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Sunday 18.03.2018 | Name days: Ilona, Adelīna

Scottish football fans warned of no-alcohol match in Lithuania

Scottish press has warned over 3,000 Scottish football fans expected to travel to a World Cup qualifying match in Lithuania this week that the sale of alcohol will be prohibited in Vilnius due to Knowledge Day public holiday.

LBAS: we are against the initiative to not pay for first three days of sick leave

Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia does support Welfare Ministry’s proposal to not pay employees money for the first three days of sick leave instead of the first day only, as it is currently.

LLKC: September may turn out good for gardening and fruit harvest

This year’s September may turn out rather good for gardening and fruit harvest, predicts Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre’s senior gardening specialist Maris Narvils.

Estonia sends 30 000 euros to Sierra Leone after tragic mudslides and floods

In order to help Sierra Leone recover from the situation caused by tragic mudslides and floods earlier in August, the Estonian Foreign Ministry has allocated 30,000 euros to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which operates in the West African country.

AM: requirement for purchase of land in Latvia is not discriminating towards EU citizens

The law that provides stricter language requirements for procurement of agriculture land is not discriminatory towards citizens of other European Union member states, says Latvian Agriculture Ministry, commenting on complaints submitted to EC centre for setting conflicts Solvit by foreign businessmen in relation to the requirements imposed by Latvia on privatization of land.

Latvian government to allocate additional EUR 5.8 million for healthcare

On Tuesday, 29 August, the Cabinet of Ministers supported a project that provides allocating and additional amount of EUR 5.8 million for healthcare.

US citizen with invalid travel documents detained at Riga airport

On Monday, 28 August, entry to Latvia was denied to one US citizen and one Cote d'Ivoire citizen at Riga International Airport’s border control checkpoint. The reason for the decline was that the two foreigners did not have valid travel documents, as reported by State Border Guard.

Study: 27% of women quit jobs or career upon childbirth

When a child is born, 27% of women quit their jobs and entire careers. Only 10% of men do the same. Trends also show that more and more fathers become engaged in raising children around the world, according to global study results.

LIDA: work time arrangements should not negatively affect employees’ wages

Last week’s meeting of Latvian Interior Employees Trade Union addressed the matter on changes to State Police work time organizational order and the switch from the 24-hour regime to a 12-hour one. LIDA notes that change of work time arrangements must not negatively affect the health and wages of workers.

Latvia’s budget for 2018 to allocate EUR 80 million for priorities

A total of EUR 80 million will be available in Latvia’s budget for 2018, as confirmed by Finance Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola after the government’s extraordinary meeting on Monday, 28 August.

Minister: it is important to secure 4% of GDP for healthcare

To ensure longevity of Latvia’s healthcare system, it is important to ensure the law clearly states that the industry receives 4% of GDP in the future, said Healthcare Minister Anda Caksa in an interview to Rīta panorama of LTV on Monday, 28 August.

Most Latvian residents will soon have access to lightning-fast transactions

Soon Latvian residents and businesses will be able to perform most transactions within seconds, Swedbank representatives promise. This will be made possible thanks to lightning-fast or electronic transaction system between European banks. Multiple Latvian banks intend to join this system.

PrivatBank: men are the most active internet shoppers

Internet stores continue becoming more and more popular among residents. The number of transactions using Visa payment cards issued by PrivatBank has grown 6.1% in the first six months of 2017 when compared with the same period of last year, according to data compiled by PrivatBank.

Court continues viewing criminal case for the proposal to merge Latvia with Russia

On Monday, 28 August, Riga Regional Court will continue viewing the criminal case on the proposal to add Latvia to Russia’s territory. The name of the suspect in this case is Maksims Koptelovs.

Not much precipitation expected in Latvia this week

Weather in Latvia on Monday, 28 August, and Tuesday, 29 August, will be dictated by a high atmospheric pressure area. Because of that, the amount of clouds will be volatile. Short rainfall will come to some areas of Latvia, as reported by State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.

Construction costs grow 1.1%; workers’ wages grow 4.4%

Compared to July 2016, construction costs increased by 1.7 %. Labour remuneration of workers grew by 4.4 %, prices of building materials increased by 1.3 %, while maintenance and operational costs of machinery and equipment rose by 0.5 %.

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