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Sunday 24.06.2018 | Name days: Jānis

Winter destroyed roads damage cars

Spring thaw also brings an increasing number of insurance claims on cars damaged by holes in winter destroyed roads.

GE Money loss in 2010 – 19 522 lats

AS GE Money Bank concluded 2010 with losses of 19 522 lats, while the company’s operational loss before tax amounted to 10 404 lats, according to the bank’s 2010 annual financial report.

Insolvency Law amendments not intended

Although a number of required corrections have been found in the Insolvency Law’s new wording, which came into force on November 1, 2010, neither the Justice Ministry, nor the Insolvency Administration have drafted the particular law amendments.

Benefit restrictions in force until late 2014

The government has agreed on retaining the restriction on sickness, maternity, paternity, parental and unemployment benefits until December 31, 2014, stipulated by the government’s approved amendments on March 29.

Rietumu Banka profit last year – 3.2 million lats

In 2010, Rietumu Banka's net profit was 3.2 million lats, while Rietumu Group’s profit – 6.8 million. lats.

Government approves excise tax rise to cigarettes, gasoline and alcohol

Today, March 29, the government of Latvia approved increasing excise tax rate to cigarettes, strong spirits and gasoline. The increased excise will come into force starting from July 1, 2011.

Deposit yield four times lower in year and a half time

Within year and a half, deposit yield at the Latvian banks has overall dropped 3.5 to four times, but in the last six months – almost two times. While the interest rates of 12-month deposits in lats currently form only 3.5%, after accounting for 5.5% to 6% last November.

Estonian start-ups aim at USA

Several Estonian start-up businesses hope to repeat the success story of the famous technologies company Skype by trying to attract American investors interest.

Baltic record prices of milk and sugar – in Latvia

Comparison of food prices in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn supermarkets shows food is about 38% more expensive in the capital city of Latvia than in its neighbouring states.

Municipalities to employ millions worth unnamed specialists

In late 2010 more than a million lats was paid to Latvian municipalities in advance to promote their administrative capacity.

2012 budget to spend 291 million lats less

State base budget expenditures for the next year’s budget are planned to form 3. 017 billion lats, which is 290.9 million lats less than in 2011 budget, according to the Cabinet of Ministers approved base budget expenditure for 2012-2014.

Estonia among the safest countries in the world

If you are searching for a way to avoid any natural disasters, you should consider moving to Estonia, as this northern neighbour of Latvia ranks among the five countries least vulnerable towards natural catastrophes.

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