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Tuesday 21.11.2017 | Name days: Andis, Zeltīte

Court continues viewing criminal case for the proposal to merge Latvia with Russia

On Monday, 28 August, Riga Regional Court will continue viewing the criminal case on the proposal to add Latvia to Russia’s territory. The name of the suspect in this case is Maksims Koptelovs.

Not much precipitation expected in Latvia this week

Weather in Latvia on Monday, 28 August, and Tuesday, 29 August, will be dictated by a high atmospheric pressure area. Because of that, the amount of clouds will be volatile. Short rainfall will come to some areas of Latvia, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Construction costs grow 1.1%; workers’ wages grow 4.4%

Compared to July 2016, construction costs increased by 1.7 %. Labour remuneration of workers grew by 4.4 %, prices of building materials increased by 1.3 %, while maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment rose by 0.5 %.

CC put among the most efficient competition institutions in the world

Latvia’s Competition Council has been recognized as one of the most efficient competition institutions in the world with the lowest funding, as confirmed by the council’s communication specialist Paula Vilsone.

Most in Latvia still do not support legalization of marijuana in the country

The majority of residents in Latvia do not support the idea of legalizing the use of marijuana in the country, according to data from a survey performed by SKDS.

CC: butter price in Latvia has reached its maximum

The price of butter in Latvia has reached its maximum in Latvia, said Competition Council chairman Skaidrite Abrame in an interview to 900 seconds programme of LNT.

Meteorologists: August’s last days will be dry and cold

Weather in Latvia on Friday, 25 August, will be dictated by a low atmospheric pressure area. This means rain and maybe thunderstorms for most of Latvia. Wind will draw in from the south, south-west and west. Wind speed along the coast will reach 15-16 m/sec, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

LEC: situation in education directly affects employers

On Thursday, 24 August, National Council for Trilateral Cooperation, Latvian Employers’ Confederation and Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia met and discussed topical matters in education and healthcare.

Mobile network operator: clients use internet abroad three times more often

After the cancellation of roaming tariffs in the European Union, clients abroad have started using internet three times more, says Tele2 chairman Valdis Vancovics.

Tax avoiders may have to pay for health insurance next year

For residents who do not pay social insurance fees, health insurance fees could be 1% of minimal wage, said Latvian Healthcare Minister Anda Caksa during a meeting of National Council for Trilateral Cooperation on Thursday, 24 August.

Swedbank: residents are prepared for increased non-contact cards limits

Since summer last year, Swedbank commenced issuing non-contact payment cards in Latvia. The bank’s data shows that 150,000 clients use advantages of such cards every day. Currently 82% of new Swedbank cards ordered on the internet have non-contact functionality. Every month, residents perform around 300,000 non-contact transactions.

People’s gathering: criticism of president Vejonis causes loud applause

The New Conservative Party’s organized people’s gathering at Town Hall Square this Wednesday, 23 August, gathered more than 400 people. JKP representatives said that people should gather for such meetings every month, because this is how democratic society is formed.

Expert: pressure on cost increase in the near future will be enormous

Pressure on the increase of costs in the next several years will be enormous, and there are worries about the government’s ability to withstand that, said Fiscal Discipline Council’s member Andzs Ubelis in an interview to 900 seconds programme.

NMPD Director Sarmite Villere to step down

Sarmite Villere, director of Latvia’s Emergency Medical Service, has decided to step down from her post, says NMPD representative Inga Vitola.

Pulks: lunches in Riga’s kindergartens should be free

Riga City Council’s Unity faction leader Olafs Pulks has sent a letter to the city council’s Education, Culture and Sports Department’s Director Guntis Helmanis, asking him to immediately perform calculations and prepare proposals for Riga’s budget project for 2018 to secure free lunches for all children of the capital’s kindergartens.

Study: poor households will gain very little from the tax reform

Poor households will gain very little from the recently approved tax reform. There is a large number of unemployed people who will not the change with PIT, according to results of a study performed by Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and economic policy research centre Biceps.