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Sunday 18.03.2018 | Name days: Ilona, Adelīna

Police: pickpockets do not pick their victims randomly

A passenger wearing a thick winter coat puts on the hood and headphones gets on a bus, unaware that a pickpocket has already ‘visited’ their pocket. Thieves do not pick their victims randomly – they observe their future victim and pick from the most absent-minded people in the crowd, State Police explains.

Latvia’s retail trade rise in November was more rapid than Europe’s average

In November 2017, retail trade volume in Latvia had increased by 4.8% in comparison with the same month the year before, according to data from Eurostat.

OECD predicts second most rapid wage rise for Latvia among member states

Average wage in Latvia will grow 4.1% this year. This is the second most rapid increase among member states of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), according to the organisation’s latest predictions.

Latvian State Revenue Service successfully increases tax collection efforts

In 2017, Latvia’s State Revenue Service (SRS) collected 90 million euros more in taxes than it had originally planned, said the institution’s director general Ilze Cīrule in an interview to Rīta Panorāma programme.

Estonia prices up by over 3% last year; dairy products and eggs – by 10%

Driven by more expensive food products and non-alcoholic beverages, consumer prices in Estonia have in 2017 compared to 2016 levels risen by 3.4%, statisticians have estimated.

Survey: more than 40% of employers plan to increase wages for employees in 2018

In 2018, employers will feel positive changes not only in terms of job offers but also in terms of wage rise. 41% of employers have plans to increase wages for at least some of their employees, according to results of a survey performed by CV-Online Latvia.

De facto: government refuses to reveal the costs of Inčukalns gas storage facility’s shares

Twenty years after the privatization of Inčukalns underground gas storage facility by Latvijas Gāze the state controls it once again. The government has paid a so far unknown amount of money for more than one-third of shares, as reported by De Facto programme of LTV.

After excise tax reform, petrol in Riga becomes the most expensive in Baltic States

Following the increase of excise tax for fuel in Riga, 95th brand petrol became the most expensive in Baltic States in the first week of 2018.

Air temperature to decline and precipitation to calm down in Latvia this week

This week, a small precipitation zone will pass through Latvia, bringing snowfall to some areas in Latvia. Wind speed will likely reach 15-17 m/sec (20-23 m/sec along the coast), as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Crisis Management Council declared nation-wide natural catastrophe in Latvia’s forestry

At the end of 2017 the Crisis Management Council declared a nation-wide catastrophe in the country’s forestry, as reported by Agriculture Ministry.

Global Finance declares SEB Bank’s digital solutions the best in Baltic States

When assessing digital solutions provided by banks in central and eastern Europe, international business and finance magazine Global Finance declared SEB Bank’s internet banking service the best in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, as confirmed by the bank.

Citadele: businessmen believe grey economy has a tendency to decrease

73% of Latvian businessmen believe the volume of grey economy in their represented industry is either low or non-existent. In addition, the grey economy has a tendency to reduce, according to results of Citadele Index.

Survey: youngsters in Latvia save up money for travel or first mortgage instalment

More than half of Latvian youngsters aged 18 to 25 make savings by diverting an average of EUR 50 every month. Around 60% of youngsters make savings for something specific, such as travel, big purchases or first mortgage instalment, as concluded in SEB Bank’s survey.

Court in Tallinn upholds decision for ruling party to pay to state 110,100 euros

A court in Tallinn has dismissed Estonian ruling Centre Party's appeal against a decision by party funding watchdog to regard the party's large cash reserves as an illegal donation that should be transferred to the state budget.

Latvian Border Guard to be given right to register data on all people crossing country’s border

The government plans to provide the State Border Guard with the right to register and save information about all persons crossing Latvia’s border, as confirmed by Interior Affairs Ministry.

American lawyer believes bitcoin created by Estonian IT researcher

As attempts to find the mysterious inventor of bitcoin continue, an American lawyer has noted he believes that Estonian cryptographer Helger Lipmaa working in Tartu can be identified as the author of the crypto-currency – a claim rejected by the Estonian himself.

Colder masses of air to flow into Latvia; snow expected in many areas

On Friday, 5 January, a new cyclone will approach Latvia from the west. Because of that, weather in the country will remain cloudy and rich with precipitation. Most of Latvia will experience rainfall, but some areas may have wet snow as well, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

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