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Sunday 25.06.2017 | Name days: Maiga, Milija

Analyst: zero inflation means Estonia is not used to euro

The euro introduction is the key reason for Estonia registering zero inflation in January, the first month after joining the euro zone, SEB bank senior analyst in Estonia Hardo Pajula says.

Prices in Estonia surge 6.5% within a year

Compared to the previous year, in January 2011 the consumer price index in Estonia has risen by 5.3%, but compared to December 2010 – by 0.0%.

Baltic States no longer an isolated energy island

In 2015 Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will become a part of the common European Union energy market due to new gas and electricity supply channels.

40% of Estonians still against the euro

Thanks to the smooth transition to the EU single currency the euro, the number of its supporters has surged, however the figure of those against it still amounts to 40% of the respondents.

Estonia retail sales surge for fourth consecutive month

Estonia retail sales soared 5% in December 2010, compared to October 2009. Moreover the rise has been ongoing for the fourth consecutive month already. A 1% growth in September and October 2010 replaced the two and a half years long retail sales drop.

Huge wave of foreign-investor interest in Estonia

Estonia joining the eurozone and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have boosted foreign investors interest in Estonia.

Transition to euro cost Estonia several million kroon

The European single currency euro has been in use for only a couple of weeks in Estonia, but the preparatory work for this transition lasted almost for a year, demanding large sums of money.

Majority of kroon coins left to Estonians

Since last October nearly 243 tons of coins, worth 40 million kroons, have been submitted at the Estonian banks, yet Estonia’s residents still own many coins with the total value exceeding 100 million kroons.

Economist: Estonia should take a loan

Given that Estonia’s financial position is more than stable, it should take an interest-free loan for the infrastructure development, education provision, and unemployment reduction, the Dutch economist Edin Mujagic says.

Bank of Estonia: fake euros - nothing special

Despite the information on counterfeit euros circulates the Estonian mass media more and more often, the Bank of Estonia believes there is nothing special in it.

Eesti Energia signs agreement with Alstom on new power plant construction

The Baltics’ largest power utility Eesti Energia has signed a contract with the French consortium Alstom on new combustible shale plant construction. It is planned to build the new power plant with two 300 MW capacity units next to the existing one at Narva, in Estonia.

Doubling numbers of Estonians forced to sell their homes

Last year circumstances forced 2.5 times more Estonians sell their homes, compared to 2009, however the number of people having lost their housing might be even bigger, according to the Estonian Land Register data.

Experts compare euro to good Estonian PR campaign

The euro transition is accompanied by the biggest PR campaign in the history of Estonia, believes SEB bank analyst Hardo Pajula.

Expert: Estonia making substantial input in eurozone

Estonia did not join the eurozone to be its poorest member, but to show other countries a new attitude towards the financial policy, points out the Estonian Minister of Finance Jürgen Ligi.

Savisaar: Estonians have sacrificed too much for the euro

The Estonian government has rushed with the accession to the eurozone, causing Estonians to give up too many things because of it, the politician Edgar Savisaar admits.

Long customer line-ups at Estonian banks

Despite it will be possible to exchange kroons for euros at Estonia’s banks until June 2011, but at the Bank of Estonia for unlimited period, all major branch banks in Tartu have very long customer queues.

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