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Ceturtdiena 23.03.2017 | Name days: Mirdza, Žanete, Žanna

SA: equal bonus pay provision has to be introduced in state administration

Lately the volume of bonus pay and monetary gifts in state administration has been increasing. It would be best to introduce a reasonable and fair system for payment of bonuses, believes State Audit.

Riga Tourism Centre: 20% of all visitors on holidays were Russians

On holidays, from Christmas to 1 January 2017, tourist information centres in Riga were visited by 17% more tourists than last year, according to information from Riga Tourism Development Bureau.

SEB: 77% of respondents intend to continue working after reaching pension age

One-fifth of Latvian residents support their retired relatives financially, spending EUR 150 on average on their needs every month. 45% of residents hope their children will take care of them after they retire, according to data from a study performed by SEB Bank.

Conexus Baltic Grid receives licenses for gas storage and transmission

On Thursday, 5 January, Public Utilities Commission decided to issue licenses for gas transmission in Latvia and storage in Incukalns underground storage facility to Conexus Baltic Grid.

SA: non-application of criminal liability does not mean no breaches are found in Loginovs’ case

Non-application of criminal liability on Leonid Loginovs and his deputy Aigars Pecaks does not mean no breaches were found out by State Audit in the function of Riga Freeport.

Enefit: Latvia to increase energy saving on a national level this year

Latvia’s energy industry will take first practical steps to realize European Union’s requirement to ensure energy saving on a national level.

Yashin: Putin views Baltics States as NATO’s weak spot

«Russian President Vladimir Putin views Baltic States as NATO’s weak spot. Under certain circumstances, he may try his luck with repeating Ukraine’s scenario,» – said Russian opposition politician Ilya Yashin, who was once co-chairman of PARNAS, but left it in December with some of his associates.

Survey: Lembergs’ positive work evaluation declines

Positive evaluation of the quality of work performed by the suspended head of Ventspils City Council Aivars Lembergs declined in autumn last year, according to results of a survey performed by Latvijas fakti market and social studies agency.

400,000 euros defrauded in Rīgas satiksme’s nano-technologies case

Continuing pre-court investigation of the criminal case in relation to possible fraud in the procurement of nano-technologies cleaning substances by Rīgas satiksme, State Police has acquired proof of guilt of at least four individuals.

HM: Latvia’s diphtheria infection rates remain the highest in the EU

Over the past three years, almost one-third of all diphtheria infection cases in the European Union were registered in Latvia, as announced by Latvian Healthcare Minister Anda Caksa at a press-conference on 4 January.

Majority of Latvians do not view 2nd level pension savings as their money

Only every third 2nd level pension recipient views those savings as their money. Only 6% of residents regularly follow changes in their savings, according to Swedbank’s study.

SRS asks taxpayers to pay attention to account numbers when exacting payments

The number of state budget revenue accounts for excise tax payments has been reduced significantly this year. There are now 12 accounts in total, as opposed to 54 accounts that were in place before. This ensures one account for each excise tax product category, as reported by the State Revenue Service.

PHOTO: Ethnographic Open Air Museum’s light games in winter twilight

Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum offers visitors to look at it from a different viewpoint, urging to forget the usual grayness of winter evenings and pay more attention to the wonderful details that are usually hidden from sight.

Meteorologists: sea fog to appear in next couple of days in Latvia

After lasting and intense snowfall on Wednesday, 4 January, very cold masses of air will start flowing into Latvia on Thursday from the north-east. Air temperature will drop considerably because of that, as far as -7° C… -12° C at the Gulf of Riga on the night to Thursday. Temperature will drop even more in the upper layers of the atmosphere, where it will reach -20° C… -22° C, causing sea fog.

Production rise influenced by product demand in export markets

Compared to November 2015, industrial production output increased by 11 % in November 2016, according to calendar adjusted data at constant prices.

More than one-third of respondents gladly travel without family members

Travel Index data for 2016 by Latvia Tours shows that 39% of respondents travelled without their family members. Most often travel without family members was performed by younger people (18-24) and people of older generation (55-74).

KPMG: people freely disclose their personal information for different benefits

41% of residents trust banks the most with their personal information. 39% of respondents mentioned healthcare institutions. 36% mentioned law enforcement and municipal institutions – 33%, according to a study by KPMG on use of personal information.