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Sunday 30.04.2017 | Name days: Liāna, Lilija, Alta

International logistics operator Pony Express enters Latvia’s market

Pony Express has announced its entry to the European market. Its first office will be opened in Riga, company representatives say.

Tele2 expands frequency in Estonia aiming 4.75G

Telecommunications firm Tele2 has purchased more volume in the 2,300-megahertz frequency band to be able to upgrade its 4.5G network to 4.75G network and to reach the goal as the first among its competitors.

Bergmanis satisfied that Canadian-led combat group will be stationed in Latvia

«Latvia is a member of the world’s strongest military alliance, and the presence of Canadian-led combat group in the country will significantly strengthen our defensive capabilities,» says Latvian Defence Minister Raimonds Bergmanis.

DPD Latvia commences cooperation with Pasta Stacija

DPD Latvia has commenced cooperation with Pasta Stacija, offering clients more freedom of choice when it comes to receiving packages in locations most convenient to them, BNN was informed by the company.

Reduced VAT on medicine will not be cancelled; other solutions will be considered

The matter regarding the cancellation of reduced VAT on medicine will no longer be viewed by the government. Instead, other solutions for financing healthcare will be considered, said Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis on Tuesday, 18 April, after a meeting of coalition partners.

Justice Ministry claims number of complaints about administrations has reduced

The number of complaints submitted to Insolvency Administration about behaviour of insolvency administrations in different insolvency cases, Justice Ministry reports.

Police: counterfeit bags and wallets were confiscated the most from illegal trade this year

Last year, State Police confiscated a large number of counterfeit sports footwear. This year, however, the majority of counterfeit goods confiscated from illegal trade consisted of wallets and bags. Officers confiscated a total of 490 bags and wallets with a total value of approximately EUR 95,000.

More than 45.4 million euros available from Cohesion Fund for water management projects

Financing of more than EUR 45.4 million is available from the European Cohesion Fund for water management projects aimed at improving their accessibility and quality, as reported by the Central Finance and Contracting Agency.

Latvian Finance Ministry increases government debt outlook

Finance Ministry has decided to increase the government debt outlook in Latvia’s Stability programme 2017-2020 for the current and future years.

Study: 61% of Latvians often lash out at family members in stressful situations

Interviewing people with children, 69% of respondents said they often release the stress they bottled up during the day at home in the evening. 61% of respondents said they sometimes lash out at their family members, including children, in stressful situations.

Number of insurance claims for house robberies grows 23% on holidays

In the past three years, the number of insurance claims for compensations for apartment robberies and houses has increased 23% during holidays and celebrations, according to data from BALTA Insurance Company.

Latvia should be careful of adopting Estonia’s model in the tax system

Latvia should watch out for the so-called Estonian model’s introduction in the country’s tax system, says World Bank senior economist Emilija Skroka. World Bank experts are sceptical about this idea.

Lithuanian employers hail new labour bill, trade unionists frown

The enactment of Lithuania’s new Labour Code has been put off for six months, but, now, seemingly all roadblocks have been removed to enacting it from July 1 after the country’s Trilateral Council, consisting of Labour Unions, Government and employer organizations, agreed on the final redaction of the bill.

Three American Chinook transport helicopters to enhance Latvia’s security

This week, three Chinook transport helicopters of U.S. army will arrive at Lielvarde airfield to reinforce Latvia’s National Armed Forces. These helicopters will be stationed in the Baltic region on a permanent basis.

Estonian doctors speak of strikes lasting for months

Estonian healthcare workers have announced political strike after the country’s government did not decide on additional funding for the sector within a deadline. «We have considered our strike funds and I believe that we could be speaking of months, not weeks, when it comes to the possible length of the strike,» secretary general of the Estonian Medical Association Katrin Rehemaa was cited as saying.

Latvian residents: I need to feel safe to be happy

Safety is the main criterion to ensure happiness for Latvian residents in their homes, according to results of a study by international real estate developer company Bonava on residence happiness index.

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