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Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. «Sugrįžimai» festival of musicians with international education

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUBNN offers you a selection of cultural events in Lithuania for the week between April 7 and April 12.

April 10- 12:

March 11, 1990; Exhibition Awards of the Restored Independent Lithuania; National Museum of Lithuania (Arsenalo st. 1, Vilnius)

This year, Lithuania commemorates the 25th anniversary of restoration of the independence. The exhibition introduces an array of the awards of the restored state of Lithuania: the medals of Vytautas the Great, Vytis‘ Cross, The Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas, The Cross of Saving the Perished, The Volunteer Soldiers and Initiators of Lithuanian Army, Lithuanian Independence, medals for Commemoration of January 13 and the medals of Darius and Girėnas, The Star of Riflemen and the medal of The Star of Riflemen, the award substitutes, diplomas and certificates.

The other part of the exhibition exhibits a collection of departmental awards and insignias from the Defence Ministry, Ministry of The Interior and its subunits – Police Department, Fire and Rescue Department as well as rewards to the best athletes.

April 8-9 (6pm), 12 (2pm)

International Music Festival «Sugrįžimai» (Comebacks), various Vilnius venues;

In bid to make gifted young people who chose music studies abroad come back, the Lithuanian Musician Support Fund has been organizing the annual International Music Festival «Sugrįžimai», (Comeback).

This year, the festival is held for the 17th time.

April 9, 7pm

Recital of a Single Composition; the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania (Katedros sq. 3, Vilnius);

Recital of a Single Composition is a creative journey by Egidijus Buožys, a well-known pianist and disseminator and teacher of jazz music in Lithuania and beyond. The recital program constitutes a single innovative and unique composition: E. Buožis leads the listener via the various jazz evolution paths – from classical jazz chords, leitmotifs of classic opuses to spontaneous authorial strokes and fragments of his own work.

April 10-11, 6.30 pm

Bolero; Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre (A.Vienuolio st.1, Vilnius)

Choreographer Martynas Rimeikis; designer Marius Jacovskis; music by Maurice Ravel; choreography and concept of scenography by Krzysztof Pastor; costume designer Marta Fiedler; lighting designer Levas Kleinas;

music director and conductor Modestas Barkauskas

The genre of one-act ballet was popular already in the beginning of the 20th century and is still flourishing on different stages around the world. Honouring this branch of art, LNOBT has previously presented to the public exceptional one-act ballets. This time the theatre is inviting to the premiere of three ballets, choreographed by Krzysztof Pastor, who is well known to the Lithuanian theatregoers, Itzik Galili, a choreographer of the Jewish descent, and newcomer Martynas Rimeikis, whose first full-length one-act ballet shall mark his debut as a choreographer.

April 10, 7pm

In Search of New Planets; Planetarium (Konstitucijos ave. 12A, Vilnius);

On April 10, a bright spring-like concert is waiting for you in the Planetarium t be given by a charismatic performer Andrius Zalieska, known for the audience as Zala. Surrounded by celestial bodies the singer and songwriter promises a concert of his most beautiful songs and invites everyone to dive together into the music and image therapy during the concert «In Search of New Planets». The talented guitarist Aurimas Driukas and flute virtuoso Vaida Skardžiuvienė will perform along with Zala on stage.

April 11, 6pm

Young Virtuosos; Vilnius Picture Gallery (Didžioji st. 4, Vilnius)

That evening a flock of Western European composers is going to find their way into the hearts of the spring-disposed listeners. The beauty of the blossoms of emotional, melodic and unforgettable music is going to be spread by the performers of the young generation of Lithuanians – violin player Julija Ivanovaitė, cellist Deividas Dumčius and piano player Eglė Kižytė-Ramonienė.

April 12, noon

The winners of Sion Festival Duo Competition (Lithuanian National Philharmonic, Aušros Vartų st. 5, Vilnius)

The Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra shares the stage with Matteo Cimatti and Maxime Valentin Trechsel, the winners (first prize in youth category) of A Feast of Duos, which took place in Sion, Switzerland in summer 2014. Even though violinist Matteo is only a fourteen-year-old, he is a winner of a number of competitions, has honed his skills under the tutelage of renowned performers. The fifteen-years-old pianist Maxime is also acquainted with the taste of victory. The musicians started performing as a duo in spring 2014; they also are the members of Trio Amerigo Vespucchi. They both study at the music school in Florence, Italy; Matteo also is a student of Sion Conservatoire. The Duo presents the gems of Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and Haydn.

April 7-12:

Three centuries of fashion, Museum of Applied Arts, Arsenalo st. 3A, Vilnius;

The King of France Louis XIV quipped that fashion was a «mirror of history». This description of fashion as a unique social and artistic expression has not aged in over three centuries. Through his new exhibition spanning the period from the 1740s to 1960s, Alexandre Vassiliev attempts to answer the question, what drives men and women to constantly change their attire and accessories throughout history?

April 12, noon

Flea Market; Dance Bar (Šermukšnių st. 4A, Vilnius)

Flea market is a place trading in personal used things: clothes, accessories, household utensils, interior details, toys, books and many others. Also here one can find unique handmade articles. The traders of the flea market usually do not seek profit and the visitors come to watch the things and to communicate, to have a great time and to acquire original items.

April 8-12:

XXIV International Young Musician Festival «Kaunas 2015» (Kaunas Philharmony, Kaunas)

The opening concert will take place on April 8, 6pm with Antonija Grigaliūtė as piano player, Eglė Andriuškevičiūtė as royal player, Rokas Makštutis as clarinettist and a couple of talented fiddle players among them. The best works by A. Rowley, B. Dvarionas, C. Stamitz , N. Rimskij-Korsakov and some other music writers will be played.

April 11, 6.30

Musical«Kaip prasisukti versle be didelio vargo» («How to make it in business without big trouble») in Klaipėda valstybinis muzikinis teatras (Klaipėda State Musical Theatre);

A two- action musical; music and songs by Frank Loesser.

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Party calls for extraordinary meeting of Riga City Council’s Transport Committee

To invite officials to explain the illegal decision in regards to the mutual agreement between Rīgas satiksme’s and Rīgas mikroautobusu satiksme’s, political party For Latvia’s Development urges opposition factions of Riga City Council to call an extraordinary meeting of the Transport Committee, as confirmed by the party.

Meteorologists warn about -25° C frost in Latvia in March

Global Forecast System predicts a possibility of -25° C frost in Latvia’s eastern parts at the beginning of March.

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