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Sunday 18.03.2018 | Name days: Ilona, Adelīna

Estonian startup raises 5.5 million investments

Estonian computer technology company Testlio, which provides specialist testing services to mobile app developers, has recently raised 5.5 million euros of investments.

Media report on ABB’s plans to move financial unit to Tallinn

Swiss electrical engineering company group ABB plans to move 500 financial staff jobs to Tallinn, Estonian real estate firm Mainor Ülemiste has said.

Police in Estonian town suggests limiting bar closing times

The local government of Paide town in Estonia has expressed support to a police proposal to enforce a town-wide 4 a.m. limit on the closing times for its entertainment-related establishments to four o’clock in the morning.

Thousand allied soldiers to take part in Estonian spring drill

Six NATO countries have pledged to send a company-strong unit each to Estonia’s annual military exercises to take place in late spring.

More vocational training needed in Estonia, OECD finds

The proportion of secondary and tertiary graduates is high in Estonia, but the country’s education sector should push for more vocational skills and continued consolidation of the school network, the OECD found in a report published on April 6.

Estonia cuts growth forecast for 2016

Estonian Finance Ministry has this week lowered its 2.6% economic growth for 2016 to 2%, citing reduced external demand as an unfavourable factor.

Estonia: Planned increase in NATO presence – insufficient

The planned increase of NATO troop presence in the Baltic region would be too small to defend the Baltic states in the event of Russia’s aggression, says head of Estonian foreign intelligence service.

Estonian MEP – eyewitness of Brussels airport blasts

Estonian MEP Yana Toom has been at the Zaventem Brussels airport early on March 22, when two deadly blasts occurred in the building. The politician recounted the events to the Estonian public broadcaster.

Crime decreases in Estonia in first months of 2016

Estonian law enforcement bodies have estimated that in the first two months of 2016, four percent less crimes have been committed as compared to the respective period last year.

Estonia to build 90-km fence along border with Russia

Estonia has announced specific plans to equip its eastern border with a technologically advanced surveillance system and a 90-kilometre-long fence.

Rail Baltica route in northern Estonia contested in court

In Estonia, two Harju and Rapla county village associations together with 16 private individuals this week disputed before Tallinn’s Administrative Court the county governors’ decision on the route of the Rail Baltica project.

Internet of things lab unveiled at Estonia’s leading university

This week, a laboratory of the internet of things has been unveiled at Estonia’s Tartu University. It is equipped as a smart home and smart office that can be controlled over the internet.

Estonia’s exports down to five-year low

Estonia’s exports in January, compared to December 2015, decreased by 10% to 825 million euros in current prices, which is a five-year low, Statistics Estonia estimated.

Free condoms necessary to reduce HIV infections among Estonian youth

Estonian government should consider providing free condoms, as the number of new HIV cases via sexual transmission is on a rise among young people in the country, suggests the Estonian Sexual Health Association.

Estonia receives files on 21 possible refugees

Estonia has received from Greece and Italy documents on 21 possible refugees suggested for relocation to the Baltic country, which have been deemed insufficient for deciding, whether or not they should relocated to Estonia.

Reaction to BBC’s provocative documentary in Estonia

Soon after the Latvian LTV1, Estonian state television ETV also broadcast the British hypothetic documentary Third World War: Inside the War Room about Russia attacking the Baltics. The reaction in Estonia has been reserved and calm.

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