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Saturday 17.03.2018 | Name days: Ģertrūde, Gerda, Gertrūde

US offers Lithuania three times cheaper gas than Russia

The American company Cheniere Energy has concluded an agreement with Klaipedos nafta on the possibility of supplying liquefied gas at a lower price than the one offered by Russia's Gazprom, announced the Lithuanian Energy Minister Arvydas Sekmokas.

Alarm sirens cost over one million lats

Alarm sirens cost more than one million lats, while their yearly maintenance requires several thousand lats from Latvia’s national budget.

Snoras Bank makes the biggest real estate purchase in Latvia this year

This year the Lithuanian Snoras Bank carried out the biggest property purchase in Latvia, acquiring a real estate in Old Riga for more than 11 million lats. The bank purchased the property on 23 Pils Street previously leased by Snoras Bank Latvian branch.

Latvians overpay for mobile communications

The leading mobile communication operators in Latvia offer about 170 various tariffs in total, however, often people opt not for the most suitable one and overpay for the services.

Most road accidents occur on Fridays

After analysing the Motor Insurers' Bureau of Latvia statistics on the average number of passenger car accidents broken down by days of the week, it can be concluded that most accidents take place on Fridays.

Medicines wholesalers turn less in first quarter

In the first quarter of 2011, medicines wholesalers sold their production for 70.7 million lats, 0.07% less than in the fourth quarter of 2010 and 9% more than in the first quarter of last year.

Latvia population shrinks by 18.7 thousand people

In early 2011, there were 2 230 000 people living in Latvia – a drop of 18.7 thousand, compared to last year. In 2010, the population decrease accounted for 0.83%, compared to 0.57% in 2009.

Census counts over a million people in Latvia

As of May 10, Census 2011 interviewers have counted 1 million and 138 thousand people in Latvia, which is 73.8% of the total population they have to visit, according to the Central Statistical Bureau.

Public Utilities Commission head: protests triggered Latvenergo tariffs rise

Latvenergo tariffs had to be raised a long time ago, while the price of electricity will drop, when people get used to consuming it more economically, says Valdis Lokenbahs, head of Latvia Public Utilities Commission.

Russian investors boost bank balance

Thanks to the interest from the part of Russia, the situation with real estate loans in Latvia is improving. At the same, banks forecast there will still be problems with consumption credits.

Disabled people might have to choose – pension or benefit

From now on people with disabilities might have to make a choice – whether to receive a disability pension or unemployment benefit in case of job loss, according to the proposal by the Welfare Ministry whose officials indicate disabled people should receive only one benefit.

Olainfarm sales surge over 65% in April

The medicinal and chemical-pharmaceutical product manufacturer AS Olainfarm's provisional April 2011 performance indicate that product sales have surged 65%, compared to the same period last year, totaling 3.38 million lasts (4.81 million euro).

Expert: quality work environment is important for Latvia population

The most important condition in the context of Latvia’s long-term business development is a good work environment and care of employees, believes the majority or 61% of economically-active residents of Latvia, aged 18 to 55.

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