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Sunday 19.11.2017 | Name days: Liza, Līze, Elizabete, Betija

Saeima committee supports next year’s budget project for final reading

Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee supported the next year’s budget project, siding mainly with the government’s decisions in funding matters.

Bad weather impacted ice cream sales in Latvia

Because of bad weather, ice cream sales in summer had declined in comparison with the previous year, as admitted by interviewed Latvian ice cream producers.

Former official: part of education reforms will likely end up politically delayed

Education and Science Ministry currently lacks the capacity to complete all of its planned reforms. In addition, some of those reforms will likely end up politically delayed, former director of the ministry’s Education Department and deputy state secretary Evija Papule told Latvijas Avīze.

Ašeradens admits the need to change Unity’s operational model

Unity’s chairman and Latvia’s Economy Minister Arvils Ašeradens see no reason to recall and reform Unity’s Saeima faction, as requested by Kustības Par! members. He does admit, however, that it is necessary to change the party’s operational model.

Unemployment in Latvia remained unchanged in October – 6.6%

In October 2017, unemployment in Latvia remained unchanged – 6.6%, according to information compiled by the State Employment Agency.

Kariņš: new electricity subsidies under Vējoņis’ fold mean «milking people»

The initial version of the legislative project prepared by the Energy Security Commission formed by Latvian President Vējoņis goes against already existing legislative drafts about the structure of Europe’s electricity market and have nothing more in store than «milking the nation», says MEP Krišjānis Kariņš.

Reuters: Poland’s largest bank PKO offers to purchase Luminor

Poland’s largest bank – PKO Bank Polski – has voiced a proposal to purchase Luminor bank, which was formed last month by Swedish Nordea bank and Norwegian DNB bank, as reported Reuters with reference to two anonymous sources.

NATO defence ministers support formation of two new command structures

NATO defence ministers support the proposal for the formation of two new command structures. One would be responsible for sea route safety for troop and military vehicle transports between North America and Europe. The other one will coordinate movements of military forces within Europe.

Augulis: there are approximately 4,000 km of unused roads in Latvia

There are approximately 4,000 km of roads in Latvia that are practically unused for transport, said Latvian Transport Minister Uldis Augulis in an interview to 900 seconds programme to LNT on 9 November.

Proposal to raise minimal wages in Latgale by only EUR 20 gets rejected

On Wednesday, 8 November, Saeima’s Parliamentary Inquiry Committee decided to decline a request submitted by opposition deputies, in which it is proposed to cancel the initiative to raise minimal wages in Latgale or at least make sure it does not exceed EUR 20 annually because of the difficult position businessmen are in.

Kučinskis: adoption process should be sped up for families

Currently there are hundreds of families waiting to adopt children. This process should be sped up, says Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis.

«Lembergs factor» impedes finance minister’s chances of becoming Eurogroup’s president

Because of «Lembergs factor», Latvian Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola’s chances of becoming president of European Union’s Council of Finance Ministers or Eurogroup are very low, says President of European Movement – Latvia Andris Gobiņš.

Latvian government decided against merging LMT and Lattelecom

On Tuesday, 7 November, Latvian government decided not to support the merge between Latvijas Mobilais telefons and Lattelecom.

Much remains unclear about attraction of highly-qualified labour force from abroad

The Cabinet of Ministers Committee has decided to continue discussions about Economy Ministry’s plan for attracting highly qualified labour force from abroad. It was mentioned at the meeting that it is necessary to look for solutions for attracting low qualified labour force as well.

Salmiņš mentions Šķēle, Lembergs and Šlesers in relation to influence on Diena

During a meeting of the Oligarch case parliamentary investigation committee, former manager of Diena Uldis Salmiņš mentioned former politicians Andris Šķēle and Ainārs Šlesers, as well as infamous Ventspils politician Aivars Lembergs.

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