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Monday 24.04.2017 | Name days: Nameda, Visvaldis, Ritvaldis

Estonia's top electricity supplier sees market share reduced in liberalised energy market

Baltic news, News from Latvia, BNN.LV, BNN-NEWS.COM, BNN-NEWS.RUThe leading energy company in Estonia, Eesti Energia, has considerably lost its market share to competitors in the Baltic country in January.

Estonian-Finnish business town grows near Tallinn airport

In Estonia, near the Tallinn airport, business town Ülemiste continues to grow hoping to attract many Finnish companies and some 5000 residents.

Estonian trade unions: state must abandon low pay sectors

For Estonia to reach wage level similar to Western Europe, wages must grow 6% a year for 25 years to come and entrepreneurs should abandon industries, which pay rise is impossible. Head of Estonia's Trade Union Confederation has expressed such a view on February 4.

Estonian Air restructures and reduces number of employees

Tackling its financial troubles the Estonian national airline Estonian Air restructures the company and will lay off nine flight attendants in the coming months.

Google acquires artificial intelligence firm DeepMind

Internet service giant Google has confirmed it will buy British artificial intelligence company DeepMind for USD 400 million.

Port of Tallinn's profits up 21% in 2013

The Estonian state-managed port company Tallinna Sadam has concluded 2013 with a profit of nearly 40 million euros, which is a 21% increase from 2012.

Tallink offers employees 6% pay rise

Management of Estonian ferry operator Tallink is looking for ways to end a wage dispute with its employees and has offered a 6% increase, adding 0,5% to its previous offer.

Estonian Foreign Minister: Russia has no objections to signing border treaty

Russia has no objections to signing the long-expected border treaty, said Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet on January 16 quoting his conversation with Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

Wage dispute escalates in Tallink

In Estonia, ferry operator Tallink and its workers have not found a compromise in wage dispute after an hour-long strike took place on January 13.

Estonia to hold the annual European Sauna Marathon

The annual European Sauna Marathon will be held in Estonian Winter Capital Otepää on February 2. The goal of this unusual orientation contest is being the first to find and visit all saunas participating in the event and located in Otepää.

Tallink crew members preparing for strike

Estonian ferry operator Tallink has warned of possible delays in ferry boarding as crew members prepare for a strike.

Estonia expects wages to almost double by 2023

The average monthly gross wage in 2023 will reach 1,741 euros, nearly double the 930 euros observed in the third quarter of 2013, as indicated in forecasts by the Estonian Ministry of Finance.

Estonian President rejects amendments requiring declaring all transactions over 1000 euros

Requirement of declaring all transactions exceeding 1,000 euros is unconstitutional, told Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves explaining decision to reject key amendments to VAT law, previously passed by the Parliament.

Publishing business flourishes in Estonia

Two major book shop chains in Estonia have said their sales have gone up significantly in 2013. Both Rahva Raamat and Apollo plan to expand their businesses.

Eesti Energia negotiating for oil shale mining in Jordan

The Baltics' largest energy manufacturer Eesti Energia is planning to conclude a deal with investors aimed at building an oil shale plant and start mining operations in Jordan, ERR and Postimees report.

New roads in Estonia tear down to quickly, state auditors find

Estonian state auditors and Finnish experts have found that there is much room for improvement in how the Baltic state organises construction of its roads.

Estonia concludes first e-agreement at inter-governmental level

Estonian and Finnish prime ministers have put their e-signatures under an inter-governmental agreement regarding cooperation in e-governance. This might be the first case of signing a government level bilateral document on computers.