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Saturday 26.05.2018 | Name days: Varis, Eduards, Edvards

Zatlers to chair National Security Committee

Deputies of the National Security Committee elected Valdis Zatlers (Zatlers Reform Party) its Chairman on Monday, October 24.

Zatlers Reform Party in a political boxing match

The past week was the toughest ever in the history of Zatlers Reform Party, says Janis Vilnitis, ZRP board member, adding that the old political circles are trying to take revenge over the new party.

Krumins: from 2003 – 2009 three persons decided major issues in Latvia

In period from 2003 to 2009, all major issues in Latvia were decided only by three persons – Andris Skele, Ainars Slesers and Ventspils Mayor Aivars Lembergs. The Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis had no say in this, Julijs Krumins recognized in an interview to the news portal BNN.

Housing rental becomes more expensive

The rental market supply is more clearly marking a shortage of quality rental apartments in all price categories. Moreover, demand was further increased by more students needing a dwelling.

Jundzis: lack of experience prolongs post-election process

The process following the snap elections has dragged on due to tactical errors and lack of experience, considers Talavs Jundzis, vice president of the Latvian Academy of Sciences.

Slesers’ conversations at bugged Rīdzene made public

Aivars Lembergs and Andris Skele have a reason to be angry at the third Latvian oligarch Ainars Slesers, because for at least two years his chattiness at the hotel Rīdzene, which was phone-tapped by the anti-corruption bureau, has got all three businessmen in trouble.

Citadele sees interest in real estate secured loans

Loan takers show interest in real estate secured loans, a product launched on June 2, 2011, says Citadele bank Chairman Juris Jakobsons.

Martins Kveps did it again: Another Falsified Shareholders' Meeting of AS Ventbunkers

It seemed that the so-called "transit wars" were in the past. However, it turns out that the fight is still on, moreover, with methods that are far from being fair. This is what the news portal BNN learnt from a press release sent by Ventbunkers media service.

It's a pity penguins migrate south!

If you happen to ask for the way to the Latvian Parliament, you might hear, "It's a pity penguins migrate south." Then stop for a moment to wonder who of you two is not acting quite adequate. The exact feeling struck the news agency BNN, when it received a letter from the Ministry of Interior.

Lithuania protests against reducing EU's subsidies

Lithuania’s Foreign Affairs Minister Audronius Azubalis has sharply criticized the European Commission's proposal to significantly reduce assistance to EU member states.

State Treasury transfers 16 million lats to airBaltic

On October 21, the State Treasury transferred to the Transport Ministry’s account 16 million lats necessary for investments in the share capital of Latvian airline airBaltic. The money was transferred from the Treasury's available funds.

World Bank: Latvia sets example for other countries

Achievements in business environment improvement enabled Latvia to set an example for other region countries. Latvia is one of the five countries in the world where the implemented reforms in this area were the most effective, says Marcin Piatkowski, World Bank's chief economist.

Regulator plans to cut interconnection tariffs in mobile networks

The Public Utilities Commission has started consultations with market participants on setting interconnection tariff ceiling in all mobile voice telephony networks, announced Daiga Reihmane, the regulator's public relations representative.

Ventspils Nafta to re-elect council

Following the request by AS Latvian Oil Transit (Latvian: Latvijas naftas tranzīts), Ventspils Nafta shareholders will gather for an emergency meeting on November 22.

Zatlers Reform Party excludes one of its co-founders

After the request of five Zatlers Reform Party members, Renars Putnins, one of ZRP co-founders and head of Riga office, has been excluded from the party. He is said to have failed in meeting his duties, thus purposefully delaying work of the department.

Latvian teenager develops iPhone app

Kristers Jursevskis, 9th grade student of Riga Centre Humanitarian Secondary School, has developed an application for smartphones.

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