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Sunday 18.03.2018 | Name days: Ilona, Adelīna

Tallinn hosts EU Digital Summit

The Digital Summit of the heads of state and government of European Union member states is held by the Estonian presidency on Friday, October 29. Estonia’s EU Council residency has stated that the most important blocs of issued delegates and heads of state and government are expected to discuss are mutual trust, security, e-government, industry, society, and the economy.

Summer finally ends in Latvia; October begins with autumn-like weather

Dry weather will remain for Saturday and Sunday. October in Latvia will begin with properly autumn-like weather, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Saeima deputies support proposal to make travel around Europe easier with dogs

From now on, dog owners will have to use a single unified health certificate that will detail information of all vaccines performed for the dog, providing the owner the right to travel within the European Union with their dog, as provided by amendments conceptually supported by the Saeima for the Veterinary Medicine Law.

Sexism is a topical problem that is present in politics

In Latvia, even women who take important posts are often viewed in relation to established gender roles – a woman is a mother and wife, says Latvian Welfare Ministry’s Social Planning and Development Department’s senior expert Agnese Gaile.

32% of Latvians always study their potential employers on social media

Nearly one-third of interviewed Latvian residents always study their potential employers before applying for the first job interview, according to results of a survey performed by CV Market.

Latvenergo enters Estonia’s gas market

Latvenergo’s energy trading company in Estonia – Elektrum Eesti – has commenced selling natural gas to business clients, as confirmed by the company.

Estonia to reform father benefits and leave

As Estonia continues to motivate fathers to engage more in child- care, the Estonian government has approved proposals for prolonging paternal benefits and reforming the the Baltic country's parental leave and benefits system.

Delna asks Čakša to explain approach to resolve possible conflict of interests

Society for openness Delna has sent a letter to Healthcare Minister Anda Čakša, asking here to explain how the ministry intends to resolve a possible conflict of interests that involves the minister’s advisor, the country’s head oncologist Dace Baltiņa, who is also director of the International Virotherapy Centre.

Inspection launched at Rietumu Bank in relation to account associated with Donetsk People’s Republic

Finance Capital and Market Commission has commenced an inspection at Rietumu Bank in relation to an account that was opened to gather finances for self-proclaimed Donets People’s Republic, as noted by FCMC Communications Department manager Laima Auza.

FCMC approves recommendations for credit institutions to help uncover suspicious deals

Finance Capital and Market Commission has developed and approved recommendations for credit institutions to help uncover signs of suspicious transactions and improve the ability to prevent questionable financial transactions.

Entrepreneur: Tokyo City case symbolizes a much more serious problem

It has become known recently that State Revenue Service’s Finance Police commenced a criminal process in relation to envelope wages and tax avoidance at Tokyo City restaurant network. However, this case is not as much about the company as it is about the possibility of such situations repeating, says entrepreneur and Jurmala airport board member Zane Driņķe.

Employers: it is important to continue sorting out the healthcare industry

It is important to continue initiated systematic changes and dialogue with social partners to find common ground and contribute to the accessibility of healthcare services, public health indexes, as well as secure appropriate wage increases for healthcare workers, says Latvian Employers’ Confederation director Līga Meņģelsone.

Estonia wishes to attract 500 foreign ICT specialists in 2018

Estonian Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology voiced government's plans to attract in 2018 no less than 500 foreigners, specialists in the information and communications technology field, to Estonia.

Lithuania willing to call Georgia «Sakartvelo»

Senior Lithuanian politicians have expressed readiness to standartise the name it uses referring to Georgia to «Sakartvelo», rather than the Russified name it now uses, «Gruziya», responding to a long-time diplomatic endeavour of the Caucasus state.

FCMC permits transition of Nordea Bank’s Latvian branch to DNB Bank

The Finance and Capital Market Commission has decided to permit transition of ownership over Nordea Bank AB assets and commitments in Latvia to DNB Bank, as confirmed by the commission.

Latvian citizenship provided to 64 more people this year

On Tuesday, 26 September, the Cabinet of Ministers issued an order to provide Latvian citizenship to 64 people, including three underage youths, who went through naturalization with their parents.

Association: certain municipalities violate the Criminal Law

An absurd situation has formed in Latvia, when society is not properly kept informed of voters’ proposed legislative projects and their signing. Certain municipalities do not provide citizens the right to sign them, thereby violating Section 90 of the Criminal Law, says Open Management Partnership in Latvia representative Ivars Redisons.

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