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Sunday 30.04.2017 | Name days: Liāna, Lilija, Alta

Lithuania warns: Russian spies recruit Lithuanian border guards

Attempts of Russian spies to come close to persons who have access to secret information have increased in Lithuania. It is possible that Russian spies may be trying to recruit Lithuanian border guards, as reported by

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania. September 21-28

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week from September 21 to 28

Calendar of cultural events in Lithuania September 13-21: European Heritage Days in Vilnius

BNN offers you a selection of cultural and sports events in Lithuania for the week from September 13 to 21.

Lithuania‘s political and economic life diary. Lithuania opens up Hong Kong dairy market

Hong Kong market opens up for Lithuanian dairy products, announced the Lithuanian Government amid intensive efforts to find new markets in the wake of the Russian embargo.

Lithuania’s herky-jerky prices edge up in anticipation to euro

Whatever the Lithuanian government and business elite did or do in calming the folks that with the euro adoption the prices will not go up – at least considerably - the assurances are being shattered by the herky-jerky dance of prices. Up! Up! Up!

Lithuania’s political diary. Russia-wary Lithuania scrambles to secure increased NATO presence

NATO allies have hinted of willing to provide more security capacities for Lithuania in the air, in the sea and on land, Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius said after a round of talks at NATO summit in Wales.

Extra 10 euro for lowest-paid Lithuanians from October 1

With an election ahead, politicians can often lose their sound mind and become ambiguously generous. The left-wing Lithuanian government has been no exception.

Russian embargo shockwaves started crippling Lithuanian haulers

Russian embargo has punched Lithuanian haulers hard in the face - after staggering for a bit in shock, the heavy body of national logistics is starting to slump. This is an illustrative description, but it reflects best the situation among Lithuanian carriers, expecting help from the national Road Carriers’ Association Linava.

Russia grants asylum to billionaire banker wanted in Lithuania

Russia has granted asylum to Lithuania's banker and billionaire Vladimir Romanov, wanted internationally for embezzlement of the funds of Ukio Bankas.

Lithuania’s political life diary. Lithuania eyes euro adoption, set to fight price abuse amid the process, prices edge up though

Lithuania’s Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius has again reiterated and reminded supervisory authorities to maintain tight supervision over the preparations for the adoption of the euro in the country. With any breaches detected, he prompted the authorities to impose penalties on the infringers during the period of currency changeover.

Lithuanians tout state jobs, but snub any exclusivity in the hiring

If one is looking for a white-collar job in Lithuania, it has to be preferably in state sector. Only a mere 2 percent of Lithuanians believe that work in private and state sectors is tantamount, while a whopping 50 percent noted that civil office workers are better socially protected, therefore nailing a job in state sector is much harder.

Lithuanian dairy producers seek Government help amid Russian embargo

If you happened to be at a dairy products section in a Lithuanian supermarket, vivid, colorful and Russian language-emblazoned labels of yogurts, cheese, cottage cheese or sour cream will likely catch your eyes, even if you speak neither Russian, nor Lithuanian.

Lithuania faces proposal to legalise euthanasia

A member of the Lithuanian Seimas has prepared a draft law that sets forth guidelines, conditions and procedure for conducting euthanasia. Currently, euthanasia is forbidden in the predominantly Catholic Baltic state.

Poll in Lithuania shows popular support for permanent NATO presence

68% of Lithuanians support permanent presence of NATO forces in their country, a public opinion poll by the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence shows.

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