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Friday 20.04.2018 | Name days: Mirta, Ziedīte

Lithuanian border guards hold hero’s funeral to dog killed in action

Lithuanian border guards have last week held an official funeral ceremony to a dog killed in action near the country's border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

Conservatives and Peasants/Green likely to form Lithuania’s new government

The results of Lithuania’s parliamentary election have veered off way astray from the pollsters’ latest forecasts. The Homeland Union- Lithuanian Christian Democrats, or Conservatives, have surged from around 12 per cent in the pre-election polls to 21.66 per cent of the vote in the final tally; meanwhile, the Peasants/Greens’ leap on the election day was nearly the same, with the party losing the nail-biter fight to Conservatives by a mere 0.11 per cent.

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Polish Film Festival

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week during October 11 and October 16.

Week in Lithuania. Lithuanian Banks cautious on arival of UK‘s Revolut Limited

Stasys Kropas, president of the Lithuanian Banks‘ Association, has expressed cautiousness about the accession of UK-based financial services and payments company Revolut Limited to Lithuania.

Newcomers farmers-greens leading in Lithuanian Seimas election

Lithuania held the first round of its parliamentary election on October 9, where according to partial results Peasants/Greens are leading, while PM Algirdas Butkevičius’-headed Social Democratic Party has come third.

Week in Lithuania. Five per cent of hacker attacks threaten national security

Lithuania’s state institutions are subjected to thousands of attempted cyber attacks on a daily basis, including hundreds constituting a medium threat and at least 5 percent constituting a serious threat, says Rimtautas Černiauskas, director of the National Cyber Security Center.

Lithuanian MPs overturn contentious law ID’ing all booze buyers

After a fortnight of grocery retailers’ mandatory carding, Lithuanian lawmakers gave in to the angry alcohol buyers’ demand to repeal the order and passed this week an amendment that now requires sellers to ID only those alcohol buyers who seem to be underage.

Meet «average candidate» for near Lithuanian parliamentary election

It‘s a race that has coalesced many of Lithuania’s heavy-hitters, political wannabes and simply better-life seekers for the same goal – clinching the coveted seat at Parliament.

Vilnius biomass power and thermal plant project gains EC backing

Lithuanian state funding for the project of a biomass and waste power-thermal plant in Vilnius adheres to EU rules on state support, the European Commission has stated this week.

Lithuanian MPs target smoking on balconies

The nearer end of the four-year term, the weirder bills pass scrutiny of the Lithuanian Parliament, Seimas. First, the legislature has green-lit mandatory carding of all liquor buyers from September 1 and, now, the lawmakers have come close this week to banning smoking in flats’ balconies, terraces and outdoor patios.

Lithuania looking for ways to annul Stockholm Gazprom ruling

Lithuanian Ministry of Energy is reportedly planning to seek the annulment of the ruling by Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania’s legal battle with Russian gas giant Gazprom.

Former Liberals leader insists 90,000 euro bribe was «a loan»

Being long disliked by the public and prosecuted by the justice for an alleged take of bribe, Eligijus Masiulis, a former Lithuanian parliamentarian and the dethroned leader of the Liberal Movement, has laid out his this week his own sequence of the events leading to the fall.

Lithuania sends ammunition to Ukraine, disagrees with calls to lift sanctions

Lithuania has announced that it has supplied combat ammunition to Ukraine and its top diplomat has dismissed calls to lift EU sanctions imposed on Russian officials and companies.