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Tuesday 28.03.2017 | Name days: Ginta, Gunda, Gunta

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Horse Race on Sartai Lake

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Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUBNN offers you a selection of cultural events in Lithuania for the week during February 1 and February 7

February 3, 6.30 pm:

Ballet «The Snow Queen» («Sniego karalienė»), Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre (, Vienuolio St. 1, Vilnius;

Ballet in three acts; S. Prokofiev’s music, arranged by Julian Philips, choreographer and director Michael Corder (UK), music director and conductor Martynas Staškus, conductor Alvydas Šulčys, designer Mark Bailey (UK);lighting designer Paul Pyant (UK);

February 3-7, 6 pm:

French Film Festival «Žiemos ekranai» («Ecrans D’Hiver», «Screens of Winter») (, Kaunas Cinema Centre (, Laisvės al., Kaunas;

One is invited to come and to see the best French films. Over 20 films will be shown.

February 4-6:

Exhibition «Studies 2016» («Studijos 2016»), Exhibition and Convention Centre «Litexpo» (, Laisvės pr. 5, Vilnius;

If one is thinking of obtaining an education in Lithuania, then it is an event that one must attend before the plans get some shape;

February 5, 6.30 pm:

Performance «Suor Angelica», «Gianni Schicchi» («Sesuo Andželika», «Džanis Skikis»), Klaipėda Valstybinis Muzikinis Teatras (, Danės g. 19, Klaipėda;

Performance awarded with the «Gratitude Mask»; libretto by G. Forzano; diptych of one-act operas;

February 5, 9 pm:

Concert «Balkanaktis» («Night of Balkan Music»), Club «Peronas», Geležinkelio g. 6, Vilnius;

Vilnius, the meltdown of the Baltic, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Jewish, German, Tatar, Karaite, British and Gypsy cultures, is introducing a new Baltic Balkan project. This musical performance was inspired by listening to original Yugoslav punk rock, as well as countless musical festivals in Europe and movies with a true Balkan (and Baltic) spirits…

February 6, noon:

Event «Circus has come!» («Cirkas atėjo!») Congress Hall (, Vilniaus g. 6, 16, Vilnius;

Jugglers, clowns, acrobats and illusionists from Baltic Circus will throw a big show both to kids and adults. Being accompanied by the music performed by Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, the event will undoubtedly cheer up everybody.

February 6, noon:

Shrovetide (Užgavėnės) in Rumšiškės, Lithuania’s Open Air Folk Museum (, Rumšiškės, Kaišiadorių region;

People in masks going on the spree, baking pancakes, making hotchpotch, dancing, singing and playing games, fight of Lašininis (a Porker) and Kanapinis (a Hempen Man), burning of More (a symbol of winter evil)…

February 6, 10 am:

Shrovetide (Užgavėnės), Gediminas Avenue, Vilnius;

A merry carnival aiming to drive the rest of winter away invites city dwellers and city guests to Gedimino Avenue, where devils, bears, goats, doctors, beggars, strangers and all other disguised people will be romping merrily. Participants will savor Shrovetide pancakes and other specialties.

February 6, noon:

Horse race on the Sartai Lake (, Dusetos, Zarasų district;

Seventy nine stallions will line up for start of the most exciting winter event in Lithuania, a traditional horse race on the Sartai Lake. The fastest equestrians from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland will vie for the nominations and rewards.

February 7, 6 pm:

Concert by Vardan Hovanissian ir Emre Gultekin, Kaunas National Drama Theatre (, Laisvės al. 71, Kaunas;

Vardan Hovanissian and Emre Gultekin, masters of traditional Armenian and Turkish music, will introduce Kaunas dwellers and guests their new album «Adana», which was released to mark the 100th anniversary of Armenians’ genocide.

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Opinion: multi-speed development idea in Europe is not in Latvia’s interests

The idea of having a multi-speed Europe, as described in the Rome declaration signed by EU member states, does not comply with Latvia’s interests, says president of European Movement – Latvia Andris Gobins.

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Latvia to experience contrasting weather conditions this week

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Kristovskis: coalition with Lembergs in Ventspils City Council is not possible

«If the party’s list enters the city council, our candidates will definitely not work with Lembergs,» said Girts Valdis Kristovskis in an interview to Latvijas Radio.

Sadales tīkls: energy industry enjoys stable growth in Baltics

Although the company does not experience the lack of quality labour force, when announcing vacancies it becomes clear that population density in regions continues to decline, and this makes it harder to find young specialists for work in regions, said Andis Pinkulis, CEO of Sadales tīkls, in an interview to BNN.

Airline Nordica not to ban tablets and lap-tops from being brought on passenger cabin

Estonia’s national airline Nordica has stated it would not follow the recent U.S. and British ban on such computer devices as tablets and lap-tops from being brought onto passenger cabin on flights.

Rinkevics invites Canadian companies to use Latvia’s transit and logistics infrastructure

«We’re hoping for more intensive economic cooperation and diversification of exports of Latvian goods, as well as attraction of investments from Canada. Canadian investors are awaited in Latvia,» says Latvian Foreign Affairs Minister Edgars Rinkevics.

Rimsevics: tax changes may increase lending volumes in Latvia

Lending volumes in Latvia may increase because of changes to the country’s tax system, says governor of the Bank of Latvia Ilmars Rimsevics.

Latvian authorities deport 19 Vietnamese citizens

19 Vietnamese citizens caught trying to cross the border of the Republic of Latvia last year have been deported from the country.

Latvia’s export and import volume was the lowest in January

Latvia’s export and import volume this January was below what was noted in Lithuania and Estonia. The largest foreign trade balance deficit among Baltic States was noted in Estonia.

Lithuanian population continues to shrink, some glint may be ahead

The shrinkage of Lithuanian population is nowhere close to a halt. In fact, the recent numbers by the Lithuanian Statistics and Eurostat, the European Union‘s statistics agency, purport the opposite: exodus has picked up last year - 50,000 Lithuanian citizens left the country for a better life abroad, up from 44,500 in the previous year.

Over 200 people could have died in Mediterranean

It is assumed that over 200 migrants might have drowned this week in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Libya, a Spanish humanitarian aid organisation feared.