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Tuesday 25.07.2017 | Name days: Jēkabs, Žaklīna

Estonia with its start-up visas attracts specialists from Ukraine and India

In January 2017, Estonia introduced a special start-up visa programme, to which 50 specialists have applied, mostly from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and India.

State has to register adoptions by same-sex couples, Estonian court rules

According to a ruling by the Tallinn administrative court, the Estonian Interior Ministry should have made entered in the population register adoptions made by a same-sex couple that has registered its partnership.

Estonian anti-humantrafficking helpline contacted by 420 people last year

As human trafficking-related crime is on the rise in Estonia, a special helpline, received calls from 420 people last year, with people reporting mostly, when they are already in trouble not preventively.

Trump calls Estonia «valued ally and friend» in letter to Kaljulaid

In letter to Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid on the occasion of the upcoming 99th anniversary of the independence of Estonia, U.S. President Donald Trump has referred to the Baltic country as «a valued ally and friend».

Cargo volumes in Estonian ports drop by third January-on-January

The amount of cargoes handled at Estonian ports managed by the state port company Tallinna Sadam has fell by 38.7% comparing January 2017 to January 2016.

Estonian retailer weighing shops’ closure as buyers seek cheaper prices in north Latvia

Coop, the Estonian cooperative retail network, will decide in March on whether to wind up a number of shops, which struggle as excise duty hikes motivate buyers in southern Estonia to seek cheaper prices across the border.

Record year for Estonian startups – 102 million euros raised

In 2016, Estonian startup companies attracted a record sum in total investment – 102.5 million euros.

Estonian government pushing to move agencies away from capital

Estonian government has announced an initial plan backed by the government to relocate a total of several thousand public sector jobs to 18 towns and cities throughout the country.

Estonian rideshare drivers declare more income since declaration simplified

Providers of rideshare services in Estonia are increasingly declaring their income, and the country’s Tax and Customs Board explains the trend with a simplified, prefilled form, that was introduced in late 2015.

Estonia suggests EU fifth – data movement - freedom

Estonian head of government Jüri Ratas has sent a letter to EU leadership related to the upcoming 60th anniversary of the bloc’s fundamental Rome Treaty, suggesting for the EU to introduce free movement of information.

Estonia’s military industry sees U.S. as largest export market

Estonian manufacturers of defence products see the largest export potential in the U.S., where considerable deals have been reached.

Close to 30,000 young Estonians not going to school or work

Estonia is seeking with a special programme to motivate a fifth of its population aged 15 to 29 to take up learning or find a job.

Estonia’s 99th birthday celebrated in Latvia’s Society House

24 February marks the 99th anniversary of declaration of Estonia’s independence. On 9 February, Estonian embassy organized a festive event in Riga Latvian Society House in honour of Estonia’s national celebration.

Estonia left by first EU quota refugee

First refugee of a total of 89 people accepted by Estonia as part the European Union’s refugee quota programme has left the Baltic country.

Estonia’s ruling party to employ corruption-charged Savisaar

Estonia’s ruling Centre Party has decided to employ and pay salary to its former leader, Edgar Savisaar, who has been charged with severe crimes, and the party would not ask him to compensate for 117,000 euros it was found having received in forbidden donations and has to pay back on his behalf.