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Ceturtdiena 23.11.2017 | Name days: Zigfrīda, Zigrīda, Zigrīds

Former CEO on Estonian Air: Should we still try to breathe life into this dying horse?

Now is the time to replace the troubled Estonian Air with an entirely new budget airline, says Toomas Peterson, ex-CEO of Estonian Air.

Estonia's 2012 GDP growth confirmed at 3.2%

Last year, Estonia's gross domestic product (GDP) was up by 3.2%, compared to the previous year, according to the second estimates of Statistics Estonia.

Pension funds start investing in Estonian real estate

Funds managing Estonians' pension assets have started actively investing in the Estonia real estate market and shares. Fund managers say that Estonian real estate fits the pension fund portfolios very well.

Finnish official: we can learn from Estonian tax system

Although Estonian income taxation system is not perfect, it is based on the right foundation, says Martti Hetemäki, the new permanent undersecretary of state of the Finnish Ministry of Finance.

Prices in eurozone still growing fastest in Estonia

Estonia continued to have the highest annual inflation in the eurozone also in January, at 3.7%, according to Eurostat.

Non-citizens struggle to find work in Estonia

Latest official data show that despite similar education level of non-Estonians and Estonians, the former have more difficulties in competing with Estonians on the labour market.

Tallinn seeks to limit opening hours of Old Town bars

Tallinn City Government is demanding that the central government prepares legislation that would limit the opening hours of night bars from Tallinn Old Town to 3 am.

Survey: Estonian producers are optimistic

A survey by the Estonian institute of market research EKI shows that in spite of volatile economic situation, most producers plan to increase production volumes from last year and are generally optimsitic.

Latvia’s accession to the eurozone would benefit Estonia

Estonian logistics expert and former minister of transport, Raivo Vare, says that Latvia’s accession to the eurozone would be more beneficial for Estonia than if Latvia were to stay outside the eurozone.

Estonia average monthly wages up 5.9%

According to Statistics Estonia, in Q4 2012, average monthly gross wages were 916 euros and the average hourly gross wages and salaries were 5.53 euros.

Republic of Estonia celebrates 95th anniversary

The Republic of Estonia will celebrate it 95th anniversary on Sunday, 24 February.

Intel to invest in Estonian developer of mobile payment systems

Intel Capital and Greycroft Partners will invest in Estonian developer of mobile payment systems Fortumo, the company has announced.

Estonia’s anniversary gets country-wide photo action

On February 24th, to celebrate 95th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia, a photo initiative is organised, asking all to shoot a picture within one minute, at 1 pm to 1:01 pm, of oneself or surroundings.

Estonians question Schibsted's latest acquisition in Latvia

The Estonian weekly Eesti Ekspress has questioned the recent sale of Latvian entertainment portal to the Latvian news portal TVNet, itself owned by the Norwegian media group Schibsted.

Estonia opens the first chain of electric car recharge stations

On Wednesday, February 20, the first chain of electric car recharge station was opened in Estonia. The stations include ABB Terra 51 DC recharging installations. The Terra 51 DC recharging technology allows vehicles to recharge within 15-30 minutes' time, while standard (AC) chargers require 8 hours.

Hunters: foreigners have too much power over hunting rights in Estonia

Estonian hunting clubs are unhappy with the new hunting bill that allows forest owners to ban hunting in their forests.

Swedes generally satisfied with Baltic business climate

A study of Baltic business climate made by the Swedish Trade Council based on interviews made in 147 Swedish companies that operate in the Baltic countries showed that they were generally satisfied with this region as a place for doing business.

Secretive Swede becomes Estonia’s largest forest owner

Swedish businessman Jonas Wahlström is now the largest private forest owner in Estonia and now owns about 23,000 hectares of land, mainly forest, in Estonia.

Math rebels invade Estonia with computerized education — the radical mathematics education reform organization — has its first guinea pig: Estonia.

Earthquake hits Estonia

A light earthquake was registered in Estonia's western shore city of Haapsala, as reported by the data of the State Geological Centre published on February 7.