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Saturday 21.10.2017 | Name days: Severīns, Urzula

Tragic explosion in residential building in Saulkrasti novads

Fire-fighters in Latvia, have been called to Saulkrasti novads, where a residential building had crumbled after an explosion. Five dead people were found in the rubble.

Heating to arrive in Riga flats this week

All Riga residential buildings administered by the city council’s SIA Rīgas namu pārvaldnieks can expect to have central heating by the end of the week.

UK situation with children of Latvian nationals has improved

Lately, the situation with the children of Latvian nationals in the UK has got better, stated Latvian Ambassador to the UK, Baiba Braže. The Ambassador acknowledged that the number of children taken away by British authorities from families of UK-based Latvian nationals has decreased and added that currently, local authorities are more active in informing the Latvian Embassy of such cases.

Latvian farmers oppose the need to buy insurance for vehicle, if it's not used on road

Latvian farmers are opposed to the requirement backed by the Latvian government for owners to buy compulsory motor vehicle civil liability insurance also for vehicles that are not used in road traffic, says the board chairman of the Latvian Agricultural Organization Cooperation Council, Edgars Treibergs.

Fire-fighters: cats are animals getting most often into trouble

Latvian fire-fighters have in the first nine months of 2016 performed over 5 500 rescue operations and close to every seventh such a call, or 735 cases, have been from residents seeking help in saving animals in difficult situations, said the Latvian State Fire and Rescue Service.

Latvian government supports EUR 88 million more funding to road repairs

The Latvian government has backed allocating in the next three years additional 88.4 million euros to repairing roads, which in Latvian rural parts are often dangerously outdated.

Single elderly households are poorest in Latvia

Among Latvian households, the lowest income has been observed in the households of single and elderly people, who are aged 65 or older, Latvian statisticians have estimated.

Estonian cooperative bank Coop Pank starts operations

Estonian Krediidipank has been from Monday, October 2, rebranded to Coop Pank reflecting the principles of operation of its largest owner – a group of cooperatives.

Oncologists: Rigvir scandal shames Latvia

Leading oncology and health organizations in Latvia have rejected taking part in Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša’s discussion on whether or not Rigvir medicine should remain on the State Register of Medicines and list of state-compensated medicines.

Retail trade turnover in Latvia grew 5.3% in August

Compared to August 2016, total retail trade turnover rose by 5.3 % in August 2017. Turnover of retail trade in food products increased by 7.7 %, while turnover of retail trade in non-food products grew by 4.1 %.

NATO to test its ability to respond to modern security challenges

NATO’s annual CMX 2017 exercises will be taking place 4th – 11h October in member states, including Latvia. The Crisis Management Exercise will test member states’ ability to react in fictive crisis situations and ensure proper coordination on a strategic level, as reported by Defence Ministry.

Estonia, trading CO2 pollution quotas, made 25 million euros in 2016

As part of the EU emissions trading system in 2016, Estonia earned over 23.5 million euros from selling in auction its unnecessary greenhouse gas emission units, the Baltic country’s Minister of the Environment has stated.

Investment priorities – people expect support for culture, sports and healthcare

Businesses pick sectors to support local communities more and more carefully. Society’s beliefs about the importance of investment activities have changed. People have changed their views on benefits from investments and priority areas worth supporting, according to results of a study performed by Kantar TNS.

Tallinn hosts EU Digital Summit

The Digital Summit of the heads of state and government of European Union member states is held by the Estonian presidency on Friday, October 29. Estonia’s EU Council residency has stated that the most important blocs of issued delegates and heads of state and government are expected to discuss are mutual trust, security, e-government, industry, society, and the economy.