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Saturday 16.12.2017 | Name days: Alvīne

Ministry: digitization offers new opportunities for reaching development goals

Digitization is a field important for all countries regardless of their revenue level. Cyber security should become an integral part of the digitization process, said Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s representative at an informal meeting of EU Foreign Affairs Council.

Foreign Affairs Committee: EU member states should resolve security challenges together

«To make sure security challenges southern member states of the European Union now face do not become a burden for northern member states, the EU should stand against hem as a unified whole,» says chairman of Saeima’s Foreign Affairs Committee Ojārs Ēriks Kalniņš.

EU: Complete Rail Baltica would make idea of Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel viable

A complete Rail Baltica railway project is a necessary precondition for possibly receiving investment from the European Commission for the construction of an undersea tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki, the European Commission has noted.

Publication of officials’ declarations still in consideration

Public Administration Committee plans to conclude work on regulations regarding the publication of wages of people employed in state government, as reported by Saeima’s press-service.

Foreign trade turnover in Latvia in July exceeded last year’s result by 14.4%

In July 2017, Latvian foreign trade turnover amounted to EUR 2.04 billion, which at current prices was 14.4 % more than in July 2016, of which the exports and imports values of goods were 6.9 % and 20.5 % higher, respectively.

NP: SRS director to explain why Finance Police ended VAT scam case with Šlesers home

The oligarch case viewed with new eyes forces questions not only about Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau’s and prosecutors’ ability to prove corruption, but also the efficiency of work performed by State Revenue Service’s Finance Police, Nekā personīga programme notes.

De Facto on tax reform: bigger burden for businesses and more freedom for owners

The tax reform provides for the transferring the tax burden to businesses and relieving owners of those businesses of payments. Under certain conditions, businesses will have to pay less taxes than before, says De Facto programme of LTV.

Estonian exports increase by 6%, trade deficit – by EUR 197mn on year in July

Exports out of Estonia in July totalled 900 million euros, while imports were 1,1 billion euros in current prices, with exports increasing by 6%, imports by 9% and trade deficit by 197 million euros since July 2016, Estonian statisticians have estimated.

EM: price decline in August was the slowest in recent years

According to data from the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia, consumer price level in August, when compared with July, declined 0.2%. Prices for goods declined 0.6% and prices for services increased 0.6 %. The price decline in August was associated with seasonal factors, reports Economy Ministry.

Weather in Latvia to be particularly rainy this week

Wide precipitation zones are expected to cross Latvia from the south in the coming days, bringing clouds and rain to most of the country. The volume of precipitation in some areas may reach 15-20 mm, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Week in Lithuania. Central Bank chief notes signs of economic overheating

Lithuania's economy shows signs of overheating, however, they are not of the extent they were during the economic boom before the latest financial crisis in 2008-2010, says Vitas Vasiliauskas, chairman of the board of the central Bank of Lithuania.

Small wages – one of the main reasons for emigration

Small wages and inability to find work are two of the main reasons why Latvian residents decide to emigrate to other countries, according to results of a study performed by SKDS and Latvian Alternative Financial Services Association.

Average consumer price level in Latvia increases 3.1%

Compared to August 2016 the average level of consumer prices increased by 3.1 % in August 2017. Prices of goods grew by 3.0 % and prices of services by 3.2 %.

Lidl project developer meets with Purvciems residents’ representatives

Following an initiative from Riga City Council Housing and Environment Committee leader Vjaceslavs Stepanenko, a meeting was held Thursday, 7 September, between representatives of Purvciems residents and Lidl project developer to search for a compromise solution for chopping down trees at Dzelzavas iela 75 b.

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