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Friday 09.12.2016 | Name days: Sarmīte, Tabita

Estonian PM’s party defends co-operation protocol with United Russia

Estonia’s ruling Centre Party «does not dare» stepping out of its co-operation protocol with United Russia, the party represented by Russia’s current political elite, stated deputy chairperson of the centrists and Estonian Education and Research Minister Mailis Reps on December 8.

More expensive alcohol and fuel causes price rise in Estonia

Over the past year, a small consumer price increase has been registered in Estonia – from November 2015 to November 2016 the country’s consumer price index has risen by a percent. Statisticians evaluate that the key factors behind it have been more expensive fuel, alcohol and tobacco.

Estonian minister steps down shortly after taking office

Estonian Rural Affairs Minister Martin Repinski announced on December 6 that he was stepping down from office, having worked in the post for less than two weeks amid scandals surrounding him.

Elering announces tender for designing and building Estonian-Latvian power connection

As part of building the third power connection between Estonia and Latvia, Estonian power grid operator Elering has this week announced a procurement tender for designing and constructing the Estonian side of the project.

Estonian manufacturers step up against excise tax hike on natural gas

Nine Representative bodies of Estonia’s manufacturing industry and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation jointly addressed the government on December 5 protesting against a planned excise tax hike on natural gas.

Several hundred Estonian reserve soldiers summoned to unexpected drills

The cabinet of ministers of Estonia ordered on December 1 to hold snap military drills to test the ability of reserve troops to reach combat readiness in 24 hours.

Estonia’s coalition distances itself from charges against ruling party

The coalition partners of Estonia’s Centre Party, which is headed by the Estonian Prime Minister, have this week distanced themselves from charges brought against the ruling party for allegedly receiving illegal political donations.

Estonia invites Brits to remain in EU for 100 euros per person

Estonian institutions have launched a promotional campaign to attract young Britons «to stay in EU», by acquiring the e-residency permit of Estonia for 100 euros a person.

Ilves presented with Digital Freedom Award

Estonian ex-President Toomas Hendrik Ilves has been on November 28 in Riga awarded with a Digital Freedom Award for his efforts to promoting digital culture in the Baltic states and on a wider scale.

Defence minister: Estonia and NATO partners able to stave off Russia’s likely adventures

Estonian Foreign Minister Sven Mikser has noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin could make attempts to test NATO’s red line; however, Estonia and its NATO allies can collectively prevent such attempts from Russia.

Taxify starts renting taxis to drivers in Estonia

Estonian taxi-calling platform Taxify has started renting taxis to drivers in Tallinn.

Cargo turnover continues to decline in Estonian ports

In Estonia’s ports 1.4 million tons of freight have been handled, which is a fall by 776 thousand tons since October 2015. The number of passengers served has, however, reached a record last month, Estonia’s state-owned port administrator Port of Tallinn has estimated.

Kaljulaid: Estonia is calm to migration and adequately concerned about Russia

Reacting to a series of news articles and in particular to one on UK-based media platform EurActiv, Estonia’s President Kersti Kaljulaid has written in an open letter that Estonia is not afraid of migration or Russia.

Estonia’s naval commander takes responsibility for contraband on mine-hunter

Estonian Naval Forces commander has stepped down from office following a scandal of undeclared alcohol and cigarettes found on a navy ship.

Ratas receives Estonian parliamentary support to become new PM

Estonian parliament on November 21 gave its backing to centre-left Centre Party leader Jüri Ratas as the country’s new Prime Minister with 53 of 101 votes in favour. Ratas is set to head a coalition made up by Center Party, social-democrats and the centre-right IRL party.

Parties building Estonian cabinet to raise teacher salaries and excise duty to beer

The three parties involved in Estonia’s coalition talks have unveiled on November 15 that they would work to increase the minimum pay of teachers to 120% of Estonia’s national average salary. Politicians were also of the same opinion to increase the excise duty on beverages containing up to 22% of alcohol.

Majority of Estonians expect Rail Baltica to have positive effect, survey finds

In a survey performed this autumn in Estonia, it has been bound that 68% of Estonians expect the building of international Rail Baltica railway line will bring positive results. In a survey commissioned by OÜ Rail Baltic and carried out by conducting online interviews with 1,000 people across Estonia, 17% of respondents assumed the project would have a negative impact, but 16% said they could not judge.

UK plans deploying missiles to Estonia

The UK is planning to start deployment of high-precision missiles to Estonia in 2017.

Parties building Estonian government pledge not to change relations with EU, NATO

Following public and international concern about the swift ousting of the previous Estonian government and its implications, the parties negotiating the agreement of the next coalition have pledged not to change Estonia’s strategic membership ties with the European Union and NATO.

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