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Ceturtdiena 21.09.2017 | Name days: Matīss, Modris, Mariss

Flick: I could have as well let state solve airBaltic issues

I could have just handed airBaltic’s financial problems over to the state to find the solution, says Bertolt Flick, the President and co-owner of the airline. Now, knowing the political background, I would seriously consider whether to enter into an agreement on airBaltic’s brand purchase.

State benefit payment restrictions in force until 2012

Given the current economic situation, the restrictions on sickness, maternity, paternity, parental and unemployment benefits, introduced in 2009, will be maintained by 2012.

Nearly 80 000 unemployed participate in hundred-lats programme

Since the initiation of the project, which provides employing jobless persons at local governments for 100 lats allowance, already 79 053 contracts on the participation in the program have been concluded.

Economically-active population in Latvia drops 1.5%

In the last quarter of 2010, the number of economically active population has fallen by 1.5%, compared to the same period a year ago. Almost two thirds (64.5%) of the people in this age group were economically active – this indicator formed 68.9% among men, while among women – 60.7%.

Talsi tragedy victim to get 100 000 lats from State Fire and Rescue Service

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided to allot 101 296 lats from the emergency budget to the institution of the Interior Ministry - State Fire and Rescue Service in order it could comply with the ruling of the Supreme Court to pay a compensation to Talsi tragedy victim Andris Zass.

Only 4% of Latvian households consume up to 100 kWh electricity monthly

Only 4% of Latvian households consume up to 100 kWh electricity a month during the heating season, according to market, social and media research agency TNS Latvia study in collaboration with LNT broadcast 900 sekundes. While Latvenergo objects.

Parex Bank minority shareholders ask government to protect their interests

Seven AS Parex Bank minority shareholders have submitted requests to the Prime Minister, several ministers and the Privatisation Agency, asking the Latvian government to protect the bank's minority shareholders interests.

Clients line up for Enefit

Due to the increased tariffs a growing number of consumers in Latvia want to buy electricity from Estonia.

Murniece: interior minister has to be politician, not expert

The Interior Minister’s post is a political position; therefore, the minister must be a politician, not an expert, the Interior Minister Linda Mūrniece points out. Her resignation will come into effect on June 6, this year.

Only 13% of Latvians forecast housing price drops

Currently, 71% of the Latvian population forecast real estate prices will remain flat or surge during the year. The proportion of people predicting property price falls has dropped by 3%, forming 13%.

Excise tax rise on alcohol and cigarettes suggested for budget consolidation

One of the proposals for the consolidation of the remaining 11 million lats, which was presented at the Coalition Council’s meeting, stipulates the excise tax increase on strong alcohol and cigarettes, points out the Finance Minister Andris Vilks. At the same time, he adds that the excise duty on diesel will not be raised.

Students prefer state universities

There are many higher education establishments in Latvia, each future student can choose among 19 public universities and 15 private ones. Twice as many students choose the first option.

Industrial producer prices surge 1.3%

In January 2011, industrial producer prices surged 1.3% in Latvia, compared to December 2010. Price gains were observed in both the domestic market (1.6%) and exports (0.9%).

Rīgas satiksme Board Chairman Bemhens dismissed

In relation to the unduly paid compensations, SIA Rīgas satiksme, shareholders’ meeting has decided to temporarily dismiss the company’s Board Chairman Leons Bemhens, Riga City Council’s Chairman Nils Ušakovs revealed at the press conference on Monday, February 21.

Citadele sale currently not profitable for Latvia

Provisional indicators suggest that currently the state would not benefit from selling Citadele Bank. Citadele’s inconclusive revenues and huge provisions for bad loans at Parex Bank do not allow anticipating that the fast scenario of both the banks sale would come true.