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Saturday 16.12.2017 | Name days: Alvīne

Latvia eases citizenship provision process for Latvians and Livonians living abroad

Latvian Cabinet of Ministers has approved rules that provide Latvians and Livonians living abroad with rights to undergo repeated language exams to become Latvian citizens, as reported by Interior Affairs Ministry.

Latvia has third largest mobile internet consumption in the world

Last year, mobile internet consumption in Latvia continued rapidly growing, reaching record high amount – 5 GB per SIM card. This puts Latvia on the third spot among the world’s technological superpowers.

Consumption of renewable energy resources grew 14.1% in the past ten years

In 2016 gross consumption of renewable energy resources in Latvia constituted 68.7 petajoules (PJ). Compared to 2015, the consumption of renewables has risen by 5.7 %, whereas over the past ten years – by 14.1 %.

Several streets in Riga to be given new names

Riga City Council’s City Development Committee has supported giving new names to nine of the Latvian capital’s streets. The final decision on new names will be made at the next meeting of the city council.

Johnson pledges support to Baltic, Nordic countries after British divorce from EU

After the UK leaves the European Union, the country will continue its commitment to the defence of Nordic and Baltic nations, Boris Johnson, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary has noted.

Border Guard to procure new helicopters; NAF to repair old ones

Latvian State Border Guard currently evaluates offers for procurement of new helicopters. The country’s National Armed Forces, one the other hand, has plans to procure new helicopters in the near future. Until then, old helicopters will be kept repaired and in battle-ready condition, according to available information.

Estonia wishes to support railway company with EUR 8 million

The Estonian government has received a proposal to support in the amount of eight million euros the state railway company Eesti Raudtee, which has seen its revenue decrease considerably.

State Treasury: taxes collected in August exceed plan by 5%

Total tax revenue in Latvia exceeded the planned amount by 5% in August 2017, according to information from State Treasury.

Latvia’s industrial production output grew 8.8% in July

Compared to July 2016, industrial production output increased by 8.8 % in July 2017. The rise recorded in manufacturing constituted 8.2 %, in mining and quarrying – 28.6 % and in electricity and gas supply – 7.7 %.

Data shows 4% of Latvians tend to use medication whenever they feel like it

64% of Latvian residents tend to use medication without consulting with their doctor or pharmacist, according to Mana Aptieka & Apotheka health index.

Estonian Centre Party to expel election renegades, except Savisaar

With the Estonian local government election nearing, Estonian Prime Minister and leader of the Centre Party, Jüri Ratas has stated that told ERR apart from the corruption-suspected former chairman Edgar Savisaar, members running outside of the party's list would be expelled from the party.

Weather expected to be volatile in Latvia in September’s first week

Weather in Latvia will be dictated by a cyclone at the beginning of the week. On Monday, 4 September, weather in Latvia will be cloudy and rainy, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

State Labour Inspectorate begins inspections at agricultural companies

On Monday, 4 September, Latvia’s State Labour Inspectorate commenced inspections at different agriculture companies in relation to compliance with work safety requirements.

Week in Lithuania. Lietuvos Energija CEO questioned by Special Investigation Service

Dalius Misiūnas, chairman of the management board and CEO of the state-owned energy group Lietuvos Energija, on Thursday, August 31, was questioned by Special Investigation Service officials.

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