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Tuesday 24.04.2018 | Name days: Nameda, Visvaldis, Ritvaldis

Sights to see: unusual aero attraction in Tallinn

After successful tests, Tallinn has opened a unique air attraction Balloon Tallinn – a giant helium-filled balloon equipped with a gondola that offers a great view on the Old City, Tallinn Centre, Kadriorg and the sea.

Estonian parliament embattled over parent pension bill

In Estonia's parliament, a bill on parent pensions has come under political crossfire.

Estonian islanders turn against building Europe's largest windmill park

Estonians living in Hiiumaa, the country's second largest island, are collecting signatures against the project of building a 700-megawatt offshore windmill park.

Close results in Estonian EP election

Compared to Latvia, where Unity received 46% of votes, Estonian parties reached closer results in their race for six posts of members of the European Parliament.

Complaining about combat stress – rare practice in Estonian military

If compared to British troops, the number of Estonian soldiers diagnosed with combat stress and other psychological problems is 5-10 times lower. The reason may, in part, be limited availability of counselling and the practice of solving problems without a specialist.

App for measuring timber wins Estonian startup contest

In Estonia, the annual competition for innovative companies Ajujaht has concluded with the prize of 50 000 euros being awarded to the timber measuring app Timber Diameter.

Latest trends in IT entrepreneurship to be reviewed in Estonia

This week in Estonia, there will be held an international IT conference on digitalised business models presenting IT best practices from various fields - agriculture, clothing industry, logistics, retail and creative industries.

Estonian expert: capability to fight Russia's soft power must be improved

If a military invasion would take place, NATO would come to help, but Estonia must have the ability to counter the soft power of Russia, an Estonian security expert has said.

New real estate bubble rising in Tallinn

In March, the number of real estate deals in Tallinn rose by 28 percent and the average price per square meter exceeded 1,400 euros for the first time since 2008. Experts evaluate that the rise in sales of flats, land and houses alike occurred because of fear of prices continuing to soar.

Second attempt to oust pro-Kremlin Mayor of Tallinn fails in one week

In Tallinn City Council, the latest motion to hold a no-confidence vote against Mayor Edgar Savisaar has been rejected. Savisaar has been among few Estonian politicians to describe events in Ukraine from a Kremlin perspective.

Estonia continues to fund improving of rural family homes

By allocating European Union funds, Estonia continues in 2014 its home infrastructure improvement programme for families living in sparsely populated areas. The money can be used for building water lines, renovating electrical systems, laying sewer pipes and building driveways.

Estonian new coalition agrees to increase child benefits

In Estonia, Reform Party and Social Democrats continue talks on forming a new government. They have agreed on a key issue to increase the current child allowance from 19.18 to 45 euros.

Economic growth to speed up in Estonia, European Commission says

Increase in export demand and investment would stimulate faster growth in Estonian economy in 2014-2015, European Commission predicts.

Inflation in Estonia - highest in EU

The average inflation in Estonia through the last 12 months has reached 3.1%, which is the highest rate in the EU.

Estonia celebrates 96th birthday with unprecedented parade

On February 24, Estonia marked its Independence Day. The largest parade since the restoration of independence took place in Pärnu.