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Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. 25th anniversary of restoration of independence

BNN offers you a selection of cultural events in Lithuania for the week between March 9 and 15.

Lithuania’s economic and political diary. Mottle attendance expected for Lithuania’s 25th independence anniversary

A couple dozen of top-ranking foreign guests are expected to turn up at the festivities to mark the 25th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania’s Independence in Vilnius next week.

Can Lithuania hold upright for three days? Even with conscripts

The Lithuanian Parliament has voted for the reintroduction of conscripts army, but the fears that it will be too weak and little to stave off aggression loom wide.

Run-off to be held in Vilnius mayoral election

Lithuania held its municipal election and first direct mayoral election on Sunday. In the capital Vilnius, a mayoral run-off will take placeis expected as no candidate managed to reiceive more than 50% of votes.

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Kaziukas Fair in Vilnius

BNN offers you a selection of cultural events in Lithuania for the week between March 2 and 8.

Druskininkai brags about «Russians’ replacement», Palanga lags

Lithuania sees a whole lot fewer Russian tourists amid Russia’s standoff with the West, but the good news is the hard-hit tourism sector shows agility in luring new throngs of tourists, some of who are on the threshold, in fact.

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Lithuanian Independence Day in concerts and special events

BNN offers you a selection of cultural events in Lithuania for the week between February 16 and February 22.

Higher pensions! Shorter working week! Cheaper electricity! – populist top in run-up to Estonian parliamentary election

The election of Estonian Riigikogu is expected to take place on March 1. In their run-up to the vote, Estonian parties compete in their promises, but the non-profit NGO – centre for political studies Praxis – has compiled a list of the most unrealistic and populist pre-election promises.

Baltics seek room among world’s A-listers

The three Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Estonia provide their residents free and pretty decent health care, the democracy is in full swing, economy growth is there, too, but that just is not enough for them to get bumped up by the World Bank forward in the classification of emerging and developed states.

Proportion of cinemagoers to domestic films on rise in Lithuania

In 2014, Lithuanian cinemas saw a rise in the interest of locally-produced films from 16.5% in 2013 up to 23% last year.

Lithuania‘s economic and political diary. Security measures mount amid Russia menace

NATO defence ministers have agreed on founding international military staffs in the Baltic States, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, Lithuania’s Defence Minister Juozas Olekas said last Thursday, February 5.

«New geopolitics» weighs on Lithuania’s shale gas bid

The conditions for a repeated shale gas exploration and mining tender in Lithuania had to be ready in January, according to the Lithuanian Environment Ministry‘s initial plan. But the date was moved to February, though the announcement did not follow.

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. Kaunas Symphonic Orchestra’s 10th anniversary

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week between February 2 and 8.

Lithuania’s economic and political diary. Institute of World Policy: Lithuanian President is Ukraine’s friend No 1

Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė has ended up on Top-10 Ukraine’s Promoters in the World 2014, a poll by the U.S. Institute of World Policy revealed.

Will China be Lithuania’s new Russia?

Can China ever replace Russia as Lithuania’s trading partner? With the Russian retaliatory sanctions in place, some sectors of the Lithuanian economy have been shaken as the firms is search for new, often yet unchartered markets.

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