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Ceturtdiena 23.11.2017 | Name days: Zigfrīda, Zigrīda, Zigrīds

Estonia plans to direct 300 million euros to healthcare

With the aim of improving the quality and access to Estonian healthcare, the country's government has backed amendments, which set forth increasing healthcare funding by 300 million over a period of five years

Kaljulaid in UN underlines effects of climate change and lack of women in peace talks

As the Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid made her first address at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, September 19, she pointed out to world leaders effects of climate change and need to involve more women in peace talks.

E-governance advocate Ilves comments on alleged Estonian ID card vulnerability

The ex-President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, who has been an active advocate of e-governance has emphasised that a possible security risk with Estonian ID cards has not put that the country's reputation as an e-state at risk.

82% of Estonian households use mobile internet at home

As to the choice of internet connection in Estonia, 82% of Estonian households use mobile internet at home, Estonian statisticians have estimated.

EU asked to stand for Estonian, British ship guards tried in India for years

The lingering issue of Estonian and British ship guards, who have been deprived of liberty in India and have been waiting for four years court rulings in their cases, needed to be on the agenda as Brussels has negotiations with India, Estonian MEP Urmas Paet has stressed.

Estonia works on attracting shipping industry with tax exceptions

Shipping-industry exceptions to the Estonian tax system are on the agenda of the Estonian government as decisions have been made on taxable base for seafarers and remote registration of ships to be available to e-residents.

EU: Complete Rail Baltica would make idea of Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel viable

A complete Rail Baltica railway project is a necessary precondition for possibly receiving investment from the European Commission for the construction of an undersea tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki, the European Commission has noted.

Estonian exports increase by 6%, trade deficit – by EUR 197mn on year in July

Exports out of Estonia in July totalled 900 million euros, while imports were 1,1 billion euros in current prices, with exports increasing by 6%, imports by 9% and trade deficit by 197 million euros since July 2016, Estonian statisticians have estimated.

Estonian job vacancies at 9-year high

Estonian businesses, public bodies and organisations had close to 12 000 vacant jobs in the second quarter of the year, which is the largest number in nine years, statisticians have estimated.

Estonian consumer prices increased by 3.9% year on, butter – 44% more expensive

The Estonian consumer price index in August grew by 0.4% compared to July and by 3.9% compared to August 2016, statisticians have estimated.

Scandal-stricken Danske Bank to search money laundering in Estonian branch

In relation to the «Azerbaijani Laundromat» scandal, where journalists have found that the ruling elite of Azerbaijan has used USD 2.8 billion to pay to European politicians, Danish Danske Bank has pledged to investigate alleged money laundering via its branch in Estonia.

Ansip: New cyber security measures would respect national sovereignty

With the European Commission readying to unveil new measures to increase cyber security, the Commission's Vice-President, Estonian politician Andrus Ansip pledged that the new measures would not take away too much power from EU countries’ national institutions.

Estonia wishes to support railway company with EUR 8 million

The Estonian government has received a proposal to support in the amount of eight million euros the state railway company Eesti Raudtee, which has seen its revenue decrease considerably.

Estonian Centre Party to expel election renegades, except Savisaar

With the Estonian local government election nearing, Estonian Prime Minister and leader of the Centre Party, Jüri Ratas has stated that told ERR apart from the corruption-suspected former chairman Edgar Savisaar, members running outside of the party's list would be expelled from the party.