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Tuesday 20.02.2018 | Name days: Smuidra, Vitauts, Smuidris

Estonian ATMs will be able to recognize counterfeit bills

In January 2012 software of all Estonian depository ATMs were updated, and as a result of which, now ATMs will be able to recognize counterfeit Euro bills and withdraw them out of circulation.

Ligi: price surge due to Euro fluctuations does not exceed 0.3%

The significant price surge last year shouldn’t be linked to Eurozone entrance and exchange to the United European currency Euro, notes Estonian Finance Minister Jurgens Ligi.

Economist: Estonia to benefit from euro in a long run

Regardless of what happens to the countries hit by the debt crisis, in a long run Estonia will only benefit from the transition to the euro, says Raul Eamets, Tartu University economics professor.

Excellent start for population census in Estonia

In Estonia during first 24 hours of the national population census, which had begun on December 31, online participated more than 26 thousand people, show data of the Central Statistics Bureau of Estonia.

Sociologist: Estonia can beat world record in population census

Population census is due to start in Estonia on the 31st of December. Yuhan Kivirach, Senior Research Fellow and Sociologist of the International Center of Defense Research, hopes that Estonia beats Canada’s record in the percentage of people taking part in population census through the internet.

Christmas in Estonia: 300 tons of tangerine and 715 000 chocolate bars

This Christmas, Estonian shop owners' businesses flourished more than last year. People mostly shopped on December 23 and December 24, when shops tuned 30% more than in 2010, according to Rimi Eesti Food AS.

Estonia to raise minimum wages

From January 2012 onwards, minimum wages in Estonia are to be raised up to 290 EUR per month. This will bring 2.95 million EUR to the government budget in tax revenue.

Economist: Estonia only benefits from entering Euro zone

«Estonia gains benefits from the fact that after entering the Euro zone, it became a more secure country for foreign investors», claims economy professor of the University of Tartu Urmas Varblane.

Income level of wealthy and poor Estonians differ 5.3 times

Last year in Estonia poor were 17.5% people, besides, comparing with the previous year, number of such people increased by 1.7 per cent, show data of the Estonian Statistics Department.

Eesti Raudtee CEO: Rail Baltica - failed project

CEO of the Estonian railway company Eesti Raudtee Kaido Simmerman sees serious deficiencies in the profitability assessment of the high-speed railway line Rail Baltica, which is intended as a link between the Baltic states and Poland.

Baltics: most available housing - in Estonia

When comparing all three neigbouring Baltic states, it turns that housing is the most available in Estonia. Their salary level, which is the highest in the Baltics, is the key reason for that, says SEB bank socio-economy expert Edmunds Rudzitis.

Tallinn to save on street lighting

This season Tallinn will save on street lighting bills, according to Kalle Klandorf, Deputy Mayor of Tallinn City Government.

Estonia ready to build LNG terminal

The company that owns electric grids around the country, in cooperation with the largest Estonian port operator is planning to build a terminal for Liquefied Gas transit in Estonia.

15.2% of Russian citizens living in Estonia took part in elections

17 941 people were registered at nine Election sites located in Tallinn, Tartu and Narva. This means that approximately 15.2 % of 118 220 Russian citizens living in Estonia and having the right of vote have taken part in the State duma elections.

Dombrovskis to be awarded golden medal for bold reforms

The Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis and his Estonian counterpart Andrus Ansip have been given a special recognition from Friedrich August von Hayek Fund for merits in state management. The two Prime Ministers will receive the Fund’s gold medal.

Fast economic growth pace has stopped

In the following quarter, the economic growth will significantly slow down – the fast growth period has ended, indicates the Bank of Estonia.

Why is it impossible to hold referendum on the Russian language in Estonia?

There are less well-educated people who are able to show initiative in Estonia than in Latvia. Consequently, it is impossible to initiate a referendum on granting second official language status to Russian, admits Vladimir Linderman, head of the association Dzimtā valoda.