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Sunday 24.06.2018 | Name days: Jānis

Law amendments to cripple advertising market

If the government leaves law amendments to regulations of advertising objects and information placement by roads in force, ignoring objections from the part of the industry, it will leave an absolutely destroying impact on the advertising sector, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association.

Ten times less spent on children benefits than pensions

Latvia spends ten times less on children and parent benefits than on pensions, says Ilmars Mezs, demographer, adding that the current pension system is too big of a burden to the poor economy of the country. Nevertheless, also pensioners are facing difficult times, he says.

Riga deemed as the most suitable place for LNG construction

Riga has been recognized as the most suitable place for the construction of liquefied natural gas terminal, the Economy Minister Artis Kampars announced today, July 8, at a press conference.

Euromoney recognizes SEB as the best bank in Latvia

In its latest assessment of financial sector, the world's leading financial magazine Euromoney has recognized SEB Bank as the best bank in Latvia, granting it an award for excellence.

Latvia’s suicides move to Britain

Last year, Latvia reported the lowest number of suicides in the past 16 years – 435. Of all Latvians deceased in the UK, 60% committed suicide.

Lithuanian auto mafia blamed in luxury car thefts in Latvia

Expensive car thefts in Latvia are mainly organized by the Lithuanian auto mafia, while Lithuania has become a transit hub for stolen cars, recognized Ints Ķuzis, chief of the State Police Riga Region Department.

Foreign experts believe in airBaltic’s potential

I believe that airBaltic is a sufficiently high level company to attract investors from all over the world, says the aviation expert Jay Sorensen.

Bank of Latvia’s foreign reserves mount to 5.469 billion euro

Compared to May, the Bank of Latvia’s foreign reserves rose 3.83% in late June, hitting 5.469 billion euro (LVL 3.702 bln).

Latio: average price of standard apartments down 0.5%

In June, the average price of square metre at standard apartments in Riga dropped slightly for the second consecutive month, reaching 578 euro – three euro or 0.5% less than in May.

Average forest renewal costs hit 338 lats per hectare

Last year, the average costs of forest regeneration were 228 – 358 lats per ha, depending on forest land quality group. The average costs of forest renewal per hectare are affected by the soil preparation, sapling and planting costs. In 2010, the highest costs of soil preparation and planting were observed in the forest land of 4th quality group.

Other murder cases likely in Ventspils transit business conflict

In the so-called Ventspils transit business some other businessmen’s lives could be at risk, concedes Jānis Jurkāns, politician and former head of the association Baltic Association – Transport and Logistics.

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