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Sunday 24.06.2018 | Name days: Jānis

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. XI International Slavic Folk Festival «Pokrovskije Kolokola»

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week during November 14-20

Sentence to life in prison with the accused at large in Russia

A Vilnius court‘s decision to sentence to life in prison three former members of the Soviet special police unit OMON for murdering seven Lithuanian border guards and police officers at the Medininkai border checkpoint in 1991 did not give much solace to the families of the slain officers as the accused are free.

Research: Lithuania has largest proportion of expats in EU prisons

In a study as to how many emigrants are imprisoned in the prisons of other European Union member states, it has been estimated that Lithuanians make up the largest proportion, with Latvians and Romanians being next.

Lithuanians teach British troops to recognise and counter Russian propaganda

Lithuanian specialists are sharing their knowledge as to recognising and fighting Kremlin’s information campaign as the UK continues efforts to counter Russian attempts to influence British public opinion.

Lithuania issues civilian guide to recognise Russian military equipment

The Lithuanian government has on October 28 published a handbook as to advisable actions in case of emergency or war. In third such brochure since Russia added Crimea and its population to its territory, the tone is more serious and Lithuanians are instructed to recognise Russian military equipment.

Post-election flare-ups emerge in Lithuania, as winners build new government

Nearly a week after the second round of Lithuania‘s general election, the Lithuanian Peasant and Green Union, the holder of 54 mandates in the141-member Lithuanian Parliament, has not gotten a step closer to agreeing with other political parties on a new Cabinet.

Not all Roma happy about Lithuanian firm making tours to largest Roma village in Baltics

Lithuanian Roma representatives have been critical about a tour agency organising sightseeing tours to the village of Kirtimai promoted as «an extreme challenge» having a former drug addict as a guide.

Lithuanian military discussing deployment of long-range missiles

A senior Lithuanian military officer has on October 20 stated that Lithuania is considering the deployment of long-range missiles in the country in the framework of hosting a multinational NATO battalion in 2017.

Job seekers in Lithuania want Western salaries, employers dumbstruck

Although Lithuanian labour market is in desperate for workforce, but those willing to toil will nod to a job offer only if the pay is really big. So big that the country‘s hirers feel like grabbing their heads upon hearing the candidates‘ salary expectations.

Grybauskaitė: Deploying Iskanders to Kaliningrad – agressive move against European capitals

The sending of nuclear-capable Iskander rockets to Russia’s western-most territory in Kaliningrad is an aggressive move against Europe’s capitals, evaluated Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė on October 18.

Lithuanian border guards hold hero’s funeral to dog killed in action

Lithuanian border guards have last week held an official funeral ceremony to a dog killed in action near the country's border with the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

Conservatives and Peasants/Green likely to form Lithuania’s new government

The results of Lithuania’s parliamentary election have veered off way astray from the pollsters’ latest forecasts. The Homeland Union- Lithuanian Christian Democrats, or Conservatives, have surged from around 12 per cent in the pre-election polls to 21.66 per cent of the vote in the final tally; meanwhile, the Peasants/Greens’ leap on the election day was nearly the same, with the party losing the nail-biter fight to Conservatives by a mere 0.11 per cent.

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Polish Film Festival

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week during October 11 and October 16.

Week in Lithuania. Lithuanian Banks cautious on arival of UK‘s Revolut Limited

Stasys Kropas, president of the Lithuanian Banks‘ Association, has expressed cautiousness about the accession of UK-based financial services and payments company Revolut Limited to Lithuania.

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