrial production output up 5.4% in Latvia in October

Compared to October 2016, industrial production output increased by 5.4 % in October 2017. Production output rise was recorded in manufacturing (of 5.9 %), mining and quarrying (10.7 %) and electricity and gas supply (3 %).

Zatlers: Rīdzene talks are authentic; Šlesers had an informer in KNAB

The talks recorded in Rīdzene Hotel are authentic. In addition, then the politician Ainārs Šlesers had mentioned that he had an informer in Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, said ex-president of Latvia Valdis Zatlers during a meeting of the parliamentary investigative committee.

Ergo pays 2.4 million euros in Lithuania for damages caused by swine fever

Insurance company Ergo has paid EUR 2.4 million to a farm in Lithuania to cover losses from putting down 24,000 pigs because of swine fever. This is the largest insurance claim paid by Ergo to cover losses in agriculture in Baltic States in the past couple of years, BNN was told by Ergo.

Estonia urges banks to make lightning-speed payments available to their clients

Bank of Estonia has urged other lenders to follow SEB in introducing the new international inter-bank payment system of instant payments and to make the system available to their clients within a year.

Kučinskis: next year will start with a very complicated process in the parliament

With elections coming up, there are concerns about a possible wave of populist proposals, said Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis in an interview to Diena. The prime minister believes the next year will start with a very complicated process in the parliament.

Across Baltic, gross average wage – up over 7%

The gross average wage per month in quarter three of 2017 has on year increased by over 7% in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, national statisticians in the three Baltic republics have estimated.

De Facto: Ventspils Olympic Centre plans to optimize taxes

It seems Ventspils municipality has come up with a way to help Ventspils Olympic Centre avoid paying corporate income tax. Next year, the centre will have to pay tax as part of the athletes support programme, as reported by De Facto programme of LTV.