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Sunday 25.06.2017 | Name days: Maiga, Milija

Lithuania’s political and economic diary. Lithuania’s floating LNG carrier hailed as Baltics’ energy security guarantee

The buzz leading up to the arrival and introduction of the the vessel, Independence, a floating liquefied natural gas storage and regasification unit, on October 27 was akin to the restoration of Lithuania's own independence 24 years ago.

Black economy kills Lithuania’s small business in hinterlands

Are Lithuanians not enough entrepreneurial? This is to put it mildly, as the Eurostat statistics has thrown Lithuania in that regard to the very bottom of the EU index of entrepreneurialism - only a meager 9.7% of the compatriots work for themselves. The actual level of the self-employed, some Lithuanian economists insist, is a lot higher, but is overshadowed by black economy.

Calendar of cultural and sports events in Lithuania. Georgian traditional and European contemporary music

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Lithuania's new gas terminal seen as geopolitical victory to Baltics

Lithuania's new floating gas storage and regasification ship, which arrived in Klaipėda on October 27, will allow the Baltic state to buy less gas from Russia and is considered an example to how Baltic and European states can free themselves of Russia's energy grip not only in worlds and policy documents.

Lithuania’s political and economic diary. Ruling Order and Justice Party busted by Lithuania’s Special Investigation Service

Agents from Lithuania’s Special Investigation Service busted last Tuesday, October 21, headquarters of the country’s ruling Order and Justice party and apprehended five persons, including former Interior Ministry minister adviser and the ministry’s incumbent Deputy Minister, as well as a TV notable that was in charge in the party’s public relations.

Lithuanian meat producer’s decision to ditch «Soviet» sausage brand stirs uproar in Russia

How to express your disapproval with the Russian President if you are a sausage maker in Lithuania? Make sure you scrap the name of the sausage brand that still sends to many shivers down the spine- «Soviet».

Lithuanian government's efforts to open new export markets are paying off

The efforts of the Lithuanian government to find new export markets amid Russian food embargo are paying back – the Baltic country's Prime Minister evaluated this year's achievements on Monday, October 20.

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Lithuania’s political and economic diary. Lithuania’s worries over Russian propaganda and threat persist

Lithuanian ambassador to the United Nations Raimonda Murmokaitė insists Russia is using propaganda, manipulations and pressure at the UN, therefore the issue of Ukraine must be kept in on the agenda of the international communityand the Russian «propaganda machine» must be countered.

Lithuanian capital Vilnius exerts to stave off bankruptcy

The worse for Vilnius in the circumstances could be only filing for bankruptcy, but Councilmen at the Vilnius Municipality coupled with the influential parliamentary Budget and Finance Committee’s members are scrambling to do whatever it takes to ward off the demise.

Lithuanian construction sector is booming again - masons earn more than doctors

Construction sector, which was hit hard by the 2008 crisis, has rebounded in Lithuania with a robust finish of the year - the housing supply is hitting post-crisis record-highs and prices are edging down. According to Ober Haus, a major real estate company in the country, the average apartment price fall in the autumn was at 4.5%.

Vilnius’ Green Bridge Soviet-era guys and gals awaiting final trial

The Soviet-era monuments in Lithuania are gone long time ago with the sweeping national movement in the early 1990s. The Grutas Park in the proximity of the resort of Druskininkai in southern Lithuania, where the statues of Lenin and other Soviet revolutionaries are displayed to «awws» and «ohhs» of the abundant visitors, is the place to stop by to take a glimpse at the gloomy page of the Lithuanian history. But astonishingly to many, Soviet sculptures on the Green Bridge in Vilnius, embroiled in a lengthy and heated debate on their significance, are still catching the attention of the passers-by eyes in the bustling connection of the capital.

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Lithuania warns: Russian spies recruit Lithuanian border guards

Attempts of Russian spies to come close to persons who have access to secret information have increased in Lithuania. It is possible that Russian spies may be trying to recruit Lithuanian border guards, as reported by

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