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Monday 22.01.2018 | Name days: Austris

Riga City Council member Bondars has no plans to join any political party

Riga City Council member and former leader of Latvian Association of Regions (LAR) Mārtiņš Bondars has decided to focus on his current political activities. Because of that, he has yet to consider joining any new political party.

Dairy farmers: average milk procurement price has grown 16%

The average milk procurement prices in November increased by 16% in comparison with the same period of the previous year, according to information from Latvian Central Union of Dairy Farmers (LPCS).

SEB Bank to allocate 5.5 million euros in funding to HansaMatrix

To contribute to future development of HansaMatrix, SEB Bank has decided to allocate long-term funding of EUR 4.9 million, as well as a EUR 0.6 million credit line to refinance the company’s financial commitments before other Latvian financial institutions, the bank reports.

60,860 passengers were carried by Tallink between Riga and Stockholm

Estonian ferry operator Tallink Group carried 60,860 passengers from Riga to Stockholm and back in December 2017, which is 19.5% more than it did in the same month of 2016, according to information submitted by Tallink to the exchange.

Security Police: terrorism threat level will remain high in Europe

The terrorism threat level in Europe will remain high. Terrorist attacks will likely be performed by solo terrorists, Latvian Security Police states.

Credit Information Database will include Latvenergo debtors

The Credit Information Bureau has signed a contract for cooperation Latvenergo for information exchange. This means Latvenergo will supply the bureau with information regarding unpaid bills of private and legal persons to help expand debtor databases.

Association: co-financing service draft has given positive signal for international arena

Latvia has commenced work on the Co-financing Service Law. So far it has given a positive signal on the international arena, admits head of Latvian Alternative Financial Services Association Gints Āboltiņš.

LTA: the biggest price increase was noted for eggs last year

Only price decline was noted dairy products (from 0.91 to 0.81 EUR/1 l) over the course of 2017.Prices increased by an average of 16% for other product groups. The biggest increase last year was noted by butter and curd cheese snacks – by 35%, as reported by Latvian Traders Association, which regularly performs a comparison of consumer prices.

Study: inclusion of gender equality in budget planning is limited

Inclusion of knowledge and interest for gender equality aspect in planning documents, strategy and budget is limited, as concluded in Social Integration Fund and Oxford Research Baltics study for the effect of the gender aspect in state and municipal budget formation processes.

City council: Taxify tariff increase on New Year’s night was illegal

In response to information regarding mobile app Taxify increasing tariffs on New Year’s night far above established restrictions on maximum tariffs, Riga City Council’s Transport Department has declared it an illegal act.

Medicine wholesale trade grew by 3.4% in Latvia in November 2017

Wholesale traders of medicines in Latvia sold products worth a total of EUR 32.14 million, which is 3.4% more when compared with the same period of 2016, according to data from State Agency of Medicines (SAM).

Minimum wage in Latvia reaches EUR 430 in 2018

Starting with 1 January 2018, the minimal wage in Latvia will be EUR 430, which is EUR 50 higher than it was the year before. This is provided by amendments approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in regards to minimum monthly wage amount for standard work time and calculation of the minimal hourly rate.

January expected to bring snow and frost to Latvia

Atmospheric pressure will increase above Latvia this week. Because of that, it will rain only in some places in the country on Tuesday, 2 January. Wind will also calm down. Air temperature will remain relatively high, reaching +5° C… +7° C along the coast, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Five pieces of advice to handle New Year’s feast

New Year’s celebration is unimaginable without a rich selection of meals and beverages. The problem is that people have to tackle far more meals during this celebration than they can handle. Often the day after celebration is followed up by serious consequences: headache, nausea and other health problems.

Doctors: most accidents with fireworks happen because people use them while drunk

The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) reminds residents to be careful when using fireworks. Reckless behaviour can cost both the person lighting fireworks and the people watching.

Latvian MEPs: EU faced many serious challenges this year

The European Union has faced many different serious challenges this year, including Brexit, elections in Germany and France, migration crisis and EU budget, as noted by European Parliament members.

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