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Ceturtdiena 17.04.2014 | Name days: Rūdolfs, Viviāna, Rūdis

British employers: foreigners are hard-working, locals are lazy and have scary tattoos

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUMany British employers prefer to hire foreigners, because they are hard-working and responsible, while locals are lazy, have scary tattoos, often big-headed and would much rather live off benefits, as it was revealed in a recent survey by Daily Mail.

With the expected opening of borders for migrant workers from Romania and Bulgaria next January, British authorities are concerned about a possible tidal wave of migrants entering the country.

Even though it is popular belief in Britain that Eastern European migrants steal jobs that would otherwise be taken by locals, a number of employees have told Daily Mail that it is rather difficult to find responsible and hard-working employees among locals.

Alison Andrew, Managing Director of ASAP Recruitment says: ‘I started recruiting foreign workers over a decade ago when I got a huge contract to supply employees for a supermarket trolley factory and I just couldn’t find the staff’.

‘I used to telephone British workers with a job and tell them where and at what time to wait for a minibus to pick them up. They’d promise to be there — but then they just wouldn’t show up. It was unbelievably frustrating. On more than one occasion, I’ve actually driven to workers’ houses to try to round them up,’ – she says. ‘Invariably, when I got there, they’d be full of excuses for why they couldn’t work that day. I’ve heard everything from “I don’t feel well” to “My grandma’s ill” or even “My goldfish is sick”,’ – she said, adding that the unreliability of British workers had ruined her business.

When the next big order was acquired, Andrew decided to employ a different approach – turn to a successful foreign recruiter to hire foreign workers.

‘the next day workers from East Timor filed off the bus on time. Even the bus driver offered to do a shift,’ – she told Daily Mail. ‘I was gobsmacked by how much easier it was to find good workers if I looked abroad.

I started to actively seek out foreign workers myself by advertising on websites in other countries,’ – Adrew said. Her company regularly hires workers from Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.

‘The difference between British and foreign workers is that ours are used to the benefits system. It’s a trap. Britons don’t think working is worth their while if they are only, say, £20 better off than if they do nothing,’ – she explained.

Some British people are unable to get up in time and dress appropriately. ‘I’ve had UK workers turn up at food factories with tongue and eyebrow piercings, and have tantrums when they are asked to remove them. They get in strops, moan that they don’t like the job, and walk out.

Elsewhere in Europe, people have learnt to fight for the jobs that are there. They study harder and have a better attitude. We have a ‘Made in England’ kitemark that is known all over the world, but we don’t turn out young people fit to do the work,’ – Andrew notes.

One-third of all persons employed by Pimlico Plumbers are foreigners – Eastern Europeans, Australians, New Zealanders and Africans. Owner of the company – Charlie Mullins – says that many potential British employees often come to attend a job interview so they can tick the box and fulfil the criteria for their Jobseeker’s Allowance. ‘They turn up late, dressed scruffily, with a couldn’t-care-less attitude. They sit there and you can just tell they’ve no interest whatsoever in the job,’ – Mullins said. He recalls some young man who would always ask if he could go home early. When asked for the reason he wants to go home early, he would reply: ‘I just do’. He was dismissed two weeks later. ‘By comparison, foreign workers are grateful they have a job to go to. They don’t make excuses, and they’re prepared to put themselves out. We pay them exactly the same: a plumber with us earns upwards from £40 an hour, a heating engineer from £65. They pay the same National Insurance and tax as a UK worker,’ – he adds.

‘Without foreign workers, we wouldn’t have our business — we would have been forced to close down a long time ago,’ – says the owner of The Queensberry Hotel Lawrence Beere. Out of 36 employees of this hotel 19 are foreigners – citizens of Spain, France, Poland and Lithuania.

According to Beere, foreign workers may not be more efficient than the British, but they have much better work ethic. ‘You hear lots of British people complaining that foreigners steal their jobs — but they aren’t even prepared to go two hours out of their way to look for work. The foreign employees I’ve met have given up everything to work,’ – Beere said.


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    Utter Rubbish!

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