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Ceturtdiena 23.03.2017 | Name days: Mirdza, Žanete, Žanna

Government approves personnel selection committee to find a new CEO for Riga Freeport

Riga Freeport authority has approved the personnel selection committee that will pick the new CEO for the port, as BNN was informed by Mareks Gailitis, advisor to Riga City Council deputy chairman Andris Ameriks.

Latvia to invest two million euros in modernization of country’s air quality network

Approximately EUR 2 million to be invested in order to perform modernization of Latvia’s atmospheric air quality network by 2018, as noted by Latvian Environmental, Geology and Meteorology Centre’s representative Sanita Peleke.

Balsts: highest standard apartment prices noted in Teika district

In February, average standard apartment prices were stable. Only in a couple of microdistricts had minimally increased – by 0.12%, as reported by a representative of real estate company Balsts.

Refugees from Somalia attempted to smuggle 600 kg of psychotropic substances to Latvia

Authorities in Latvia have intercepted multiple large contraband shipments of psychotropic substances sent from Kenya. Shipments were organized by refugees from Somalia that were provided with asylum seeker status in Austria and Slovenia, as reported by State Revenue Service.

Laizane: domestic violence against women in Latvia remains a common problem

«Domestic violence against women remains a common problem in Latvia even though major law amendments have been performed in recent years,» says Saeima’s Human Rights and Public Affairs Committee Inese Laizane says.

Expert: there is no doubt that wages and pensions should grow

Annual inflation rate about 3% will not remain for long. It is expected to decline closer to the end of the year, making general inflation rate around 2.5%. It is also expected that employment in the country will rise. Employers will have to put more efforts into finding employers and increase wages, Swedbank economist Linda Vildava shares her prediction for the near future.

Most investment funds in Latvia functioned with positive yield last year

The majority of investment funds present in Latvia worked with positive yield last year. Their performance was greatly influenced by the investment fund currency – better yield in euros was demonstrated by funds operating with Russian rouble or US dollar, as reported by the Finance and Capital Market Commission.

Warning: ticks become active as spring draws closer

Increasing air temperature and gradually thawing snow mean tick will soon become active in Latvia, as reported by Disease Prevention and Control Centre.

Kaspersky Lab: one-tenth of users distort the truth on social networks to feel good

One-tenth of social network users distort the truth in hopes of ingratiating themselves to as many people as possible, as stated in a study by Kaspersky Lab.

Equality of rights of Latvian women in numbers and facts

The proportion of women with higher education significantly exceeds the proportion of men with higher education – 65.5% of women and 34.4% of men. However, women’s average monthly gross wages were 17.1% lower than wages of men in 2016, according to Latvian Welfare Ministry.

ERDB ceases participation in capital of problematic asset manager Reverta

On Tuesday, 7 March, European Reconstruction and Development Bank ceased participation in capital of problematic asset manager Reverta, as mentioned in the company’s report submitted to Nasdaq Riga.

Approximately 500 Latvian soldiers to participate in military exercises in Germany

The Allied Spirit VI military exercises organized by the US army in Europe will be taking place in Germany throughout 8 March – 31 March. Approximately 500 Latvian soldiers are 130 units of military vehicles will be taking part in those military exercises.

Maxima: 53% of residents believe women want tulips as presents for 8 March

The majority of Latvian residents plan to celebrate International Women’s Day. Approximately 68% of them plan to spend up to EUR 20 on celebration, according to results of a survey by Maxima Latvia.

EM to assist in building closer economic cooperation between Latvia and China

Latvian Economy Ministry in China wishes to discuss investment attraction matters and the creation of a Latvian-Chinese think tank to better picture directions for future cooperation. Special attention will be provided to enhancing cooperation within 16+1 format and One Belt One Road project.

IKEA borrows EUR 35.4 million from SEB to build a new store in Latvia

SEB Bank and Verus Praedium, which develops IKEA brand of furniture and household goods in Latvia, have signed an agreement on a long-term loan of EUR 35.4 million for the construction of an IKEA store.

CC: largest merging deals of last year were performed on the retail market

Merging deals and other agreements of the largest businesses in 2016 had affected the competition development in twelve different industries and nearly one billion euros large segment of Latvia’s national economy, Competition Council reports.

LPTA: traders support VAT reduction on food

Members of Latvian Traders Association – Latvia’s largest retailers Rimi and Maxima – support the initiative to reduce VAT on food and separate product groups, BNN was told by LPTA Director Noris Kruzitis.

Survey: women pay attention to car colour less often than men

A recent survey «Women and cars» reveals that women pay far less attention to the matter of buying a car than men. When picking a car, women primarily focus on the vehicle’s engine power and fuel consumption, according to results of a survey performed by Swedbank.