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Saturday 25.03.2017 | Name days: Māra, Marita, Mārīte

New Year’s celebration in Latvia to pass under weather similar to last year’s celebration

No significant changes with weather are expected for Tuesday and Wednesday in Latvia. The active cyclone hovering above Latvia will ensure precipitation-rich period in the country. Wind speed will pick up to reach 25 m/sec on the night to Wednesday in Latvia’s coastal regions.

Researchers determine which countries’ children behave reckless the most on the internet

Kaspersky Lab has performed a study to determine children of which countries have been behaving risky on the internet this year. Based on statistical data from Christmas Control Module, the study showed that the majority of attempts of young users to access websites with inappropriate content was registered in Israel (775 blocked attempts per user), followed by UK (460), USA (352), Sweden (345) and Canada (302).

Estonia working on attracting foreign ships to register under its flag

Estonian Maritime Administration continues its work on a push to attract shipping firms to register their ships in Estonia by offering e-registration and a reduced tax burden.

Latvian Shipping Company reaches an agreement on loan refinancing

Latvian Shipping Company has achieved an agreement in regards to loan contract conditions with a three-bank syndicate – HSH Nordbank, DVB Bank SE, SEB (Stockholm) – for the refinancing of the USD 360 million loan.

Saeima to discuss proposal to not apply PIT on pensions

On Thursday, 22 December, Saeima asked the parliamentary Social and Employment Matters Committee and Budget Finance Committee to review the proposal to lift the application of PIT on pensions.

Estonian lenders continue work on positive credit rating register

Lenders in Estonia are continuing to build a common positive credit rating register to enable banks and creditors assess the ability of upcoming clients to repay their debts.

Latvian residents pessimistic about chances of finding good jobs

As the year comes closer to its end, residents become more and more positive. Compared with October, residents’ overall prediction for the future has improved by three points. Optimistic changes are also noted in general expectations, which have improved by two points.

No snow for Latvia this Christmas

The first two ten-day periods of December have been warmer than the norm; multiple air temperature records have been exceeded. It is expected that air temperature across most of the country will remain above 0° C for Christmas as well.

Thin layer of snow may influence electricity price rise next year

This year for Baltic electricity market marked significant development infrastructure. As a result of this development, electricity price in Latvia has declined 13%. In Estonia, on the other hand, an increase of electricity prices has been noticed, according to information from Enefit.

Legislative acts for violence prevention and other decisions viewed by Saeima this week

On Thursday, 22 December, members of the Saeima will gather on the final autumn session of the year. There are 38 matters on the meeting’s agenda.

Estonian milk and pork purchase prices recover

Over the first nine months of 2016, purchase prices have slightly recovered with farmers being able to sell milk 2.5% higher and pork – 9% higher, the Estonian Rural Affairs Ministry found in a survey.

Nearly one-third of households hope for improvement of financial situation next year

Looking at changes of their financial situation, one-third of Latvian residents said the situation in their household has improved. Another one-third mentioned their situation has worsened.

Fourteen major legislative changes to come into force in Latvia next year

Minimal wage increase, not labour pay system for workers of certain sectors and amendments to unemployment benefits – these and other major legislative changes will come into force in Latvia next year and will affect all Latvian residents, as stated by SEB bank economist Dainis Gaspuitis.

PHOTO: winter solstice celebration in Old Riga

This Tuesday’s evening in Old Riga was livened up with traditional log-pulling through the streets of the old city, which culminated in log burning, folk dances, songs and games.