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Wednesday 23.05.2018 | Name days: Leontīne, Ligija, Lonija, Leokādija

Estonia ready to build LNG terminal

The company that owns electric grids around the country, in cooperation with the largest Estonian port operator is planning to build a terminal for Liquefied Gas transit in Estonia.

15.2% of Russian citizens living in Estonia took part in elections

17 941 people were registered at nine Election sites located in Tallinn, Tartu and Narva. This means that approximately 15.2 % of 118 220 Russian citizens living in Estonia and having the right of vote have taken part in the State duma elections.

Dombrovskis to be awarded golden medal for bold reforms

The Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis and his Estonian counterpart Andrus Ansip have been given a special recognition from Friedrich August von Hayek Fund for merits in state management. The two Prime Ministers will receive the Fund’s gold medal.

Fast economic growth pace has stopped

In the following quarter, the economic growth will significantly slow down – the fast growth period has ended, indicates the Bank of Estonia.

Why is it impossible to hold referendum on the Russian language in Estonia?

There are less well-educated people who are able to show initiative in Estonia than in Latvia. Consequently, it is impossible to initiate a referendum on granting second official language status to Russian, admits Vladimir Linderman, head of the association Dzimtā valoda.

Analyst: Estonia’s «no» to Nord Stream project driven by emotions

The public discussion on the Nord Stream pipeline in the Estonian mass media was mostly dominated by emotional factors, which also affected the country’s official stance on this matter, says Heido Vitsur, chief analyst at the Estonian Development Fund.

Tajikistan set to help Estonia in the pilot case

Foreign Affairs Minister of Tajikistan Hamrokhon Zarif phoned his Estonian colleague Urmas Paet on November 9 to discuss release of the Estonian citizen - pilot Alexei Rudenko.

Electricity prices surge in Lithuania

Due to the large amount of precipitation in the Nordic countries, electricity prices have increased in the Baltic States. In Lithuania, prices rose by 5.5%, while in Estonia – by 1.6%.

Food price dynamics slows down Estonian inflation

October 2011 inflation slowed down mostly due to dropping food prices. Moreover, the price of vegetables was down more than usual because of favourable weather conditions.

Estonian casino purchases gold for millions of euros

Estonian company Olympic Enterprise Group spent about 6 - 8 million euro for buying gold in the previous quarter,

EU fund payments halted in Estonia

Estonia will not receive the European Union (EU) Structural Funds for at least a couple of months, as the European Commission has suspended the money payment until the control over resources is increased.

Cleanest air – in Tallinn

The capital of Estonia Tallinn has the world’s cleanest air, according to the city’ air quality measurements. Moreover, this conclusion is in line with the released data by the World’s Health Organization on air pollution measurements in cities worldwide.

Air defense radar installation started on Estonian islands

On the island of Muhu, in west Estonia, the construction of post building and grounds for new military air defense radar has been started. It is set for commissioning in 2012.

Five years work in Finland spares from poverty in old age

According to official statistics, currently 22 000 Estonian citizens are residing in Finland, of whom almost half do not intend to return home at all.

Ernst & Young: shrinking export slows down Estonian growth

Despite forecasts that the pace of the Estonian economy could hit 7.2% this year, their constantly shrinking export and the highest inflation in the EU (5%) are slowing down growth rates.

Estonian PACE candidate loses to Frenchman

Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) has been elected in France, Strasbourg.

Estonians to pay more for electricity

Estonian Competition Council has approved changes to the electric tariffs agreement concluded by the Estonian electronic transmissions administration company Elering. It means that electricity tariff will climb from January 2012.

Reinert: Estonia might be the last country to replace national currency with euro

Latvians lack sound national confidence, says the world-famous Norwegian economist Erik Reinert, whose book How Rich Countries Got Rich… and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor is about to be published also in Latvian.

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