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Ceturtdiena 21.09.2017 | Name days: Matīss, Modris, Mariss

Nearly a quarter of Latvia’s residents have very poor knowledge about blood pressure

23% of Latvia’s residents admit having very poor or no knowledge whatsoever about blood pressure. More than half of residents admit having only basic knowledge. Should the need for such information arise, 36% of residents look for it on the internet, according to results of a survey by Euroaptieka and patient association.

Fiscal Discipline Council concerned about budget’s planned budget deficit

Fiscal Discipline Council supports the goal to improve the tax system. Nevertheless, the institution is concerned about the planned budget deficit level, BNN was told by representatives of the council.

EM: Latvia’s use of electricity connections becomes more effective

Latvian Economy Ministry has concluded that review of electricity transmission system’s tariffs and balancing of said tariffs has helped reach the desired goal – motivate a large number of users to reconsider the power output of their electricity connections and reject maintenance of unjustifiably high or unused connections.

Vinkele: a poorly planned school network would lead us into a dead end

«We are all hostages of the situation that will surface as a result of a poorly planned school network. Our children are hostages because they are unable to receive quality education, and this puts at risk not just their but also the country’s future,» said chairperson of Saeima’s Education, Culture and Science Committee Ilze Vinkele.

Locis: RNP had tried artificially increasing its actual costs

Although on its website Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks states that the company is motivated to provide quality services, it is because of poor-quality services that the company’s name is often mentioned alongside different scandals and court processes, says member of the National Alliance Dainis Locis in relation to RNP.

Energy volumes produced by CHP plants continue increasing in Latvia

In 2016, the volume of electricity produced in combined heat and power plants kept increasing and accounted for 3,767.4 gigawatt hours (GWh), which constitutes 59 % of the total volume of electricity generated in Latvia.

Survey: Latvia’s residents are dissatisfied with EU’s and USA’s policy in Syria

Latvian residents view European Union’s and other influential geopolitical players’ realized policy in Syria as ineffective. The majority of positive opinions, on the other hand, were directed towards Russia – 22% of respondents said in SKDS’ organized survey that Russia’s activities are generally more effective, according to survey results.

MEPs call for cutting down food waste by half by 2030

Members of the European Parliament advocate efforts to reduce the volume of wasted food by half in the next fifteen years by lifting restrictions on food donations and clearing up any uncertainties associated with expiry date or ‘best before’ labels.

Augulis: Latvia can offer access to sea for distribution of goods

Latvian Transport Minister Uldis Augulis and Chinese Transport Minister Li Xiaopeng discussed the cooperation developed between Latvia and China in the past twelve months. The two officials agreed to continue working on improvements for cargo transports via railway.

Ventspils businessmen suspect political pressure in boat restoration procurement case

Ventspils businessmen are shocked about Ventspils City Council’s and Seaside Open-Air Museum’s behaviour in the tendering procedure for the restoration of an old sail ship, choosing in favour of an offer that is EUR 51,700 more expensive offer, said Ventspils businessman Vigo Svikekalns in a publication.

Industries experience clear deficit of workforce; foreigners hired to help out

Already certain industries in Latvia are experiencing major deficit of labour force. It could increase even more because of seasonality. Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry proposes approving the list of professions that can be applied with a simplified procedure for attraction of labour force from abroad.

Survey: Latvians believe housing prices will rise

Predicting changes for housing prices in the next two to three years, 66% of interviewed Latvian residents said prices will likely increase, according to data from DNB Bank’s survey.

Competition Council to assess mobile operators’ intended tariff increase

Competition Council to assess the increase of tariffs performed by mobile communications operators, CC manager Skaidrite Abrama told Rīta panorama programme in an interview.

Hydrogen refuelling station under construction; project’s costs planned at EUR 16.1 million

On Monday, 15 May, construction of a hydrogen refuelling station commenced in Riga, Vienibas gatve 6, as reported by Rīgas satiksme.

State Audit: early retirement pension does not fit Latvia’s pension policy

Through an audit at Welfare Ministry about the longevity of Latvia’s pension system, State Audit analysed the pension filed. The service concluded that Latvia’s current pension system does not comply with the policy’s nature.

Swedbank: businesses motivate banks to develop digital services

More and more companies not only welcome but also motivate banks to develop digital services, as stated in results of Swedbank’s study.

NA: BI-2 is Riga City Council’s attempt to finance election campaign using municipal resources

The National Alliance has asked Riga City Council to provide explanations about the origin of financial resources to be used to organize BI-2 free concert on Lucavsala, as the estimated costs of such a concert exceed EUR 200,000.