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Tuesday 25.07.2017 | Name days: Jēkabs, Žaklīna

Tallinn to start limiting alcohol sales on Sundays

Tallinn City Council will vote on regulations that will from March 2015 curb the sale of alcohol on several days of the week.

Estonian President shows example in uniting ethnic groups

Society should not divide people living in Estonia in «locals» and «outsiders», and the word «non-Estonian» should not be used, said the country's President Toomas Hendrik Ilves at a naturalisation ceremony this week.

Teacher shot at Estonian school

In Estonia on Monday, October 27, a teacher has been shot dead by a student at a school in the southern town of Viljandi.

Estonia submitts protest to Russia for reconnaisance plance entering airspace

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a demarche to Russian Ambassador over a violation of Estonian airspace commited by a Russian reconnaissance plane on October 21. The incident has attracted increased attention after the abduction of Estonian security official from across the border and amid increased Russian naval activity in the Baltic Sea.

Estonia plans to ease citizen requirements to children and elderly

The government of Estonia has given its go-ahead to draft law amendments that set forth easier citizenship requirements to children and the elderly

Kohver will be swapped, advocate of captured Estonian intelligence official says

Yevgeni Aksyonov, who is the Russian state-appointed lawyer for the captured Estonian counterintelligence official Eston Kohver, expects that Kohver will be exchanged for a captured Russian official sooner or later and that the episode can be evaluated as a part of a secret service war between the two states.

Priority of Estonian MEPs – development of digital single market

Currently, six MP's represent Estonia in the European Parliament. Although they represent four different political parties, most have similar priorities, with the development of the digital single market being on top of the agenda.

Policeman in Estonia charged for violence against festivalgoer

In Tallinn, a policeman has been charged with a crime over use of excessive force against a man at a summer festival.

Estonian-Russian border guards discuss kidnapping of security service official

Estonian and Russian border guards had agreed to meet on September 8 to discuss alleged kidnapping of an official from the Estonian Internal Security Service.

Obama promises to strengthen U.S. military presence in Baltic and Poland

The United States of America fully support Estonia in matters of security, as confirmed by U.S. President Barack Obama, who also confirms that the presence of U.S. air forces and marines will be increased in Baltic States and Poland.

Physics centre worth EUR 16 million opened in Estonia

Estonia's leading Tartu University has received a new building for its Institute of Physics.

Estonian fisheries find export market in Africa

Estonian fishery companies recognise that Russia's food embargo and the conflict in Ukraine have forced them to look for other export markets and that Estonian produce has been welcome in Africa.

Estonian police: Permitting public drinking has not caused more work

Estonian lawmakers on July 1 lifted a ban on drinking alcohol in public places. Police representative in Tallinn evaluates that the new law has not caused more work for the police force.

Ilvess criticises Swiss for refraining from sanctions against Russia

Switzerland, which did not join most European countries, in issuing restrictive measures against Russia, has placed its own interests and banking sector ahead of European values, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves has said.

Estonia's employee register helps uncover working jobless

As of July, it is mandatory for Estonian employers to register employees in an employees' register. It has helped the national Tax and Customs Board to uncover working people, who have registered as unemployed and receive unemployment benefits.

EC decision on airBaltic hopeful to Estonia

Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs has welcomed European Commission's decision on Latvia's support to its airBaltic airline, as the Commission's investigation into the effects of state support on Estonian Air is ongoing.

Estonia manages to maintain flow of Russian tourists

Amid increased concern over the flow of Russian tourists to Baltic states, Estonian Foreign Ministry says its consular officials are not short of visa applications.

Lenny Kravitz to give a concert in Tallinn this autumn

On October 28th, American rock-star Lenny Kravitz will return to Tallinn ‘Saku’ arena with an all-new show.

Estonian Song and Dance Celebration touches hearts

Estonian Song and Dance Celebration is a unique event that brings together a giant choir of 25 000 people every couple of years for a weekend in July. Almost 100 000 people enjoy the concerts and join in with most popular songs.