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Tuesday 21.11.2017 | Name days: Andis, Zeltīte

«Lembergs factor» impedes finance minister’s chances of becoming Eurogroup’s president

Because of «Lembergs factor», Latvian Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola’s chances of becoming president of European Union’s Council of Finance Ministers or Eurogroup are very low, says President of European Movement – Latvia Andris Gobiņš.

Latvian government decided against merging LMT and Lattelecom

On Tuesday, 7 November, Latvian government decided not to support the merge between Latvijas Mobilais telefons and Lattelecom.

Delna sues Lembergs for undermining reputation

Delna association has turned to Ventspils Court with a plea against politician Aivars Lembergs for reporting false and defamatory information about Delna.

Number of people paid envelope wages reduces in Latvia

1% of employed people in Latvia are paid envelope wages. 86% admit being paid official wages, according to results of a survey by CV Market.

Much remains unclear about attraction of highly-qualified labour force from abroad

The Cabinet of Ministers Committee has decided to continue discussions about Economy Ministry’s plan for attracting highly qualified labour force from abroad. It was mentioned at the meeting that it is necessary to look for solutions for attracting low qualified labour force as well.

Salmiņš mentions Šķēle, Lembergs and Šlesers in relation to influence on Diena

During a meeting of the Oligarch case parliamentary investigation committee, former manager of Diena Uldis Salmiņš mentioned former politicians Andris Šķēle and Ainārs Šlesers, as well as infamous Ventspils politician Aivars Lembergs.

Latvia to become part of European High-Power Charging Network

Plans have been announced for Latvia to become part of the High-Power Charging Network. Initially, recharging services will be available at a single petrol station. The goal of this partnership is improving electrical mobility in Europe.

Survey: 91.5% of teachers say schools are not prepared to work with 6-year-olds

When asked if schools are ready for 6-year-olds, 91.5% of teachers say they are not. 69.8% of them say adapting schools for small pupils would be an expensive and lengthy process, as concluded in the survey organized by Latvian Private Pre-school Association and Independent Education Association.

Programme: one person is put in prison for tax avoidance every year in Latvia

Penalties for tax avoidance and money laundering in Latvia have been rather mild until now. It is rare for a person to be put in prison for such crimes. Penalties have often been below the minimal sanction threshold. On average, only a single person is sentenced to prison in such cases, as reported by De Facto.

Weather in Latvia to be volatile this week

With the beginning of a new week, Latvia’s territory will be crossed by a low atmospheric pressure area – a precipitation zone will start moving from the west, bringing rain in western regions during the day and central regions during the night, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

SRS: 5,028 applications received for participation in tax support activities

Ever since the beginning of the tax support project, Latvia’s State Revenue Service has received 5,028 applications. 2,877 decisions on application of tax support activities for a total amount of EUR 27,289,361.63 have been made so far.

Industrial production output in Latvia grew 12.9% in September

Compared to September 2016, industrial production output increased by 12.9 % in September 2017. Rise was recorded in manufacturing (of 7.1 %), mining and quarrying (22.8 %) and electricity and gas supply (38.2 %).

Dālderis: a long-standing taboo in Latvian politics has been broken

«Latvia’s centenary budget is the first one in the history of independent Latvia that finally reflects the principle of tax progressiveness: the wealthy, who use more public resources, will help provide equal opportunities for all and develop the country by paying more taxes that the poor,» says Saeima deputy Ints Dālderis.

Kučinskis: food production is one of the most important economic sectors

On 3 November, Latvian Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis participated in the opening ceremony of World Food India expo in Deli, India. In his speech, Kučinskis said that food production is one of the most important sectors of Latvia’s economy.

Children Clinical University Hospital to open the first room for autistic children

On Thursday, 2 November, Children Clinical University Hospital opened the first examination room for autistic children. The hospital also revealed an internet platform that offers information about autism, its symptoms and treatment methods.

Latvia to see less precipitation on weekends and next week

On Friday and Saturday, the active cyclone will continue moving to the east. This will make the sky cloudy, but every now and then the sun will appear. This also means rain will appear less often and only in some areas, as reported by Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.