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Ceturtdiena 23.03.2017 | Name days: Mirdza, Žanete, Žanna

Latvia Tours concluded 2016 with turnover of EUR 18 million

Outgoing tourism was the priority turnover creation engine. It was EUR 15 million last year. Ingoing tourism secured turnover of EUR 1.8 million, according to data from Latvia Tours for 2016.

Namibia wishes to form more active trade cooperation with Latvia

Latvia and Namibia wish to improve mutual cooperation in trade and education, said Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s state secretary Andrejs Pildegovics and ambassador of Namibia in Latvia Bonny L. Dumeni Tuufilwa Haufiku during a meeting in Riga on Tuesday, 13 March.

Misleading information reported about free movement of armed NATO troops in Latvia

«Last week, misleading information about NATO troops being allowed to move around Latvia with firearms loaded with live ammunition was reported in the public space,» as reported by Latvia’s Defence Ministry.

Latvia: value of exports goods up 13.3%; import goods up 18.5%

During the month of January, the foreign trade balance worsened, as exports in the total foreign trade value dropped to 45.1 %.

De Facto: relocation of oligarchs will cost EUR 30 million more

Coal transshipment at Riga Freeport, which is a business that is closely associated with oligarchs, is planned to be relocated to new docks on Krievu Island by the end of the year. EUR 133 million have been invested in this project already. Now the freeport’s authority has to invest EUR 30 million more, as reported by De Facto.

Weather to remain unstable in Latvia this week

Under influence of a high atmospheric pressure area on Monday, 13 March, the sky in Latvia will become clear from time to time. Precipitation is only expected in some areas, as reported by the State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Turnover of Latvian Air Traffic Controllers declined 1.8% last year

Latvian Air Traffic Controllers worked with turnover of EUR 24.527 million in 2016, which is 1.8% less when compared with 2015. The company’s profits declined 26.9% and were EUR 344,336, according to the company’s unaudited financial account.

Puce: Augulis wants to cover up his failure by digging into pensions

The idea voiced this week by Latvian Transport Minister Uldis Augulis about diverting pension fund money towards road repairs is unjustified and absurd, says the party For Latvia’s Development.

TM: demand for container transports within Eurasian supply networks increases

«Demand for container cargo transports within Eurasian supply networks continues to increase. A major increase was noted in 2016 for container cargoes in existing transport routes,» notes Latvian Transport Ministry's state secretary Kaspars Ozolins.

Several flights cancelled at Riga airport due to strikes in Finland and Germany

Airport workers' strike, which are currently taking place at airports in Finland and Germany, are having an impact on the work of Riga International Airport. Because of this, multiple departing and arriving flights have been cancelled, as reported by the airport's representative.

Children born abroad will be allowed to be re-registered in Latvia

Amendments to the Civil Status Registration Law have come into force in Latvia. From now on, in cases when it is necessary to recognize or establish the fact of paternity, execute court ruling in relation to either approval or cancellation of adoption, it will be possible to re-register children of Latvian citizens born abroad, as confirmed by Justice Ministry.

Layer of snow in Latvia may increase by 6 cm

On Friday, 10 March, Latvia’s eastern regions will experience lasting snowfall. The layer of snow in some areas will likely increase by 6 cm. Visibility will become worse during intense snowfall, as reported by State Environmental, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Latvenergo: 70% of households choose to receive bills electronically

Over the course of the year, the number of self-service visits at has increased, reaching eight million a year. This is demonstrated by the fact that 70% of households choose to receive bills electronically, Latvenergo notes.

Minister: use of Insolvency Law in practice should be ensured as soon as possible

«Currently one of the most important challenges is the Insolvency Law and effective application of its amendments in practice. This has to be realized as soon as possible,» says Justice Minister Dzintars Rasnacs.