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Monday 24.04.2017 | Name days: Nameda, Visvaldis, Ritvaldis

Three American Chinook transport helicopters to enhance Latvia’s security

This week, three Chinook transport helicopters of U.S. army will arrive at Lielvarde airfield to reinforce Latvia’s National Armed Forces. These helicopters will be stationed in the Baltic region on a permanent basis.

Latvian residents: I need to feel safe to be happy

Safety is the main criterion to ensure happiness for Latvian residents in their homes, according to results of a study by international real estate developer company Bonava on residence happiness index.

Forecast: Easter in Latvia to be more like Christmas

Although the week before the holiday started off windy and somewhat sunny, weather is expected to get chilly on Easter, as reported by the State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Official: diverting finances from municipal budgets would discourage people from paying taxes

The decision to divert real estate taxes, which are expected to exceed established prediction, from municipal budgets is movement in the wrong direction that will only cause greater damage for residents, believes chairman of Adazi Regional Council Maris Sprindzuks.

Transport Ministry invites Kyrgyzstan to use advantages of Latvia’s special economic zones

On Wednesday, 12 April, a joint meeting of the joint Latvian-Kyrgyzstan transport work group was held in Transport Ministry. At the end of the meeting, the two sides signed an agreement for closer cooperation between the two countries in transport, transit, logistics and aviation, BNN was told by the ministry.

Signe Meirane: what is worth enjoying in Latvia’s regions?

With spring in full swing, family and friend weekend trips become a regular and popular activity for many. Whether it means visiting different interesting locales, cultural events or other leisure activities – recreation and rest are only improved if there is a tasty meal involved. Rimi gourmet Signe Meirane offers insight into traditional cuisine in Latvia’s regions and what is worth trying out when travelling around Latvia.

Evaluation of Latvian families’ material state worsens

Compared with January, residents were more positive in February about Latvia’s general situation and possible changes for the country’s economic state in the future. However, assessment of material well-being of families has worsened slightly, according to results of a barometer study performed by Baltic International Bank.

Bank: 120,000 people in Latvia use payment cards for purchases

For everyday transactions, residents use contactless payment cards. 120,000 people in Latvia use them, BNN was told by Swedbank representatives.

Around Latvia in 18 days

Architect and marathon runner Dins Vecans wants to break stereotypes about impossible things and wants to inspire society to believe in their dreams. This is why he intends to start an 18-day marathon around Latvia. He plans to start on 18 May.

Expert: Latvia’s export contribution is closely tied to the situation in the EU

It is important to note that a major export value increase was noted in February – by 10.1%. This was largely thanks to growth in exports of transport and other services. With that, service export surplus grew to EUR 175.7 million, fully compensating foreign trade deficit, Finance Ministry comments on data from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.

Government approves Latvia’s Stability programme for 2017-2020

The government has approved Latvia’s Stability programme for 2017-2020, which provides for increasing Latvia’s GDP to 3.2% in 2017 and 3.4% in 2018 at unchanged policy. For 2019 and 2020, on the other hand, it is planned for GDP growth rates to come close to the potential growth level, as predicted by Finance Ministry.

Raising VAT for accommodation sector would cost national economy nearly 47 million euros

Latvia’s national economy would lose nearly 47 million euros from increased VAT on accommodation sector, as reported by Economy Ministry.

Latvia’s foreign trade turnover formed 1.82 billion euros in February

In February 2017, Latvian foreign trade turnover amounted to EUR 1.82 billion, which was 6.1 % higher than in February 2016, and the exports and imports values of goods were 5.7 % and 6.5 % higher, respectively.

Interest towards studies in Latvia increases among foreign students

The number of applications received from foreign students for studies in Latvia has increased significantly this year. Compared with 2016, when the State Education Development Agency received 162 applications, the interest of foreign students for studies in Latvia has nearly doubled, reaching 316 applications, as reported by the agency.

Expert: it is hard to be an honest taxpayer in Latvia

There are multiple flaws in Latvia’s tax system. Low tax collection is caused by high grey economy proportion, not low tax rates. The tax burden for honest taxpayers in Latvia is rather high. This especially applies to labour tax, economist Uldis Rutkaste says about Latvia’s tax reform.

SRS: to acquire new user rights in EDS, authorization alone will not be enough

Following a possible criminal act, when a third party had forged signatures of board members of eight companies to access company data, Latvian State Revenue Service decided to introduce additional security measures to the system on Monday, 10 April, as BNN was informed by SRS.