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Saturday 23.06.2018 | Name days: Līga

Last year budget deficit - 7.7%, debt - 44.7% of GDP

In 2010 the general government budget deficit of Latvia hit 983.9 million lats or 7.7% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), while the governmental debt amounted to 5 693.6 million lats or 44.7% of GDP.

Economy Minister declaration's defender herself forgets to list tractor

The political association Unity Ethics Commission member Liene Liepiņa, famous for her saying regarding the Economy Minister Artis Kampars case that not always the essence of the matter is as it looks like, herself has also forgotten to mention some things on her annual income declaration.

New taxes likely to be introduced

In 2012, young-growth forests, power lines, hydroelectric power stations and agricultural production facilities may be subject to the cadastral tax, according to the proposals of the task group set by the Prime Minister.

Latvian companies to supply food to NATO soldiers

Twenty nine Latvian companies will supply products to NATO forces in Afghanistan. The total sum of the contracts on food supply now reaches about a million US dollars.

Olainfarm sales spike 28%

Medicines manufacturer Olainfarm sales have surged more than 28%, hitting 7.84 million lats, compared to the performance a year before, according to the companies provisional data on the first quarter of 2011.

100 leading companies ensure all Latvian exports

Last year 100 leading Latvian companies exported production totalling two billion lats, which is nearly a half of Latvia's total export in 2010, according to study of the Central Statistical Bureau and data.

Personal code likely to change

To promote data protection, the first part of a personal code suggesting the birth date of a person might have to be abandoned in Latvia. However, such changes can cost millions of lats.

Swedbank branch robbed in Riga

Today, March 14, an armed robbery took place at Swedbank branch in Purvciems, Riga, the bank's press secretary Kristīne Jakubovska told the business news portal BNN.

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