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Saturday 25.03.2017 | Name days: Māra, Marita, Mārīte

Virši-A: Lithuania will benefit the most from excise tax changes among Baltics

Finance Ministry’s proposal to raise excise tax will create several major risks, notes Virši-A board member Janis Prieditis.

Number of children living under foster care reduces in Riga

Last year, 88 children were placed under foster care. In total, however, 337 children of the municipality were living under foster care in 2016. This is the lowest index for the past decade, according to information from Riga Orphan’s Court.

Eurostat: Latvia has the third highest share of renewable energy in the EU

Latvia has the third highest share of renewable energy in the European Union, according to the latest data compiled by Eurostat for 2015.

Minister: teachers’ wages in Estonia are higher thanks to a well-organized school network

Compared with the current minimal rate for 30 hours of work for teachers, the increase should be EUR 30 to reach EUR 710 for minimal teachers’ pay rate, according to the schedule for teachers’ pay rise developed by Latvian Education and Science Ministry.

UK House of Lords approves Brexit bill

On Monday, 13 March, UK House of Lords approved the bill for providing authority to Prime Minister Theresa Mary May for the official commencement of talks for United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. A couple of hours prior to that, the bill had been approved by the House of Representatives.

Survey: Latvians criticize Kucinskis' vote on giving away Abrene to Russia

According to results of RAIT Agency’s survey data, 42% of Latvian respondents criticize Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis vote on giving away Abrene to Russia.

Estonia eying heavy goods vehicle levy

With the introduction of a heavy goods vehicle levy from 2018, the Estonian Economic Affairs and Communications Ministry hopes to collect extra 17 million euros a year.

Oil prices suffer decline on the world market

On Monday, 13 March, oil prices on the world market suffered a decline, which is largely associated with investors’ concerns over whether or not crude supply from USA can impact effort of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to limit oil production and reduce excessive energy supplies.

Latvia Tours concluded 2016 with turnover of EUR 18 million

Outgoing tourism was the priority turnover creation engine. It was EUR 15 million last year. Ingoing tourism secured turnover of EUR 1.8 million, according to data from Latvia Tours for 2016.

Namibia wishes to form more active trade cooperation with Latvia

Latvia and Namibia wish to improve mutual cooperation in trade and education, said Latvian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s state secretary Andrejs Pildegovics and ambassador of Namibia in Latvia Bonny L. Dumeni Tuufilwa Haufiku during a meeting in Riga on Tuesday, 13 March.

Misleading information reported about free movement of armed NATO troops in Latvia

«Last week, misleading information about NATO troops being allowed to move around Latvia with firearms loaded with live ammunition was reported in the public space,» as reported by Latvia’s Defence Ministry.

Latvia: value of exports goods up 13.3%; import goods up 18.5%

During the month of January, the foreign trade balance worsened, as exports in the total foreign trade value dropped to 45.1 %.

Estonian technology firm secures large Norwegian investment

Nettbuss, which is the leading coach operator in Scandinavia, will acquire a 15% share of Estonian electronic ticket company T Solutions.

airBaltic to commence Riga-Liepaja flights in May

On 16 May, Latvia’s national airBaltic airline will commence inland flights from Riga to Liepaja, BNN was told by the airline’s representative Janis Vanags.