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Ceturtdiena 23.03.2017 | Name days: Mirdza, Žanete, Žanna

Coastal cities acquire funds that were previously only available to rural regions

Liepaja, Ventspils and Jurmala – these three Latvian cities are now able to use finances from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. This money was not previously available to them because it was mainly used in rural regions, De Facto programme of LTV reports.

Four events worth attending during Latvia’s national celebration month

November is a month of patriotism for Latvia. There are many events organized to reflect the mood and commemorate the bravery of Latvian troops in their fight for freedom.

LDz commences talks on cargo transports from Shenzhen to Latvia

LDz Logistics has commenced talks with China’s Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Shenzhen about the creation of Shenzhen-Riga-Shenzhen container transport route.

Unemployment level in Latvia – lowest since 2008

At the beginning of October, there were 74,357 people registered with the State Employment Agency. By the end of October, the number of registered unemployed people had dropped by 304. The level of registered unemployment in Latvia has not changed since September and was 7.9% in October.

Construction output down 22% in Latvia

Compared to the corresponding period of 2015, construction output had decreased by 22 % in Q3 2016. The drop was influenced by the slower absorption of EU funds. Construction production output at current prices accounted for 456.1 million euros.

People dissatisfied with Trump’s victory invited to move to Latvia website invites people dissatisfied with Donald Trump’s victory in the recent U.S. presidential elections to relocate to Latvia.

Latvia celebrates Lāčplēsis Day

On 11 November, Latvia celebrates Lāčplēsis Day. This day marks the victory of Latvia’s Army over Bermont Forces. A military parade will commence in Riga, Victory Square at 12:55. This parade will be attended by units from the National Armed Forces and Interior Affairs Ministry.

Latvian in America remind that U.S. president does not lead the country alone

Latvian community in USA asks others not to panic over the democratic choice of American people during presidential elections. They also remind others that the president in USA does not single-handedly lead the country.

Government supports deputies’ proposals worth nine million euros

Out of all proposals worth a total of EUR 180 million, Latvia’s government supported proposals worth EUR 9 million, Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola told journalists after the 10 November government meeting.

Unity picks Vilnis Kirnis as its mayoral candidate in Riga

Unity’s Riga City Council faction has picked Vilnis Kirsis as its mayoral candidate. The party plans to have an open list of candidates to encourage professionals from different fields to apply.

Marijuana in Latvia is cultivated mostly for personal use or for selling in small amounts

Ever since criminal liability was introduced for circulation of new psychoactive substances, marijuana has been on stable first place in the illegal narcotics market, according to a report on narcotics trade combating measures for 2016.

EUR 346.6 million to be allocated in Latvia for TEN-T railway network improvements

At the State Secretary meeting on Thursday, 10 November, officials presented Transport Ministry’s prepared project of rules for the use of funding from the Cohesion Fund to be used in the railway electrification project.

Strelchenok turns against NGOs criticizing him – Delna and Providus

The composition of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau’s Public Advisory Council has been changed, excluding two non-government organizations from it – Delna and Providus.

Stricter supervision over insolvency administrators and other decision viewed by Saeima

On Thursday, 10 November, Latvia’s Saeima will decide on amendments to the Insolvency Law to ensure stricter supervision of the work performed by insolvency administrators, as well as introduce free market principles in legal protection process.

VIDEO: how does the body react when it is kept awake for 48 hours?

According to an American study, spending six hour asleep over a course of two weeks, force a person’s mental and physical abilities to decline to a level equal to a state after spending 48 hours awake. But how does a person’s body react to being kept awake for two days straight and dangerous it is for health? An experiment was conducted in Latvia in autumn this year to find out.

Latvian foreign trade balance improves

Compared to August, Latvian foreign trade turnover at current prices grew by 4.2 %, as the exports value of goods rose by 9.8 %, whereas the imports value decreased by 0.5 % in September 2016.

Volume of cargoes transshipped by Riga Freeport down 8.8%

In the first ten months of 2016, Riga Freeport transshipped 30.4 million tons of cargoes, which is 8.8% less in comparison with the year before, as reported by the port authority.

EUR 100,000 to be paid for each victim of Zolitude tragedy

Maxima Latvija and Tineo have reached an agreement with representatives of relatives of Zolitude tragedy victims in regards to the payment of compensation worth EUR 100,000 per each dead family member.

BATL: Latvia failed to present a unified transit corridor offer at 16+1 summit

Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics is satisfied that activities the association had initiated one year ago to prepare for 16+1 summit have resulted in accomplishments and successful realization of the business forum.