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Monday 22.01.2018 | Name days: Austris

New head of President’s Office – Gundars Daudze

The newly elected President of Latvia Andris Berzins has chosen Gundars Daudze, the Saeima co-Chairman, to head his office. Berzins approves of Daudze’s experience in heading the 9th Saeima and believes it will also be useful in managing the presidential office.

Refusal to launch criminal proceedings against Economy Minister

Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau has refused to start criminal proceedings against allegedly unlawful activities of Artis Kampars, Economy Minister, according to Aleksandrs Sakovskis, parliamentarian from the political party Harmony Center.

Anti-corruption bureau: municipalities lack controlled use of service cars

28% of Latvian municipalities have not developed a procedure in terms of the use of state assets, which leads to many of them being used for private needs.

83% of Latvian households do not have any savings

If back in early 2010, the welfare level of Latvians was mostly hit by salary cuts, it is food and other basic necessities price gains since the 3rd quarter of the last year. Moreover, four fifths of Latvian households do not have any savings at all.

Easy to avoid limitations of alcoholic beverages commercials

Members of the Association of Alcohol Producers and Traders believe limitations and regulations in terms of alcoholic beverages should apply to all types of spirits as it is alcohol after all.

Unemployment rate in May - 13.2%

In late May, registered unemployment rate in Latvia dropped to 13.2% of all the economically active population. If comparing to April, 2011, the unemployment has dropped 0.7%.

Latvia residents in Ukrainian money laundering schema

Ukrainian law enforcement authorities have identified a grouping, which had been laundering money via impressive public orders. Moreover, members of it are citizens of Latvia.

Latvia to invest 90 million lats for airBaltic to exist

If the state goes on with its shares in the Latvian national airline airBaltic, it should invest 90 million lats immediately for the company to exist, according to TV channel TV3 broadcast Nekā personīga referring to Transport Minister Uldis Augulis’s report on the situation in the airline submitted to the government.

airBaltic: Economy Minister must resign

Economy Minister Artis Kampars should step down after his assumptions on airBaltic insolvency, according to the Latvian national airline, adding that Latvia is the majority shareholder at the airline.

New President of Latvia could work for free

The new elected President Andris Berzins pledges to come up with a significant announcement on the first day of his presidential term. One of the most likely versions rumoured is that he could give up the salary and work for free.

Director of anti-corruption bureau may be dismissed soon

Normunds Vilnitis, director of the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau, days in the post are most likely numbered, as the General Prosecutor's Office has launched criminal proceedings against allegedly unlawful use of the CPCB funds.

New business centre to be launched in Riga

The increasing economic optimism in the Baltic region has prompted the world's largest office solutions company Regus to open a new business centre in Riga.

Economists: growth likely to accelerate in next quarter

Although in the Q1 of 2011, the gross domestic product growth was mainly fueled by exporting or export-related industries, Latvia’s GDP rise lags behind Lithuania (3.5%) and Estonia (2.4%). However, the economic growth is likely to accelerate in the next quarter, economists concede.

BATL - Ventspils Free Port lobbies its companies instead of Latvia's interests

The Baltic Association of Transport and Logistics warns Ventspils Free port administration's activities against AS Ventspils Grain Terminal clearly suggest once more the changes are necessary within Ventspils Free port administration.

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