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Monday 22.01.2018 | Name days: Austris

Maxima Latvija exits from Latvian Federation of Food Companies

Last year, Maxima Latvija decided to discontinue its membership in Latvian Federation of Food Companies and instead coordinate matters associated with the industry by communicating with different organization individually, the company reports.

Minister: additional amount of 160 million euros planned for pensions in Latvia

Last year, multiple important legislative drafts were approved, securing pension rise by allocating an additional amount of at least EUR 160 million, says Latvian Welfare Minister Jānis Reirs.

Family doctors in Latvian regions still experience problems with e-health system

Family doctors are still unable to use the e-health system because of problems and errors with its functionality.

Stores in Latvia will no longer provide plastic bags free of charge

To contribute to the reduction of the volume of waste and encourage more rational use of resources, Latvia’s Environment Protection and Regional Development Ministry has developed a new proposal for Packaging Law. Changes state that plastic bags will no longer be provided in different stores free of charge starting from 1 January 2019.

Non-Citizens Congress initiator: Yes, enough to shoot at one-third of the Saeima

During a search in the home of Non-Citizens Congress initiator Jurijs Aleksejevs, against whom a criminal process is launched for fostering national hate, Latvian Security Police found pistol ammunition.

Survey: Latvians expect their financial state to improve in 2018

33% of Latvian residents are optimistic and believe their family’s financial state will improve at least somewhat in 2018, whereas only 6% are very optimistic and believe the year will be more successful than the previous year, according to results of a survey performed by Norvik Bank.

Conexus applies for certification with Gazprom shareholders still on board

In spite of the fact that there are representatives from Russian Gazprom concern among shareholders of Conexus Baltic Grid, the company has decided to submit an application to the Public Utilities Commission for certification.

Annual inflation in Latvia affected the most by prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages

Compared to December 2016, the average level of consumer prices rose by 2.2 % in December 2017. Prices of goods increased by 2.0 %, whereas prices of services by 2.6 %.

Kālija parks: Ventspils Freeport’s lawsuit on lease termination is legally absurd

The company Kālija parks denies allegations regarding any violations of the signed lease and calls Ventspils Freeport authority’s claim for termination of land and dock lease unjustified and legally absurd, as noted by the company’s council member Aivars Gobiņš.

Minister: release of municipal newsletters should be detailed in the law

Municipal administrations must not meddle in the media market. Instead it would be best to clearly detail in the Law on Local Governments how often municipal administrations are allowed to release newsletters, said Latvian Culture Minister Dace Melbārde in regards to media policy.

Authorities uncover internet store fraud scheme; police arrest group of three

After launching several criminal processes in relation to internet store last year, Latvian State Police has arrested a group of three persons.

Saeima committee conceptually supports new Insurance Contracts Law legislative draft

Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee unanimously decided to provide conceptual support to the new legislative draft for Law on Insurance Contracts. The new legislative draft was developed to improve and modernize existing regulations, as reported by Saeima’s press-service.

Foreign trade turnover in Latvia up 11.5% since last year

In September 2017 Latvian foreign trade turnover amounted to EUR 2.28 billion, which at current prices was 13.3 % more than in September 2016, of which the exports value of goods was 7.7 % and imports value of goods was 18.4 % higher.

Number of deals declines in spite of claims of economic growth in Latvia

Last year, the economic situation in Latvia continued growing rapidly. However, the housing market is ruled be relative silence. Buyers’ activity remained on the level of 2016, whereas the number of real estate deals had declined, as reported by real estate company Balsts.

82% of employed people hoped to receive bonuses from employers for Christmas

82% of interviewed Latvian residents expected to receive monetary bonuses from their employers at the end of the year, according to results of a survey performed by CV Market.

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