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Saturday 23.06.2018 | Name days: Līga

59% say Latvia should keep its airbaltic shares

59% of all the economically active population in Latvia believe the state should keep its shares in the Latvian national airline airBaltic.

Only three manufacturing sectors exceeded the 2008 performance last year

Although a number of manufacturing sectors are reporting rapid recovery, only three of them have outperformed the 2008 indicators.

Actual salary keeps dropping in Estonia

Despite gross salary started to climb last year after a year-long drop, the actual remuneration, which includes price gains and characterises the purchasing power, is shrinking already for the second year in a row.

Criminal proceedings launched against Elkor for money laundering

According to the Criminal Law Article 195 and 217, criminal proceedings, within the framework of which the police searched the shopping center Elkor chain on June 16, have been initiated for laundering and distortion of accounting documents.

Latvian Shipping Company cuts losses 70%

In the first quarter of 2011, Latvian Shipping Company (Latvijas Kuģniecība) and its subsidiaries posted 3.15 million US dollars losses (1.53 million lats), which is 70% less than in the exact period of 2010 with 10.58 million US dollars (5.15 million lats) in losses.

78% of businessmen check information about partners

Businessmen who do not check their future business partners in advance face financial challenges more often. However, 78% of businessmen in Latvia do carry out such «checks» of their existing and future partners.

Heating debts hit 39 million lats

As of May 1, 2011, heating debts total 39.17 million lats in Latvia, says Aino Salmiņš, representative of the Union of Latvian Local Governments.

Businessmen to repay tax debts if penalty charges are lifted

If the state of Latvia is willing to compromise and collect tax debts from businessmen, it should lift penalty charges imposed since September 1, 2010, according to Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Annual inflation in Latvia - 4th highest

Annual inflation hit 4.8% in May, accounting for the fourth highest in the Europen Union. EU inflation rate remained flat - 3.2%, while eurozone inflation dropped 0.1 percentage point down to 2.7%.

Car rental agreements obligatory also for taxis

To curb shadow economy, it is planned a company, which has been granted a license as a passenger carrier with light taxis but does use its means of transport for that matter, will have to conclude a car rental agreement with the owner of the car.

Olainfarm sales spike 52%

The medicinal and chemical-pharmaceutical product manufacturer AS Olainfarm’s provisional May 2011 performance indicates sales have surged 52%, compared to the same period last year, totaling 2.9 million lasts (4.13 million euro), according to the company.

Latvian Shipping Company lost 69.37 million lats in 2010

Latvian Shipping Company (Latvijas Kuģniecība) concluded 2010 with 142.44 million US dollars in losses (69.37 million lats).

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