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Sunday 19.11.2017 | Name days: Liza, Līze, Elizabete, Betija

Powerful explosive found in bus Minsk - Vilnius

On Saturday morning, Vilnius bus station was cut off: mine experts dealt with the bomb, which arrived in a bag on the shuttle bus from Minsk. Police is looking for a young Belarusian.

Latvia is the most unattractive for investments among Baltic states

Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian businessmen find Estonia the most attractive country for foreign investments among the Baltic states, but Latvia – the most unattractive. Only 1% of Lithuanian businessmen and 15% of Estonian businessmen find Latvia the most attractive country for foreign investments.

Most Lithuanians don't want to emigrate for ever

Lithuanian residents don't want to leave their country for ever: half of respondents (48.8%) state they don't want to emigrate at all.

Lithuania against the new order of allocating aid to EU member countries

The European Commission offers to link the allocation of financial aid to EU member states for the period from 2014 to 2020 to the GDP index. Lithuania does not support European Commission’s proposal, Lithuanian Prime-minister Andrius Kubilius notes.

Lithuania produces more wind power than Germany

Last year, Lithuania was much ahead of Germany in the area of producing wind power, energy specialists say. "We produced 10% energy of wind power, while Germany – only 5.9%," says Rymantas Juozaitis, Chairman of the Lithuanian Committee of the World Energy Council.

Latvia and Lithuania to share an embassy

Latvia and Lithuania decided to realize a practical idea of representing Scandinavian and Baltic States in other countries – the government of Lithuania supported the decision to allocate some room in their embassy in Moldova for Latvian diplomats.

Vilnius airport services record number of passengers

Vilnius International Airport passenger traffic has been showing a steady upward trend since 2011. Results of January 2012 are the best of all January statistics in the company's history.

Taxi drivers on strike in Vilnius

Taxi company workers carried out a protest action in Vilnius, in the morning on the 8th of February. About fifty cabs kept driving in circles for several hours near the Pedagogical University.

Frost brings profit to car-service centers

Klaipeda streets are mostly empty because of -20 degrees Celsius frost. Car-service center owners are happy because of the sudden client flow these days: the reason for the absence of cars is frost.

Lithuanian economy grows by 5.8% in 2011

Last year Lithuanian economy grew by 5.8%. This is four times more than that of 2010, when the increase was 1.4%.

Wages of Lithuanian ministers depends on their work experience

Even though the economic crisis is not over, wages of some members of Lithuanian government continue to increase.

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