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Tuesday 25.07.2017 | Name days: Jēkabs, Žaklīna

Weather to be volatile in Latvia this week; warm and cold days expected

This week in Latvia is expected to have volatile weather – cloudiness will change day to day, dry days will follow rainy days and air temperature will be slightly above the average of last week, as reported by the State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Fire on board catamaran in Riga injures 12; warning signs were ignored

Catamaran called Zingarella caught on fire in Riga, Hapaka Ditch this Sunday, 16 June. 12 people, including 7 children were injured as a result.

Latvian «Oligarch talks»: Crowds stand up for rule of law, dissatisfied with Vējonis reaction

Crowds in Riga filled the square in front of the Presidential Castle to severely criticise the Latvian political environment uncovered by the leaked «Oligarch talks».

In dead boy case, Latvian police to evaluate responsibility of mother, bus driver and neighbours

In the case of five-year-old Ivans, who went missing in the Latvian city of Liepāja and later lost his life, police will evaluate the possible responsibility of his mother, neighbours and driver of the bus, in which the boy left Liepāja.

Pro-Russian activists doubt chances of Russian-speaking pupils to pass exams well

The Pro-Russian-leaning Human Rights Committee of Latvia doubts chances of native Russian-speakers to learn the state language of Latvia and to pass exams well.

Latvians favour Italy, local beaches and Latgale as holiday destinations

The most popular travel destinations for spending the annual vacation among Latvian holiday-makers are Italy, Spain and local destinations, a travel agency concluded in an opinion poll.

Latvia plans to raise excise tax on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol

Planning for faster increase of excise tax rate on fuel, cigarettes and alcohol, the Latvian Cabinet of Ministers has backed amendments to the law On Excise Tax.

Police find clue of missing five-year-old, narrow down search location

As the search for missing boy from Liepāja, Latvia, continues into the second week of the effort, the Latvian State Police has stated it has found a clue that has allowed investigators to assume that he has taken a bus to a village near Grobiņa.

Inflation up 3.0% in Latvia June-on-June

The average price rate in Latvia comparing June 2016 to June 2017 has increased 3.0% as products got 2.6% more expensive, services – by 4.0%, calculated the Latvian Central Statistical Bureau.

Weekend temperatures in Latvia to reach +21 degrees

Although weather in the first week of July in Latvia has not been summer-like, warmer weather is expected this weekend, the Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre reports.

Latvian Television quits financial collaboration with Ventspils municipality

Latvian public broadcaster Latvian Television has quit its long-time cooperation with the Ventspils City Council following leaked conversations, including shocking statements by criminally-accused Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs.

Ridzene conversations: we need a weak government

Ir magazine continues publishing KNAB’s recorded conversations from Ridzene Hotel so that society can make conclusions on the accomplishments of oligarchs and investigators. This time the magazine published the section about oligarchs’ plans to form a special coalition. This conversation was attended by Aivars Lembergs, Ainars Slesers and Janis Urbanovics.

Mamikins: people with ‘former USSR citizen’ status continue being born in EU

In the context of citizenship and non-citizenship, the matter of newborn non-citizens is immediately important. MEP Andrejs Mamikins says even though USSR no longer exists, people with ‘former USSR citizen’ status continue being born in the EU.

Retail trade turnover in Latvia up 3.8% in May

Compared to May 2016, total retail trade turnover rose by 3.8 % in May 2017. Turnover of retail trade in food products increased by 2.4 % and turnover of retail trade in non-food products grew by 4.8 %.