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Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Festival «Young Music»

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUBNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week between April 20 and 26.

April 20-26:

«The Art in Old Lithuanian Manors», Vilnius Town Hall (Didžioji st. 31, Vilnius);

As this year international visual arts festival «The Art in Old Lithuanian Manors» starts its eighth season, the works of painters Giedra Purlytė and Jūratė Mitalienė wil lure one with artistic mystery and very personal observations.

In exhibition «Her visions» painter Giedra Purlytė plays with light and shades. «Their relation and interaction with the colour form the object of my observation and artistic mystery, which I am trying to solve. A yarning to paint originates from a wish to hide oneself in the room, full of the light of longing, to sharpen the blades of gentleness, by touching the surface of the canvass with a brush in a gentle and quiet way so that I do not scare anyone,» says G. Purlytė.

April 21-26, 9pm

Festival «Young Music», various Vilnius venues;

Since 1992 Lithuanian Composer Union has been organizing festival Young music which presents the audience with the most recent awards in the art of music and projects. From 2002 Young music particularly focuses on electronic and electro-acoustic music, with having an aim to introduce the novelties in this field to Lithuanian audience of various ages. By organizing the concerts of foreign countries performers, Lithuanian Composer Union communicates with various institutions of relevant countries – cultural centres, embassies, foreign funds and other organizations.

A distinct feature of the program of festival Young Music this year is a concert is given by William Basinski (USA), an artist of sound. He is seen as a cult figure on international stage of ambient music. His music stylistics is distinguished by a subtle and purified atmospherics and light, fragile and poetic minimalism. It is meant for enjoying the time, enveloped by monotony, as if being covered by a shield, made from silk.

April 21, 23, 24

International Music Festival «Sugrįžimai» (Comebacks), various Vilnius venues;

In bid to make gifted young people who chose music studies abroad come back, the Lithuanian Musician Support Fund is wrapping up the annual International Music Festival «Sugrįžimai», (Comeback).

This year, the festival is held for the 17th time.

April 22, 7pm

Concert to mark the 70th anniversary of the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts ; Lithuanian National Philharmonic (Aušros Vartų st. 5, Vilnius);

The National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts, the smithy of talented artists, celebrates its 70th anniversary. It has educated the great majority of acclaimed Lithuanian musicians, artists and ballet dancers. Representing the School on various scenes the Symphony Orchestra has been a steppingstone for many musicians pursuing their careers in the world’s major orchestras. Soloists to be performing on April 22 are the winners of international competitions for whom the appearance with the Orchestra is not only a sign of recognition but also a strong motivation for further aspirations. Under the leadership of Martynas Staškus the Orchestra focuses on classical opuses inculcating with precision and balance.

April 23-26:

PIN Day: Culture Marathon Kablys 2015; (Cultural Bar«Kablys», Kauno st. 5/2, Vilnius)

The Culture Marathon of Young Creators is going to be organised already for the second year in Lithuania, in which the creators from different fields participate. Last year designers from Vilnius Art Academy (VDA), young theatre and film directors from Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy (LMTA) and many musicians took their debut among other participators in the culture marathon.

PIN Day – on April 26- is going to be celebrated in the whole world for the fifteenth time this year. On this day, in 1970 the establishment agreement of World Intellectual Property Organisation was signed. This organisation aims at celebrating creativity and evaluating the importance of intellectual works in our daily life. Intellectual property surrounds us every day – no matter where we go or do. It is not only an electrical lamp which we switch on when we wake up, but it is also music in our telephone, films in our computers, dance and performance in theatre and a collection of clothes, demonstrated on the catwalk. It is a result of human‘s spiritual creation and intellectual work.

April 23, 6 pm

Polish Animation Evening «The Best of O!PLA 2015»; (        Lithuanian Filmmakers Union, Vasario 16-osios st. 13, Vilnius

The International Animation Festival «Tindirindis» invites one to a Polish Animation Evening which will present 15 short films for adults, chosen by Polish viewers and awarded with Golden, Silver and Bronze prizes (Tobołek Koziołka Matołka). It will be the 2nd Polish Animation Festival O!PLA.

After screening one will have an excellent opportunity to meet the initiator and the main organiser of O!PLA Festival Piotr Kardas, the Director of Animation Across Borders. Partner of the event is Polish Institute in Vilnius.

April 24, 7 pm

Bards in between the Stars: Andrius Kaniava; Planetarium (Konstitucijos pr. 12A, Vilnius);

For fans of not only the theatre but sung poetry as well, actor Andrius Kaniava needs no introduction. Always radiating positive energy and spoiling the onlookers with his great songs, like a magnet he draws everyone who is impartial to live sounds and the live word. This time he will offer us a pleasant evening, in some way similar to his earlier concerts, but subtly different.

April 24, 6pm

Critical mass bicycling; start and finish at Vilnius Cathedral (Gediminas ave. 1, Vilnius);

Critical mass bike riding takes place in Vilnius each month’s last Friday night and aims to exhibit all- especially car drivers – that the bike is an excellent means of transportation and leisure;

April 25, 11 am

Chocolate Tasting (Educational tour); Pramonės st. 21, Parapijoniškių village, Rudamina, Vilnius Region;

The manufacturer is internationally awarded and is said to be the only such type manufacturer in North Eastern Europe, where chocolate production starts from its beginning – cocoa beans. The tour involves step- by- step journey from cocoa bean to chocolate bar, a lecturer on history of chocolate, smell training, experiments in chocolate laboratory and a lot more.

April 24, 3pm

Parade devoted to Kaunas firefighting 200th anniversary. Start at Kaunas Aviation Museum;

April 24, 9 pm

Latin Night Party; «Check in» Bar, Bružė st. 2, Klaipėda

Live Latina music, vivid stage and sexy-clad dancers will be entertaining the onlookers to the best Latin rhythms.

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Air temperature in Latvia to remain mostly positive throughout the week

On Monday, 19 March, weather in Latvia will change, as a low atmospheric pressure area together with an atmospheric front will approach the country from the north. The day will be sunny for the most part, but the amount of clouds will increase as hours go by, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

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